Bobo and Macy

[cold open. In the Afternoon. A suburb cul-de-sac. A woman and a man are talking in front of his yard. He is holding a water hose. She has a purse over here shoulders wearing a polo shirt and dress pants. He is wearing a white t-shirt and khaki shorts.]

Macy: The last few days have not been great. I hate to spew on about myself like this, but when you live alone – there isn’t anyone to really talk to. My co-workers are alright, but I would not sit there and say that any of them could be considered, a “friend”. Well… what can I really do? I’m so sorry, I have been talking your ear off about me and I forgot your name… I’m bad with names.

Bobo: Bobo Martin. Don’t worry at all – me too. The only reason I remember your name is because I can’t miss those signs around town, “Macy the Real-estate Ace for any Place”. Cute slogan by the way. Makes me chuckle a little every time I pass by. What got you into real-estate? Did you ever do marketing? I think you would have a knack for it.

Macy: Well, I only really got into real estate because my father passed down the business. My real passion was writing. I would go under the candle light and scribble away, for hours.

In high school, I even went to poetry slams. Never really got anything out of it because I never knew if the guys there liked my writing or just liked me; and the girls were too busy launching missiles with their eyes at me that I just gave up. I regret being deterred by all that, but I can’t complain. My dad was really good at what he did. He had a lot of clients and it keeps me busy; helps me forget about the past.

Bobo: Couldn’t you write in your spare time?

Macy: Yeah… Occasionally, I will write a few one sentence poems here and there, but never anything major. I just don’t have much time; taking care of both of my parents has really put a toll on me.

Bobo: Oh, that’s right, you mentioned that. Yeah, that would make it hard to focus – especially when it comes to writing. I am sorry about your parents. I understand, my wife went through the same thing with hers.

Macy: Thank you for saying that. How did she get through it? I am sure it will be alright; it is just hard being the only child.

Bobo: I do not really know to be honest. She is tough like that. But also, who knows? maybe one day you will have enough time – I mean like when you feel you can – You know – when you have more time.

Macy: [Chuckles] I know what you meant, don’t worry.

Bobo: [Laughs nervously and combs his hands through his hair] Yeah… was never one for words.

[An old man and his dog make their way towards them.]

Bobo: [Turn’s head] Oh man, there’s crusty Chris.

Macy: Crusty? What’s up with him?

Bobo: Just wait till he walks by … talks like he is slowly gnawing off your ear. He’s also a loon. I wonder what conspiracy theory he saw on the internet today? Guess we’ll find out. I would go inside if you knew what was good for you. I have more watering to do, so I can’t just close up shop now, it would be rude; but you just got home and have an excuse.

[both laugh]

Macy: Oh, come on, you are exaggerating… I am sure he is not that bad. I’ll stick around. I should get to know my neighbors, anyways. Wouldn’t want people making up nick-names for me [Elbows Bobo and they both laugh.]  


[A woman is sitting in a chair by the window. She sees her husband Bobo talking with the new neighbor, Macy. She sets down her book and gets up to get a better view. She hides behind the blinds.]

Susan: [Internal monologue] What the hell is she talking to bobo about. That tramp. Thinks because she has her picture all over the fucking town that she can flirt with my husband? What are they laughing at? Why do they look like they are having such a great time? He is always awkward around people; now all of the sudden he’s a community organizer?

I knew she was trouble, the first day she moved in. I saw her face before and got annoyed by it; now, I’m going to see it every day. Great, there are two neighbors in this cul-de-sac that piss me off. Thought it couldn’t get any worse. I have the one down the street that no one ever sees, but will hear weird ass noises at night or during the day; and then a new one that’s trying to fuck my husband! Can I get a break? I just buried my mom a month ago – and my dad a month before that.

What else? You know what? I don’t care if it makes me look like an insecure wife; I’m going out there to see what the fuck is making him laugh so much.

[She puts on sandals; grabs the cardigan hanging from her chair and walks to the door. She notices “Crusty” Chris and stops to look through the door window.]

I think I will wait till he’s gone…

Crusty Chris

 [Old man walking his dog; wearing a grey hoodie with holes and green camo pants approaches Macy and Bobo.]

Crusty Chris: Huloo there! Ever check out the Walton Oz Experiment? Heard those planes that been flyin around are tracking our thoughts, now! Some sort of new technology being worked out by the government or something.

