March 1988,  the day started out as usual Mya May wake up to the sound of banging outside her window she rolled out of bed to see what was making such a ruckus, the window was fogged with an icy layer of frost she rubbed the window with her sleeve to reveal a small areas to look through the ruckus was coming from the neighbors house they were in the process of renovating, the house that once sat empty for many years was being made into something better. Mya May through on her house shoes to greet her new neighbors. As she approached the house she got a weird feeling as she walked up the old wooden stairs onto the rigged porch, she glanced over to see a young lady sitting on the porch smoking out of a cigar pipe. The lady was beautiful she had long blonde hair that sparkled in the sun she had beautiful blue eyes that would catch the eye of any guy that she passed by. She looked over at Mya May, her long thick hair covered the left side of her face “ how may I help you” the lady said in a soft kind voice she tucked the hair once covering her face behind her ear “ i-i-i'm Mya May your neighbor” Mya May looked at the scar covering the left side of the girls face, the scar was huge and could not be missed the lady's beauty could not even take away from the huge red line that snakes across her cheek through her eyebrow and up to her hair line the lady held out her hand “ Nice to Meet you,'' “ I’m Jane.” Mya shook Janes hand, Jane's hand was cold like she had been outside during a blizzard, a soft warm smile spread across her face “ would you like to come in for a cup of tea?” the young lady said kindly, Mya May excepted the officer and followed Jane into the old house. Inside the house was dark there were few windows the windows where high and little letting in little light jane escorted her into the dining room, the dining room has a massive chandelier hanging from the high ceiling the chandelier was covered in cobwebs. It had been untouched for awhile Mya sat down at the table, the table had nine seats it was big and beautiful like something you would see in a millionaire mansion or in a disney princess castle, after Mya sat down Jane went in the kitchen to fetch the tea. A few minutes later Jane came in with a tray that held a class teapot, two teacups and a bowl with biscuits “ what a lovely home” said Mya “ Aw!!! yes it is lovely but is a fixer upper” smirked Mya as she poured cups of tea and passed one cup to my Mya sipped on the tea as Mya went on talking about her plans how her and her husband were gonna fix up the home and make it their dream home, as Mya finished her cup of tea she noticed that Jane had not yet even touched her cup of tea , why maybe he's just not in the mood for tea Mya thought as she shook of the thought Mya asked to use the bathroom “ up the stairs and the last door on the left” Mya walked slowly up the stair feeling more sluggish by each climb , something was out of place there was no boxes in the house, no building supplies nothing as she walked down the dark hallways she looked to her right to see a brightly lit room inside there was an operating table and tools it looks like something you would see in a doctor's office, Mya knew something was not right she turned around and headed for the stairs not thinking about using the bathroom any more before as she got closer to the stairs she felt like everything was spinning her vision became blurry Mya became too weak to walk anymore she collapsed to the wooden floor she laid there trying to get the energy to get back up “THUD!! THUD!! THUD!!” loud footsteps got closer, and closer mya turned her head a black figure walked towards mya she knew it was not jane this person was tall and broad as the person got closer mya felt the figure grabbed her and throw her over her shoulder she was too weak to fight back and eventually passed, “BOINK”! Mya started to wake up and as she became more conscious she relieved what was going on as she opened her eyes and looked around she realized she was in the room that she saw earlier the door flung open and and women dressed in all black came wheeling in a cart the cart had iv and iv bags filled with a black liquid as mya relieved she was strapped to the tables she wiggled trying to get free dad and screamed at the top of her lungs as the woman came over she set up the iv and put it in myas arm “who are you and why are you doing this” screamed mya as tears flood her eyes the woman didn't make eye contact and kept quiet after she got the iv going she left the room. Mya tried to free herself but soon began to wear to move she soon passed out when she awoke she realized what had happened. She was in a different room now this room was empty and only has a mattress which laid on the floor she was not tied down  the door was wide open as she went to run for the door she got a sharp pain in her side she lifted her shirt to reveal a healing scar from what looked like a surgery she let out a scream in disbelief she sat on the wooden floor of the room and stared at the scar. ¨ i need to get out of here, she thought to herself ̈ . she peaked out the door to see if there was anybody but the hallway was clear she made her way to the stairs and cautiously walked down them making sure to not make no noise she bolted for the door, ran off the old wooden porch and onto the sidewalk she darted for her house but froze in disbelief, there was a car in the driveway and the sidewalk leading to the porch she slowly approached the house she appeared in the window to see that everything has changed, all of her picture that once hung upon her walls were replaced with photos of smiling kids and maternity photos the house was cluttered toys and baby clothes. A car pulled up into the driveway behind the car that was already there, a man stepped out of the car and walked up the sidewalk, onto the porch and unlocked the wooden door ¨s-s-sir ̈ Mya cried out he kept going along with what he was doing she ran over to him and went to tap his shoulder. Her hand slipped right through his shoulder like a hologram and jumped back and fell to the ground he continued to walk in the house, pull the door shut behind him Mya jumped up and ran to the closest store as she approached the store she noticed nobody had noticed her she ran right through the glass doors of the small store, then it hit her… she was invisible nobody could see her, nobody can hear her she was a ghost to everyone she looked at a paper that was pinned on the bulletin board May 11, 1991 she could not belive it she had been there for 3 years. She ran out of the store and down the street she ran as far as her legs could carry her then she clasped to the ground her cheek pressed against the concrete. She rolled onto her back and stared up at the sky ̈are you ok ̈ a child asked Mya looked up there was a kid standing in front of her ̈ can you hear me Mya said “yes silly” the little girl said “Mya got on her knees and grabbed the little girls hand, I need you to help me” Mya cried the little girl stood me up, ̈ say shabam the girl said “SHABA” Mya said hasely ̈ that scar on you side is how they gave you your powers once you say that u can alter between being invisible and everyone seeing you ̈ the little girl said mya looked at her shocked and in disbelief, mya ran back to the store this time she didn't go through the door she couldn't, ̈ you need help finding anything ̈ the guy at the counter said to mya, he could see her everyone could see her she walked up to the counter and grabbed his hand, she could feel his touch a smile spread across her face a tear rolled down her cheek she let go of his hand and turned around she headed back for the house where she was once kept as she walked up the stairs the same girl was sitting on the porch ¨ welcome home¨ she said with a warm smile across her face ¨ u left before i could explain come in so we can talk¨ she said, mya followed her into the house and sat down at the table this time the 9 chairs was all filled with people may looked around and sat in the only open seat as she looked around the table she noticed the little girl that had helped her earlier the girl smiled at mya, ¨ welcome home, you have had quite an interesting day i have heard¨ said jane on the other end of the table ¨ we all are special in our own way her we all have our own powers and you were the last piece to our puzzle the ability to be invisible, now i know you have had a long day so lets eat” jane said as carts off food came out, they ate and talked, for the first time that day mya felt like she was safe, she was at home.

October 28, 2019 14:16

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