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If I ever had to describe prison in one sentence, I would say "Prison sucks, and I hate it."

I'm not even supposed to be here, too. I'll give you the run-through before you get antsy and leave.

I was an average, normal kid. I had an older sister, younger brother, dog, cat, mom, and dad. The worst part of my life was my dog. Scooby. Scooby ALWAYS took midnight walks. If he didn't, he would destroy the house, trying to get outside to go to the bathroom.

That's how potty-trained Scooby is.

But, anyway, It's Christmas Eve, and while we're walking next to Hawford bank, the alarm goes off. This guy runs to me and shoves a sack in my hand. The next thing I know, I'm arrested for theft. My mom promised to get me out, but it's been 75 days, and she hasn't visited me, there's been no court stuff to judge that I'm innocent, nothing.

So, now I'm here, in my cell, staring at the marks I've tallied on the wall with some kind of sauce or ash or something that I could spare from my measly lunch on a paper tray. 

The slit door slides open, and the paper tray with food slides in. I couldn't go through the slit door even if I tried if you're thinking that. It's 1 foot wide, and 3 inches tall. I'm not THAT small.

It's a bowl filled with sludge, a cup of water, and some brown powder. I dip my finger into the water, then brown powder. Then, I shuffle over to my wall, which I have decided to call "My Callender Wall". My finger traces a line, cutting of the first four strokes, and gathering the days into a group of 5.

I sit down on the rock matress, and take a sip of the water. Or maybe it's not water. I learned to stop trying to figure out what the food was a few days in, when it occurred to me that the stew might have rat meat in it. The sludge tastes like cardboard, and the brown powder does nothing all, except make the sludge browner. I'm going to go with oatmeal, cinnamon, and water, though that is probably incorrect.

I sigh and lean back on my bed, staring at the cement ceiling thinking crazy stuff in my head.

That's the other thing about me. I have made up characters have conversations in my head. It's how I pass the time. Now, it's Lego Batman and Unicorn.

LB: Watcha doing?

U: Eating Milady grass, which is magic grass. It gives me my magic, and is the only grass I can eat.

LB: Ok, whatever. Do you wanna come to my secret batcave and play video games? I have Minecraft, Fortnite, Among Us, Grand Auto Theft, and Pac Man.

U: NOOOO!!! Underground is dark, and damp, and smelly. And it has no Milady grass!

LB: I can bring some down there for you.

U: I need it fresh.

LB: Fine. I'm gonna be the imposter.

U: Go away stupidhead.

LB: That's a horrible insult.

U: *snif* Thank you, now go away dummy.

LB: No, I meant that those are not as good insults as they could be.


LB:*doe eyes* Pwease?

U: No! Go away!

Then, I somehow fall asleep. Well, not somehow, whenever characters talk, it makes me tired.

Nighty nighty me. 

In my dream, Lego Batman is riding Unicorn, while Barbie Doll shouts for him to get down and clean his room, because it's starting to smell. Then he can't find his pink underwear, with hearts and XOXOs and lip marks and cherubs. Jack Beanstalk finds it and makes fun of Lego Batman, causing Lego Batman to go crazy on Jack. Jack runs up the beanstalk, and shelters with the giants, who are surprisingly friendly.

Yeah, my dreams are weird like that.

When I wake up, my dinner has been slipped inside. A bowl of watery soup and a chunk of stale bread. I glance at My Calendar Wall for a second before turning back to my dinner.

Then I freeze. I slowly turn toward my wall. It's empty. Not a single mark to show what I've been doing for the last 75 days. Not a single mark. 

I stare.

This time it's Lego Batman, BadBoyHalo, Barbie Doll, and Unicorn.


BBH: Language, Batman! But what happened?

BD: Ok everyone, if you know what happened raise your hand

LB: No I don't! But where the Hel-!

BD: Language, Batman! And no, I don't know either.

U: Everything is fine as long as there is Milady grass.

BD: But do you know what happened?

U: No.

LB: I'm going to play Fortnite. It calms me down when I kill people.

BD: Batman, you are staying right here so we can figure out what happened!

*Jack enters*

JB: Whatcha guys talkin-OH MY GOD! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WALL!!!!

BD: Calm down Jack. That's what we're trying to figure out.


BD: Practice.

Sudenny, the steel and concrete door slides open slowly, creaking as it it slides. A thin man with a shinycomes into the room. He smiles one of those fake smiles that you don't really mean, and gestures to the windowless hallway.

"Please come with me, Mr. Wilson."

I stumble to my feet, and out the door, staring at the fluorescent lights. It's the brightest light I've seen in 75 days. The thin man leads me down the hallway, taking a left, right, right, left, right, left, down 3 stories on stairs, then a left, before finally stopping at a regular looking door. He knocks three times, then five, then right, then once more.

There's a bunch of clicking and clacking sounds, as the door is unlocked, many times over. Finally it swings open.

Standing there, is a man. He has think black hair that reaches to his armpits, and a slight stuble. His thick rimmed, cat eye glasses have stripes and polka-dots and he has one of those faces that never stop smiling.

"Thank you Joey."

"It's Mr. Adams." But Joey looked slightly pleased that the man had remembered him. Then Joey leaves, and the man claps his hand on my shoulder, pulling me into the room, then locking the door behind him. I can see multiple locks, but he choses only two, the regular one, and the chain one, the easiest ones to open, or break.

"Hello, Eli. I'm Henry Tucker. Over winter break I decided, for fun, I would research a never concluded case, and conclude it. The case I found, was you. There was 100 dollars in the bag you were found with. That's not a lot of money, so no one took much interest in the case. I inspected the security cameras, and found they went out. No finger prints. You had gloves on at the time, nor in your pocket. I checked the surrounding area, and found the pair of gloves, too big for your hands, and with different fringerpints. I checked them on the server, and wahlah! I found the theif.

Jayden Clark. 

I found all this out on New Years, but I had to use all my power to help you out of prison, and Jayden Clark in, but after 75 days, I finally did it."

He smiles. "Welcome to the world, Eli Wilson."

My mouth opens, then closes, like a dying fish. Finally I manage to speak. "What about My Calendar Wall."

"Jimmy Falks had to take that down. Secruity protocols and whatnot."

"Thank you Henry," I breathe. "Thank you."

He hands me a slip of paper.

"That's my business card. Please stay in contact with me. Jimmy has your stuff. He's outside, and he can take you to the door.

Again, welcome to the world, Eli Wilson. And happy late New Years."

December 29, 2020 18:42

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Ruben Lewin
20:02 Dec 31, 2020

Very interesting and...complicated?keep up Ruben


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