Bobo: I’m afraid I haven’t had the time, Chris. I’ll check it out though, sounds bad.

Crusty Chris: Oh, it is, mark my words. Young lady, have you heard of the Walton Oz Experiment or what other’s have come to call, “The Mind O-Z Project”?  You’re new aint ya? Hmm… you wouldn’t happen to know anything about those planes, would you? Only started noticing them and their weird flying patterns, about last week – when you moved in.

Macy: No… I would not. Too busy with life and it’s many black holes.

Crusty Chris: I don’t know. I might have to keep my eye on you. Can’t be too careful, now-a-days. You know with all those abductions and such. Supposed to be related to the O-Z project, but they said they haven’t found any hard evidence, but I bet they will, soon.

Bobo: I am sure they will find something…

[Macy chuckles and so does Bobo. At the same time, Bobo’s front door opens and walks out Susan. She walks towards the group giving a smile]

Susan: Hey guys, what ya’ll laughing at?

Bobo: Oh, nothing honey. Decided to come out? What’s up?

Susan: Thought I would get some fresh air. Wanted to take a break from my book for a little bit.

Macy: You’re a writer?

Susan: Yup, just working on my new book. Been kind of hard lately… but that’s how writing is… also, what’s your name? I am afraid that I have only seen you through the window.

Macy: I’m Macy Bronx. I just moved into my own place from my parents.

Susan: Oh! From those billboards, right? I thought I recognized you.

Macy: Yup, that’s me.

Susan: Well, it’s great to meet you, Macy; I’m Susan – and how are you doing today, Chris? How’s Scully?

Crusty Chris: [Bends down and pets his dog] Good ole’ Scully is doing just fine. Still barks louder than shit. Must be a good sign, right?

[A truck with gardening equipment pulls up next to them. A man with long hair and goatee walks out in a long sleeve shirt and jeans.]

Gram: You guys talking about the house at the end of the cul-de-sac? Heard more weird noises coming from there yesterday, while I was mowing the neighbor’s lawn.

Crusty Chris: I heard ‘em, too. Sounds like a washing machine cryin; and I could have sworn the other day that I heard some woman in there. I’ve been livin here for about forty years and when they moved in; I just saw moving trucks and a bunch of people carrying in furniture. That was about two-three months ago now – still no one.

Gram: Keeps the lawn nice, though. A team of landscapers come out like clockwork every week. Stuck my card on his door – he didn’t call.

Crusty Chris: Probably a goddam spy; working for Russia. ‘Member when Obama kicked out those Russian diplomats and those blacked out vans came? You’re telling me they weren’t spies?? Diplomats, my ass.

Bobo: I doubt they’re Russians, Chris. Who would they be spying on – in Fallbrook?

Gram: Oceanside is not that far from here and that’s where camp Pendleton is.

Crusty Chris: AND the border is basically down the street from here. They could be torturing people in that house for all we know!?

Susan: Wouldn’t they do a better job at keeping the noises down if that were the case?

Bobo: Classic misdirection. What they did on Facebook; they easily could be doing here. Confusion – grand confusion.

Macy: We are talking about it now… and I do feel pretty confused.

Crusty Chris: Exactly! They create these imbedded conversations that make it all sound crazy. Russians? Here? Sounds crazy, but that is exactly how they want it to appear and sound – crazy!

Macy: I mean, you have a point. It does sound crazy.

[Bobo chuckles]

Susan: I don’t think it’s “crazy”. Who knows what governments are doing under our noses? They could be Russians? No one knows.

Bobo: You really believe that, Susan?

Susan: Not really, but kind of. It isn’t like we will actually know. If we get guards to patrol the neighborhood we would find out, but THAT would be crazy.

Gram: It’s not as crazy as it seems. It might be a good idea.

Macy: Why not call the police?

Crusty Chris: You think the police will do anything about it? I called ten times on that pot- smoking-fuck down the street and they haven’t done a damn thing. We would have better luck calling up the CIA! However, they would deny it and then spy on me. I don’t want that.

Susan: Why not just go see for ourselves? Let’s go knock on the door?

Crusty Chris: They are probably already listening to us right now. If we start walking with a group of people, they are going to just hide all of their shit.

Macy: They probably wouldn’t even open the door.

