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As I gazed up into the heavens, into the black velvet night sky, I observed the glittering diamonds of stars, planets, and galaxies, and I felt my excitement begin to rise.  I placed my eye tentatively upon the telescope’s eyepiece. My eye was drawn to the same place I had been watching for quite some time.  There it was again, that flash of reflective light.  A small glint letting me know what I sought time after time, was indeed there now.

     I strengthened the Celestron magnification, sharpened the focus in the finder tube, and engaged the special mirror in the telescope’s tube slowly.  This was my invention, my creation, and a magnificent one at that.   I had worked for years on this strong refraction, the ultimate magnification, the ability to travel the miles swiftly, taking mere moments to reach all the other worlds.  It worked flawlessly, much stronger than the giant telescopes our scientists had been using for years.  They could not see what I could see.  I was not inclined to share my invention either, my accomplishments, or my prototype with any of the other scientific minds.  I had no delusions; while they may be scientists and minds of the genius vernacular, they also possessed very small imaginations and were close-minded to expanding possibilities.  Especially where life on other planets was concerned.  

     I, and I alone, had the ability to gaze at the heavens and see all that it held.  I had the power to explore, the vision to believe, and the open-mindedness to accept what unfolded before me.  Though millions of miles separated us, our worlds, once the clarity happened, each time, I was again mesmerized.

         The other worlds I had witnessed, thousands of them, contained a myriad of vast oceans, lofty mountains, strange vegetation, and alien life moving about. Seeing the colors, the vibrancy, the sights of the unknown, and then, finally, that fateful day…… the Eye.

     10,000 galaxies away, I found a spectacular world of color and beauty.  I called it Beyond.   The first time it came into view, I became lost in the whirling colors:  the vivid gold, silver, and copper clouds, the vibrant scarlets and blues, the deep greens and purples, the bright yellows and oranges. Each time was more magnificent than the last.  Each time I was caught up in the mystical, ethereal beauty that was constantly changing and moving.   

     The swirling colors danced before me and time stood still.  I was searching and at last, there it was, the glint upon the top of the mountain.  Now to see if my newest addition to my scope worked.  I attached the Celestron II Cradle Ring Magnification accessory and slowly began dialing it in, wondering if it would work as I had anticipated.  

     It did!  It did!  I could make out the alien telescope perched on the precipice of the tallest mountain on the planet.  The sun glinted off the metal tube protruding over the edge, as shadows covered the end.  Slowly the scope turned towards me and our beams would soon be locked.  It was going to be the first time, what would I see?  What could I see?  Would I be able to see inside the tube, the eyepiece, would I see what was looking at me?  I stepped back, took a deep breath, expelled it slowly, calming my jangling nerves and willing the trembling in my hands to stop.  I stepped closer to the telescope, seated myself gingerly in my chair, drew the tube towards, slightly bent forward, and placed my eye to the eyepiece.

     It took a moment to adjust to my sight, however the magnification was so much more than I had even imagined would be possible.  I could see each strange rivet type piece that held the telescope tube to the base, and the eyepiece twisted in an odd geometrical fashion.  I was already taking notes, thinking of improvements for my telescope, adaptations that could increase my abilities to see even more.  It was as though, telepathically thoughts and ideas were being sent along the beam, in tune with the vision.  I glanced over the landscape, the shimmering movements of color and shapes, searing my senses and leaving me wanting more.

     I could feel a new adaptation idea growing and expanding in my brain.  Synapses were firing and my hand moved with my pencil, on my notebook, as if of its own volition.  I could use the beam of the telescope, I could develop a teleport beam, breaking molecules down to light intensity, sending them along the beam, enabling travel between our worlds.  The alien telescope was advanced enough to enable this to work from their side.  Matter of fact, they had been working on it, was only needing a conduit on the other end, that would enable it to function.  The formulas and designs came at me faster and faster.  My hands were moving at a hurricane pace.  At last the thoughts eased and my ragged breathing slowed again.  It was time to look, to see what was looking at me and sending the thoughts twirling in my brain.

     I bent once again to the eyepiece.  I adjusted my focus and I looked into the eye that was looking at me.  It was a holographic prism, many facets catching the light, hypnotically seducing my senses as I gazed to the very depths of its soul.  Unable to turn away, my gaze locked on that eye, flooded with emotions so deep, transfixed, captured, submerged in that eye.  The whirling flowed and ebbed, moving to a cadence that captured my vortex, subliminally taking hold in my mind, imprisoning my thoughts and subtly making me a tool for this alien eye.  I was no longer in control of my thoughts or myself, I was merely an extension.

     I was so lost in that eye, that I never noticed the rows and rows of teeth, the mouth salivating to taste my flesh.  I missed that grin that said, “Oh, I am coming.” 

February 25, 2022 20:19

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