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Drama Romance

Lorenzo was used to playing cupid. 

He liked it.

It made sense to him. In a way, it didn’t to others. Seeing an appreciative glance shifts to interest. Spotting blushes. The scent of pining.

It was so blatantly obvious to him that sometimes it was all he could do to keep from screaming ‘JUST KISS ALREADY’. He learned early on that pointing out the requited feeling would just root the fools deeper into denial. 

Lorenzo learned it was best to be subtle. 

This rooftop candlelit dinner was anything but subtle. But then again the fools needed it. 

They so obviously loved each other.

He scattered a few more petals across the rooftop, praying that the wind wouldn’t blow them away. It would completely ruin the aesthetic of having petals casually strewn around the floor, sparse and sweet.

Phase 1 of Operation Cold Storm Accomplished!

Time for phase two, he pressed his favorite contact.

It rings for a few seconds before the beauty on the other side of the line answers, “Babe, is she ready?”

Diana, better known as Dixie, the beautiful hero with supreme sound manipulation powers, affirms, “You bet, she’s still suited up and fresh-faced.”

“Great, I'll call with my ‘emergency’ in a few seconds.”

“Kay,” he can hear Diana’s grin on the other line, “let’s do this.”

He waits a few minutes before pressing on his fifth favorite contact- he has a lot of contacts. Truly being on the top ten was an honor- “AVICA!”

The storm heroine lets out a choked squeal, “Woah, way loud. What’s up?”

“I need your help!”


“I need to woo the love of my life! It’s the anniversary of the first time we held hands!”


He pulls the phone away from his ear to check if Avica hung up on him, which would be extremely offensive and would demote her to 12th favorite contact.

She hasn’t.

“The hell?” she whispered, “you guys are so weird.”

“I need your help,” he hissed, “please come! I’ll send you the address.”


“And you cannot tell anyone, especially not Dixie.”

He heard her sigh, “Okay fine, whatever. Send me the address.”

Dekan did.

He met Avica and Trydez a few months prior. Well… Dekan, the superhero of color manipulation has (and before you snort and go on about how much of a lame power it is he’ll have you know that he can do so much with his power. He can make you see shapes and colors you didn’t know existed. He can change his hair and skin color. His eyes color. He can make you go blind, so shut up!)

They teamed up when Trydez and Avica were struggling (they deny it now) to defeat a particular baddie. And from there a team of four was formed from two duo’s.

And it was just so painfully obvious- all the pining made Dekan go a little green. Seriously. 

So...here he was.

Playing Cupid again.

Hmm, maybe his alter ego name should be ‘Cupid’ and not ‘Dekan’.


The point is subtle hints and nudging is getting him nowhere with those willful fools.

She’s on the way, he texts his sweet Dixie, get Trydez there.

Already on it.

Dekan couldn't help his blush, his girlfriend was so perfect.

He feels Avica’s approach before he hears her. The slight stir of the wind, the barely noticeable flickering of nearby lampposts. Also, the colors around her brightened like charged with the electricity of her presence.

He always liked hanging out around Avica, all the colors seemed so neon. 

“What is this?”

Dekan smiles, “Isn’t obvious? A romantic candlelit dinner for two!”

The glasses that were sort of a visor masked the top half of her face, but he had an impression that she was rolling her eyes at him.

“I need you to stay here,” he points at a chair “sit if you like. While I go fetch the love of my life.”

Her lips curl into a smile, “Ah, to be young and in love.”

He waves his hands, “Don’t be jelly!”

Jogging backward he starts the color weaving, it was tricky work but if he has enough of the same shade of color he can weave a pathway to walk on. It only works for himself, however. 

He’s gotten very good after 12 years of practice. He has practiced since he was 5. He prefers, however, just jumping from color block to color block. Made things easier.

He jumped from color block to color block until he landed on a decently far away rooftop, changing his own coloring so that he'd blend in with the building.

He waited and soon enough a chill arrived, the colors around him darkened with cold, bright ice glinting as the King of Cold, Trydez himself appeared. He stepped onto the roof, he clearly hasn’t seen Avica yet. But by the way, the wind picked up it’s clear that she has seen him.

She stands, making herself known to her counterpart. He startles, the ice around him cracks and Dekan can see the electricity increasing in the air.

And he wasn't talking about the romantic kind.

...was it possible that he was wrong about a couple?


He smirks at the wedding photo. Avica-no, her civilian name was Sage, and Louis (King of Cold has quite a tan, who knew?) were radiant. Smiling and leaning toward each other, like if they separated too much they might fall apart. Intertwined so obviously that it would be odd to see a picture of one without the other.

The love of his life kisses his neck sweetly, “This is creepy.”

He looks at her, indignant, “How could you say that?!”

“You have a table full of wedding pictures,” Diana crosses her arms.    

“Success stories!”

“How did you even get those pictures?”

Diana, sweet as she was, was no socialite and preferred to say tucked away under her blankets then go out. She has never asked to go with him and never agreed when he asked, to those weddings.

“I was invited, Deedee! What do you take me for?”

“A creep.”

"C-creep? No! Cupid! Say it with me! Cu-pid!"

February 17, 2021 15:14

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1 comment

Carole Cobos
19:28 Feb 19, 2021

interconnected with 'not-so-romantic, not candlelit picnic' and 'fear of rejection. highly suggest you read 'fear of rejection before 'not-so-romantic, not candlelit picnic', lol. thanks for checking me out! quick question; how do you guys feel about a mafia princess?


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