Bobo: Yea, that’s true. Why would they? They can just pretend to not be there.

Susan: We could always kick the door down?

Bobo: Susan?!

Susan: If we really want to find out; why don’t we just go and break down the damn door?

Macy: We can’t just do that? The cops would be called and then, could officially be considered crazy.

Susan: I’m not crazy and neither is breaking down the door. If they are a menace to our neighborhood then I would not mind taking matters into my own hands.

Bobo: Not saying you’re crazy but we have only heard noises. We haven’t seen anything proving something is going on in there.

Crusty Chris: That’s the point, Bobo. Where are those noises coming from if we haven’t even seen a soul inside? WHO’s in there?

Gram: We don’t have to break down the door to get in there, you know? I used to be a locksmith and I could get us in there without them even knowing.

Macy: Even Russian spies?

Gram: Well… probably not, but if anything happens, we will just have someone outside on standby ready to call for help.

Crusty Chris: I got my gun on me, too. Never know who’s in there.

Susan: Let’s go then and find out who this asshole is.

[Gram goes to his truck and grabs a bag.]

Gram: Got my kit, ready.

[Susan, Gram and Crusty Chris Make their ways towards the house at the end of the street. Macy and Bobo do not follow]

Susan: Are you guy’s coming? Or are you going to just laugh some more?

Bobo: What do you mean?

Susan: You know what I mean, Bob.

Bobo: No, I really don’t.

Susan: You must know what I’m talking about, what was your name?

Bobo: You remember her name. Why are you acting like this?

Susan: I saw you two. Don’t play stupid. I know what you’re doing, tramp. Don’t think you’re outsmarting anyone with that poor girl look – either, you come with me Bob or you don’t, it’s up to you.

Macy: Tramp? I’m not trying anything? Your husband was just being nice.  

Susan: Sure. Coming or not Bob?

[Bobo pauses and looks at both women]

Bobo: What am I choosing here? We were just talking, Susan.

Susan: Her then? Sounds good.

[Susan storms off to catch up with Chris and Gram]


The Pillage

[Gram, Chris and Susan are at the house’s door. They hear a muffled scream]

Crusty Chris: [whispering] Get the door open before it’s too late.

Gram: [whispering] I’m trying, but I haven’t seen a lock like this one before.

Crusty Chris: [Whispering] Special Russian technology… bastards.

Susan: Just kick it down. We hear what’s going on in there. Someone’s in trouble. We need to get in there, now!

Crusty Chris: [Whispering] keep it down, Mrs. Martin – they will hear us…

Susan: Who cares! There is someone in there getting tortured! Kick down this door!

Crusty Chris: Mrs. Martin – remember what we said earlier?? The cops will be called on us.

Susan: We have evidence now. Are you guys really not going to do anything? Fucking men.

[Susan snatches Chris’s gun from his hand and points it at the door handle. Bobo and Macy run up at the same time.]

Bobo: Susan! What are you doing???

Susan: There’s screams in there! Proof!

[Susan shoots the door handle three times. The others flinch as she shoots and Chris’s dog runs away. The door handle is broken. She kicks open the door. It smashes against the wall. Noises can be heard down the hall. They all pause to listen.]

Gram: It looks like they’re in some sort of sound proof room. No way, they didn’t hear those gun shots.

Crusty Chris: I’ll be damned, must be a small operation. No one on guard – weird. Could be a trap. [under his breath] but how could we hear—

Susan: Let’s go.

Bobo: Don’t go in there Susan. Let’s call the cops; we have the evidence we need. Don’t go in there.

Susan: Just stay here with your bitch.

[Gram, Chris and Susan walk down the hall where the noises can be heard. At the end, there is a white door. The noises get clearer as they get closer.]

No! No! No! Don’t – PLEASE!

Crusty Chris: [Whispering] You hear—

Susan kicks the door open. A man wearing large headphones jolts from his chair and turns. She shoots him in the chest twice. She is shaking. Only the man she shot and big computer screens filled with different movie frames, were in the room. No screaming woman. Only a woman on a screen. There were horror movie posters on the walls and pictures of famous actors. The room was silent. The man was bleeding out on the floor. Bobo and Macy burst into the doorway. Macy puts a hand on her mouth. They all quietly stare at the body on the floor.]

[Cold close]


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