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Today makes it seven months in loneliness and death. Lost in the shadows of the night. I find myself living like a caveman. I can't exactly remember how I got here, but I have a memory that never left. I was taking a nap in the early evening of April 10th 2022, when I heard voices distinctly. Then the chattering became louder. As if to wake me from my slumber.

Being young and naive. I sluggishly got up from the couch, without hesitating or even enquiring who was at the door. I swung the door wide open and found two men dressed in black attire with dark shades to cover their strange eyes.

I woke up maybe an hour later in this obscure and gloomy environment. I have lived the last 6 months in survival and longing for the presence of a human.

"Mia" I whispered to myself.

I stood up from the plank and walked towards the wall. Running my hands through the tally marks, I quickly crossed out a definite line. 

I sighed.

I felt my tummy rumble in disapproval. I was exhausted. I quickly grabbed my crafted spear and my sac bag and headed out for another food hunt. I walked steadily through the lonely path feeling every sound and wails of strange creatures. I went further into the forest, the center of the food chain.

I quickly picked some fruits and mushrooms before heading back to my shelter. 

I was almost close to my shelter when I noticed trails of paint leading to my domain. I paused for a moment and examined my environment.

"Who's here?." 

"Anyone?." My voice became louder this time.

Slowly, I felt a rage of fear run through my spine not forgetting the eerie atmosphere. I raced down to my shelter hurriedly. 

But getting there I found my wall of tallies painted out in a seemingly rude manner.

I ran towards the wall. Feeling and touching it in a drastic manner. It was gone. Nothing was left.

I fell onto the ground in agony. I wept.

"It's of no use" A strange voice said.

I turned to find a young girl about my height. She looked like a warrior with her boots and a bow and arrow placed on her back. She walked up to me slowly.

"Listen, this is not the time to cry."

She said with no emotions.

"What? Who the hell are you"

"I'm Maya, and we're the same".

"Don’t Panic.”

“I’m not panicking!”

“Yes, you are.”

“Alright, so I’m panicking; what else is there to do?”

She pulled me up. Her grip was firm and quick. She offered me some water from her pouch giving me a stern look.

" so what's the name? "

"Alex" I replied.

"You did this?." 

"what? Ohh you mean the paint" 

"no I didn't" said Maya. 

"then who?" I asked furiously. 

"You need to calm down Allie" 

"it's Alex!" 

I screamed at her. I was pained. She stood up from the plank and watched Me sob. 

"I'm sorry but you need...... ." 

"I need rest. " I cut her short before she could say anything. 

I wasn't in the mood for any explanations. The world that I found myself in is real and I didn't want anyone telling me what to do. I placed my head down and didn't know when I fell asleep. I thought it was a dream but when I opened my eyes I found her staring at me. 

"why are you still here?." I asked. 

"because am the only one that cares about you" she said.

"ohh really?." I replied in a sarcastic manner. 

"so tell me, who are you and how did you find me." 

"told you before, am Maya and we're the same." 

"what does that mean." 

"you ask foolish questions. " she chuckled.

"can you tell me who did this." I said, pointing to the painted wall. 

"name's Bryan. Been on his case for a year now."

As she spoke, I listened carefully to her accent. I couldn't tell what tribe she would be but it was light and smooth. 

"a year?." 

"so you've been trapped here for a year or maybe more." I asked. 

"Yeah." she replied with a smile.

"I know you didn't make that" she said, pointing to the spear. 

"you're right , I found it here." 

"you seem to know a lot" I said. 

She turned towards me, staring into my eyes which made it awkward and weird at the same time. 

"the world is cruel and filled with insane people." 

"whoever did this to us will meet their doom one way or the other."

she said with teary eyes. 

"but you can't stay here. There's a Camp with more people like us- and we have a plan". She added. 

"and you think I trust you? " I said. 

"You have to believe me. And do not forget that Bryan will be back." 

"he's just a spoiled kid with problems." She said 

"you just know little or nothing at all."

I was unsure about the situation. It was hard to fully trust Maya but I had no choice. I didn't want to be a victim of another trauma. Being alone was hard and now I found the company of not just one person but people. 

" okay- I'll go with you. "

"only on one condition." I said.

"and what will that be" she said.

"you'll tell me everything I need to know- everything."

She smiled. She trusted me so why wouldn't I do the same for someone who doesn't know me. 

I watched her silently as she helped me pack a few of my not so good items. I felt a chill through my spine. 

I sighed deeply. 

At this point, I knew that I was not only far from civilization but there were more teenagers abducted from their homes for whatever reason. 

There was no time to tell stories. I couldn't think more of the pain we all felt and the pain of our loved ones. Keeping track of time was my only hope. 

Now, I found something much better than a wall full of tally marks. 

December 30, 2020 11:46

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