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What if I told you there was a demon devoted to the broken hearted?

What if I told you that this isn't some fairy tale with monsters and villains, but a very real, breathing creation that is as old as time itself? This creature's sole existence revolves around targeting the broken-hearted, and trying in his own twisted way to mend them.

He only targets adults and leaves children well alone. He has no business cavorting with the realm of childish creations. This creature visits nearly all adults and leaves his mark on them.

This creature's name, is Endy Mendy.

Endy Mendy is a demon, let me tell you that much. He targets the broken-hearted and heals them in his own depraved way.

Endy Mendy slips into your room late at night and waits for you to fall asleep. That fleeting shape you see out of the corner of your eye? It's probably just the shadow of a branch outside and nothing more.

Endy Mendy is much more terrifying, because he's invisible. He stands beside your bed, tall and hunched, waiting patiently. You may feel a faint breath on your cheek as you fall asleep. He does get rather close in anticipation.

Once you're asleep, Endy Mendy delves his talons deep into your chest and squeezes your heart with glee. Ever feel your heart rate fleetingly jump as you drift into sleep? It's him, and he's squeezing.

Endy Mendy squeezes your heart until it shatters into a thousand pieces. Because you're asleep, you won't feel a thing. Sleep numbs your heart, it acts as a merciful anaesthetic.

Once your heart has been shattered, Endy Mendy hunches over you and gets to work, salivating excitedly as he does so.

You know that small wet patch on your pillow when you wake up? It's not your drool.

Once your heart has been shattered, Endy Mendy remakes it carefully, working late through the night. He pieces the shards of your heart together like an intricate puzzle, spit-shining the memories that cause you pain, so you never forget about them, for he believes remembering pain will help you avoid it in the future.

Once your heart is pieced together again, he identifies the piece that lets you love- the purest most shiny part of your heart. And he steals it.

You wake up in the morning and may feel a little groggy- it's natural after having your entire heart shattered and remade. You'll notice yourself becoming bitter and jaded as the days roll on, your smile becoming a wispy memory, your favourite colours diluted to dull puddles of indifference.

In Endy Mendy's eyes, he has healed you, for when you're bitter it's impossible for your heart to truly love someone, and no love means no further heartbreak.

Endy Mendy leaves you with the most vital part of your heart missing, with a small hole left in its place. That hole, will steadily haemorrhage the very fuel your heart runs on- hope.

So why steal the crucial shard of your heart that helps you love? Well, Endy Mendy keeps that shard of your heart and melts it down. He then uses the liquid as ink, to write letters to a certain someone.

You see, Endy Mendy is broken hearted himself, having been spurned a long time ago by a woman who scorned his very existence.

The poor creature does not know how to love, so tries to sway her by frantically writing in the heart-ink of others, and sending these as desperate gifts to her every night. The woman he yearns after, is named Shadow-Lust.

Shadow-Lust was born of the evil things that men do in the dark. One day, that very darkness and the smirk of a lying politician melded together in union and discovered they understood each other in twisted and quaint ways.

Before long, Shadow-Lust was born, and was promptly hurled into the night, where she scarpered from corner to corner, searching frantically for her parents and stumbling every other step, for she was born with dark coals for eyes.

Endy Mendy bumped into Shadow-Lust and was enamoured with her instantly. But being a demon, he couldn't express this love, so she spurned him, leaving him distraught and angry.

This is why Endy Mendy needs that piece of your heart, for he cannot understand love himself. A strong heart will repel him instantly, but someone who is broken-hearted is the perfect victim for the demon known as Endy Mendy.

But back to you. Endy Mendy leaving a hole in your heart isn't the end, stranger. You see, the heart has an amazing ability after heartbreak.

It can regenerate.

However, you can only start the regenerating process once you accept that you are broken, and that Endy Mendy has meddled with your heart. It's upsetting to realise, but it's a necessary step before you can begin the healing process.

The missing shard will be remade from the experience you harbour, meaning your heart can never be shattered in that exact way ever again. It may take months or even years, but your heart's natural instinct is to heal itself, but only if you let it get on with its job.

A heart that is broken, that is vulnerable and in pain, is like a delectable feast for Endy Mendy. Sometimes, before he visits the broken-hearted by their bedside, he'll jump on their back and wrap his spindly arms around them, in a twisted sort of embrace. Ever notice when you're heart-broken you'll sometimes feel leaden-heavy and tired? You might want to shake around a bit, for Endy Mendy has probably hitched a ride.

Before I leave, let me impart some knowledge that will save you from ever dealing with Endy Mendy and his talons.

The one thing that Endy Mendy cannot be in the same room as, let alone touch, is a heart that loves itself. It emits a pulse so strong it makes his eyeballs rove in their sockets, and he scarpers into the darkness, never to be seen again, snarling and snapping over his shoulder.

A heart that loves itself understands heartbreak is a natural part of life, and allows itself to feel pain and sadness, for they are the forgotten siblings of ecstasy and joy.

So protect your heart, stranger. Beware of Endy Mendy and his twisted talons.

February 15, 2022 18:29

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Graham Kinross
09:45 Apr 26, 2022

This is twisted and fascinating. Your stories are always so imaginative and don’t feel like anything else here.


Hamzah Malik
18:02 Apr 26, 2022

Thanks Graham! I'd fallen off the wagon a bit recently with writing, but your comment has encouraged me to get back into publishing stuff here.


Graham Kinross
21:15 Apr 26, 2022

Good. You should.


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