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Screams could be heard for miles as the black feather soldiers, strong feather fowls of the Ayam Cemani breed, eliminated the innocent with adore. The ominous soldiers that the evil witch empress Arabella, 'Beak of a Thousand Adamants’, recruited two weeks ago, brutally massacred peasants from a peaceful farming village, in the Feather Realm.

Giving no mercy, the black feather soldiers grabbed torches and torched the village to flames. With no survivors, the village laid in burnt ruins with dense smoke rising from it. Along side their evil witch empress, the black feather soldiers marched on to the next village, in arrogant silence. Not one giving a care as they followed their mistresses orders so loyally.

Across the universe, to the farthest right corner, there is a planet where only fowls exist. There are other planets with only certain creatures that exist on their own planet, scattered throughout the universe.

However, on this particular planet, birds of all kinds reside there with bugs coexisting to feed their hungry bellies. A simple ecosystem that has come accustomed to the birds.

Eventually, the birds grew intelligence just like that of man. A copious species of fowls claimed the planet over all the other birds. These birds are known to us on Earth as chickens. Though the planet supplied the birds with an abundance of insects, the chickens learned of gardening as well.

Venturing on this small planet we travel to a continent full of different chicken breeds, which were living an ancient Japanese samurai warrior lifes. The samurai chickens living there have come to name this continent, ‘The Feather Realm'.

The Feather Realm, having a curtain of chaos casted upon it's land, has been under constant attacks by the evil empress, ‘Beak of a Thousand Adamants’. Commanding her black feather army, and her soldiers imbued by her dark energy, she has been determined to take over the Feather Realm as to be the realms queen.

A month ago from this time, the evil witch empress, ‘Beak of a Thousand Adamants’, murdered the high king of feather realm, King Truffle the third, ‘Felicitous Feather’. By a fowl dispute over her position in the Feather Realm Arabella overtook the king and stabbed him in the back when his back was turned.

The royal golden feather guards, who rushed after her upon knowledge of their dead king, stood no chance against her pursuit and she advanced through them with ease, using her magical beak to shriek and cause severe pain in their bleeding ears. Once she seized the Feather Realm’s palace the evil empress set out to recruit the black feather soldiers, in her endeavor to take over the rest of the Feather Realm.

At this time, no samurai chicken in the Feather Realm has been able to defeat her. The realm may well be in a state of mayhem if something is not done and the realm be cast in a darkened disarray.

Not all maybe lost, chicken monks to the north of the continent, called monks of illuminating feathers, on feather mountain, has gotten word of the evil empresses treachery.

Staying secluded and hidden to the outside kingdom, the monks have secretly protected the realm from evil as well council the high ranking officials of Feather Realm on important times, with anonymity.

Among these monks, being Silkie breeds of chickens, an adult rooster of Polish breed, named, ‘Samurai Hanabu Cuckoo’ , lived with them since his birth hatching. Only the illuminating feather monks of feather mountain know of his true heritage.

Walking calmly in the garden of the illuminating monastery, illuminating monk master Yaol strolled up to ‘Samurai Hanabu Cuckoo’ working passively in the gardens. ‘Samurai Hanabu Cuckoo’ worked for the monks on feather mountain to repay their hospitality in letting him stay there. He also trained with the monks in martial arts, but since he was a different breed he was shunned from any advancement in the monk rankings.

“Hello Hanabu. How is work going today? Have you found your peace with your work?” Conversationally asked monk master Yaol.

Hanabu Cuckoo stopped tilling the ground to plant new crops abruptly and bowed in the presence of master monk Yaol.

“Good afternoon master. Yes, the harmony and balance of hard work has shown me peace. With effort I can see where I must strive in life.”

“Good, good. There is much to learn in every aspect of life, my child. Can you spare some time to talk and walk me around the courtyard? There is an urgent matter I would like to discuss with you.”

Roaming the courtyard, at a leisure pace, both Hanabu Cuckoo and Yaol talked about the events happening outside the monastery. Master monk Yaol told Hanabu of the evil witch empress, ‘Beak of a Thousand Adamants’, corruption in the Feather Realm and how she must be stopped or things would be disrupted and become unbalanced. Hanabu Cuckoo listened with firing interest and a burning sensation rose inside him.

“An evil empress has stained the lands of our kingdom? Master, this cannot be, surely someone has the strength and skill to stop her.”

Master Yaol smiled unnoticed by Hanabu, but divulged with excitement.

“Oh, what brave courage you have Hanabu. Would you like the opportunity to test your willingness and powers against such a foe?”

Hanabu Cuckoo looked at master Yaol curiously. “Is this why you have come to me? To ask if I would like to take up this task in eliminating the new darkened villain of our realm?”

“Hanabu, you have lived here on feather mountain since your birth hatching. Have you not wanted to venture off on your own one day? Make your own life and destiny? You are like a son to us and we do not want to hold you back on what fate has in store for you.”

Both master Yaol and Hanabu Cuckoo continued strolling around the courtyard for a few more minutes in silence. Hanabu Cuckoo contemplated on if this is the path he should choose. Once he realized this must be what fate had for him he addressed his decision to master Yaol.

“Master. You and the others here have taught me well in all forms of life. No other place that I might have ended up could have prepared me for my life. I am lucky for the opportunities that I have had. I will accept this challenge and test my might against the evil empress and end her treacherous darkened plot to rule our kingdom.”

“Hanabu, you could not make me more proud. To hear these words is satisfying to listen too. Please be careful on your journey. You will leave first thing in the morning with another warrior from the royal golden feather guards. He alone has escaped from the feather palace and miraculously made his way up here to us, on feather mountain. His name is Grauk Peck and he is a ‘Golden Talon Warrior’. A Houdan breed from the south.”

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