Little Drummer Boy

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Little Drummer Boy

It’s about the right time and the right place to expose my talent, yes this is it,” was all you would hear Fish saying over the last two (2) months.

(Noel)that’s his real name, had graduated from the school of music almost a year ago but had not been able to get a job. He had been doing gigs at night clubs for the last six months but still did not feel a sense of fulfillment. Although he was grateful for this humble beginning where he could hone his skills he wanted more. He felt he had a lot to offer the world, and each night when he played somewhere in the back of his mind he wished that a foreigner would walk in.

The rhythm of the beat of the drum played a special symphony all by itself. And with each beat, you could see that Fish’s soul and body were lost in the melody. His head nodded with a particular sway whilst his hands and feet synchronized to complete his body movements. It seems to mesmerize all who watched and listened and they keep coming back for more.

Did I say they keep coming back for more! It was more he keeps coming back for more. Towards the last Friday of the first month after Fish was hired there was a gentleman who was fascinated by his playing. Mr. Black had been living in Jamaica for the last three (3) years and had been exploring night clubs looking for talent. About five (5) months ago he was drawn to this club because of the ambiance and the music.

That night in particular he was just about to leave when he heard the first beat and had to turn his head. Being a producer he knew raw talent when he hears it and this was,” talent.” Every rhythm was a different sensation and each pulsating beat was a signal calling out to Mr. Black. A call to move closer in an effort to connect with this talented drummer. It didn’t happen that night but that was an opportunity for him to return. Every Friday and Saturday since then he had been returning until finally, he got that opportunity to introduced himself.

The introduction was great and Fish was excited, happy, enthused but also skeptical. This was too good to be true, his wish has finally been fulfilled but at the same time, he had to be cautious. This could be a scam. But the more they talk is the more he realized that this was real. It was a big break.

Mr. Black told Fish that he was a producer from,” Rough Ends Studio,” and that he had been in Jamaica for some time. His main purpose was to scout around for good musical talent and to showcase them on the global market. He was captivated by his talent and he wants to help him.

What would that help entails?” asked Fish. “All I need you to do is to send me a recording so I can send it to my partner overseas. If he likes it(which I know he will) we would showcase you at our next music festival.” It is a party for musicians all across the globe and it is held every year in Uppsala in Sweden during the holidays.

Wow! Is this for real? That night Fish stayed at the club until the wee hours of the morning just to finish the recording. By the next week when Mr. Black came, he could not wait to present it to him. They chatted for a while and then Mr. Black left.

Within the days and weeks that followed Fish had a pep in his steps and his attitude. He was much happier and brighter and was even dancing as he passes on the street. But as the weeks turned into a month and over he grew sad and seemed disappointed. It was now over a month and he had not seen or heard from Mr. Black and he began to think that he had been scammed. Persons were also beginning to laugh and made fun of him saying that he is a fool and he has been tricked.

Then suddenly one day he received a call from,” Rough Ends Studio,” Mr. Black was on the other end very excited. He apologized for not calling him but reassured him that all was well. He didn’t want to call until he had something positive to tell him.

What he told Fish caused him to almost fainted. Mr. Black had in his position a contract which he wanted Fish to sign. The contract stated that Fish has been signed on as the drummer for the studio and that he was expected to be in Sweden that same weekend to attend the party.

This was the most exciting news that he had gotten in all his thirty (30) years. This was his biggest break, this was what he had been waiting for. He was about to take the big stage, he would have the time of his life.

Opportunity had met destiny, and as scheduled, he was on the next flight to Sweden. He was not on vacation, this was work and sure enough, he was on stage within the next two days.

That was an experience for him. He was accustomed to playing in front of a small intimate group of about twenty (20) persons. Now it’s a game-changer and he was mixing and networking with musicians from across the globe and playing in front of a crowd of twenty thousand or more.

But Fish was never daunted because he was confident that he had the ability to do well. When it was his turn to take the stage he commanded both the stage and the audience with such confidence. The audience was captivated and many began to exclaimed,” “He is the next Derrick.”

This was the signature party as pretty soon, the name,” Fish ” had become a household name. It was heard on the lips of both local and international, and as he gained the recognition he began traveling extensively. His travels took him on tours across Europe, Africa, the UK, Canada, the US, and the Caribbean. He networked and was privileged to collaborate with many other musicians as he built his repertoire. To date, he has played on many soundtracks and has been collecting royalties from many of the records.

Thanks to Mr. Black, today Fish is one of the most sort after musicians.

December 20, 2020 02:50

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