Grace From The Glass Psyche

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Grace From The Glass Psych: 

Screeching and snickering rimpled through the home. Circling and looking for an exit route. It came to a closet, embracing a young and afraid woman named Stella. 

Her eyes rang and were hot under her hands. She was panting and shaking. “Amazing grace,” she choked. 

It was then when the screeching stopped. 

“Thank you,” she sighed. 

She stepped out of the closet and found a piece of parchment tied with a red but worn ribbon. She moved the ribbon and saw a sentence written. We need you as much as you need us.

Golden and silver light enwrapped her and when she took another breath, her feet were bare and touching the dirt. 

“Where am I?” she wondered. 

The roaming of horses was in her earshot. 

A girl heaved her horse and smiled. “Lady Stella, it’s been too long,” 

“Lady Michaela?” she looked at her up and down. 

“Yes, that is quite impressive, what are you doing here?” Michaela asked. 

“I don’t know, I found a piece of parchment and I ended up here,” Stella explained. 

“Parchment, you must have a letter from someone,” Michaela suggested. 

“Is this place in trouble because it said someone or something needs me,” Stella asked. 

“Not that I’m aware of,” Michaela answered. 

“Well, then, you must take me to the castle for us to find out,” Stella insisted. 

“And you will see the new king as well,” Michaela said. 

“Let’s ride,” Stella hopped on and helped Michaela on after. 

A coronation that lasted three nights had the now king, Jonas, exhausted. He got into his PJs and grabbed a cup of warm milk. He drank the milk, blew out the candle, and tried to sleep. 

There was a knock. 

“For the love of Pete, father please I need my rest,” he got up.

“My King, it is not your father, it is Michaela’s brother, Mark, ” they answered. 

Jonas sighed. He opened the door. “Is it urgent?” 

“Yes, the glass has broken,” Mark walked in. 

“Not possible, please go back to sleep,” Jonas dismissed him. 

“Please, I think Michaela went to find Lady Stella,” Mark said. 

“Lady Stella disappeared long ago, I assumed she was-,” Jonas said. 

“No, she gave you the glass before she left and she said that it would crack when and if she could return,” Mark said. 

“Why don’t I remember that?” Jonas asked. 

“She spelled all of us but it broke somehow,” Mark suggested. 

“Where is Michaela?” Jonas asked. 

“I’m guessing with Stella by now,” Mark said. 

“Then they’re both in danger, they could be kidnapped or sold,” Jonas said. 

“We need to go,” Jonas grabbed swords and two horses. 

The girls rode ongoing in the north direction. 

“So, what have you been up to?” Michaela asked. 

“Honestly, surviving, not living,” Stella admitted. My shame leads to my fear. I have so many plans for myself. But I am a coward, a fool like my head says. Like my loved ones say behind my back. 

“That’s a shame, but you’re not a coward nor are you a mess up, and you are definitely not a fool,” Michaela replied. 

“I forgot you have the gift of reading people’s minds,” Stella rolled her eyes. 

“Do you remember yours?” Michaela questioned. 

“I have… that’s not possible,” Stella stammered. 

“That you know of,” Michaela grabbed the reins with intense force. “Ocean, grip!” 

“What on Earth!” Stella held on tighter to Michaela enough to leave a mark. 

“Sorry!” Michaela winced. “Jesus, girl you have irons, not nails,” 

They came to a trench. 

“Um, where’s the bridge?” Stella asked. 

“You have to use your power to get across,” Michaela stated. 

A scroll appeared. 

“Its a music sheet,” Stella said. “I haven’t sung in years,” 

“You have to,” Michaela said. 

“I can’t,” Stella said. 

It was then when Stella went in the opposite way. 

“Stella, come you’re safe,” a whisper slithered in. 

“Stella, look at me,” Michaela gripped her arm. “Ave Maria, sing ave maria,” “Ora pro nobis peccatoris,” 

“Stella, its Jonas, come back home,” it continued. 

“Nunc et in hora mortis nostrae,” Stella said. 

“In hora mortis nostrae,” Michaela said. 

“Ave Maria,” Stella said. 

Stella, are you back?” Michaela asked. 

“Thank you, what was that?” Stella asked. 

“The glass psyche, we have to go,” Michaela got back on the horse and helped Stella on. 

“Grip!” Stella said. 

Jonas and Mark ran when they saw the horse. 

“Halt!” Mark said. 

“Jonas, please,” the voice slithered. 

“Nocturne,” Mark stated. 

“I thought it was… what if she really is dead?” Jonas sat. 

No, we don’t have time for this, so help me God, I will not hesitate to throw you over my shoulder!” Mark said. 

“And that’s why I can’t get rid of you,” Jonas got up.

The pairs keep going. 

The rain came when they collided.

“Jonas..” she smiled and ran and was forced back through a forcefield. 

“Stella… OMG, is it you?” he touched the wall.

“It is your princess is back in court and this time, I’m not leaving because of time, death, or fear,” she stated. 

“Stella, is it you, have you hidden purposely?” he asked. 

“I have and I let you all down including myself if you no longer want me I understand,” she croaked. 

“Never... “ he said. “No time, distance or strife has lessened my longing for you,” he answered. 

Since then, Jonas and Stella were united ruling a kingdom with justice, grace, fear, and undying love. This was a start to something bigger. However, that is another tale. 


It is a year later and Lady Stella and Lady Michaela are in the studies, completely transfixed.

"Are you OK?" Michaela asked.

"Yes, ever since I returned, I feel different," Stella explained.

"Different?" Stella asked.

"Yes, I keep remembering the slithering," Stella added.

"Why is that?" Michaela asked.

"You are supposed to be with him, marked by death yet saved by grace," Michaela said."His name is Kathos," MIchaela stated.

"Kathos, I can remember him?" Stella wondered.

"With time, but I'm afraid that it will give you no closure only more questions that you don't need," Michaela gripped her hand.

"Something bigger: this is something bigger, and I must find out why," Stella stated.

"He'll kill you!" Jonas overheard.

"Jonas, I know its possible he may not," Stella stated

"Please," he gripped her face.

"Don't make me repeat myself; you need to trust me," Stella said.

"If you insist," Jonas stepped back. "You have a week,"

"That is all I've wanted," Stella kissed him.

"A week or I will come to get you and you are guarded for God knows how long," Jonas said.

"I understand, I will keep in contact, now if you excuse me, I must pack," Stella said.

"She gonna find out, and I'm afraid," Mark walked in.

"I know but we have to let her fly its something her reality has never given her," Jonas sighed.

"I will pray for grace and her safety every night and day, and Michaela I want you to accompany her," Mark ordered.

"Of course," Michaela curtsied, embraced them, and went to pack.

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18:18 Apr 30, 2020

Thank you, Julie :) I will definitely take your advice. I'm happy you enjoyed it.


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Julie Wagner
03:28 Apr 30, 2020

Interesting story ! I would love to read more chapters! You left me wanting to know more about the characters and what happened before and after this story. The only thing I would suggest is cleaning it up a bit. Punctuation isn’t everything, but I find you can really change the mood or tone with it.


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