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Drama Suspense

Humans were designed to be predictable.

Designed: planned or conceived in detail or for a specific purpose.

Predictable: Able to be predicted. 

Like a number sequence. 

Number sequence: a list of numbers that are linked by a rule.

2, 4, 6, 8...

Designed, predictable, linked by a rule. 

And my personal favorite.

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55...

At first glance, the numbers look random, not designed, unpredictable, unlinked by a rule. If a human were to look closer, their intuition could detect a relationship between the numbers, but not what it was. This sequence could be solved. (Solved: find an answer to, explanation for, or means of effectively dealing with a problem or mystery).

The Fibonacci Sequence. Each number was the sum of the two before it.All number sequences had a rule, and if the whole had a rule, the parts must too. All numbers were rational. 

Rational: based on or in accordance with reason or logic. 

There was one thing that was random, a sequence of numbers that were not designed, they were unpredictable and unlinked by a rule, they could not be solved. 


Pi went on. 

Some tried to rationalize pi, to understand it, memorizing its digits, but in vain.There was no pattern to pi. There was one thing I didn’t understand, why try? It was something that could not be understood, it was broken, but there was no fixing it. Get rid of it. 

“Get rid of it,” My final verdict was said out loud, or rather transmitted to this pattern to be said out loud. I studied the pattern that stood in front of me. (Studied: achieved or maintained by careful and deliberate effort.) It had eyes; dark brown, almost black. It had hair; long, blonde, and curly. It had a body; weirdly angular for patterns, it’s hips and elbows stuck out of its body significantly more than usual. 

That was one task completed, but I was nowhere near done. 

This next part required my undivided attention, I needed to do something I hadn’t ever done before, guess. (Guess: estimate or suppose (something) without sufficient information to be sure of being correct.) An extremely dangerous pattern sat in the room with me. Pi. I couldn’t even call it a pattern, I had to call it by what it actually was, a human. 

This human had done something...unpredictable. 

Unpredictable: not able to be predicted. I did not like that word. 

There was no definition for 'human’ I could find, I didn’t truly understand what it was like to be one, and I did not see the need to find out. This human had done something I couldn’t find the rule of. And like Pi, I had the intention of getting rid of it. 

I waited, for one second, and then another, but there was no reaction from the human at all, it stared at me, blinking it’s beady eyes slowly. Why was this creature so unpredictable? 

This was time for my guess. The human was crafty. It remained undetected for months while it gathered energy to strike, it was careful, practiced, intelligent yet….desperate. The human was smart enough to stay hidden, it came out of hiding for a reason, what was it? 

I had to add another number into the mix, emotion. 

Emotions: a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.

Emotion was a slightly trickier ‘pattern’ to solve (I do not think that pattern is the correct terminology for it, it was nothing but a piece of a pattern, a number perhaps) At first glance it seemed random, not designed, unpredictable, unlinked by a rule. If I were to look closer, I could detect a reason for the emotion, and with time, the exact cause. 

Much like the Fibonacci sequence.

But, there was absolutely nothing to go off of. 

I shifted through its body language. It showed no signs of stress, it’s hands were not fidgety, not attempting to touch its face, it’s posture wasn’t closed on itself, and it wasn’t rocking back and forward in an attempt to soothe itself...it wasn’t overly confident, it was merely...neutral. 

This was getting out of hand. I struggled to drive my focal point back to the issue at hand, I found it difficult to stay on task at times. 

There was no understanding this pattern, time to get rid of it. 


Pi’s POV

Oddly enough, I wasn’t nervous. 

Oddly enough, I needed to be. 

An average human would have been nervous, an average human would have been afraid. 

Bile rose in my throat, an average human. Those didn’t exist anymore. They were all gone, expect for two, one was me, and one…

I noticed my mistake too late and was hit with a pang in my chest. The pain was chrushing, I felt like I was choking, but the pain was the only rememnince I had, and when it was gone, all I was left with was emptiness. 

It was painful, but I needed it. 

The one thing that the machine couldn’t understand was human emotion and its effect on us. The machine saw it as part of a code, like the numbers in a pattern. 

I loved the other human, that love was what drove me, it was what the machine didn’t understand. 

It was what was going to save me. 

My bloodlust flared, fueled by my anger, but there was no point, there was nothing I could do. 

I showed absolutely no emotion. The machine would try to analyze everything I do, it was obsessed with perfection, it would never be 100% accurate with me, and I took pride in that. 

The hum of the machine filled the room, I appreciated the white noise, even if it was made by my soon to be murderer. There was one other human in the room with me, a middle aged woman with brown eyes and long wavy blond hair. I couldn’t call her a human, but I did it naturally, out of hope. Although she once was a human, she wasn’t anymore. 

She was the one that was probably going to kill me. 

I watched her dull, chocolate eyebrows suddenly pull together with focus as she turned towards me. 

I began to count my breaths, knowing they would be my last. 

December 19, 2020 03:40

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Lee Doe
01:58 Dec 22, 2020

I know I did the prompt wrong, I just don’t care.


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