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My father always bragged about how he and my grandfather marched on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, also known as the March on Washington or The Great March on Washington, that was held in Washington, D.C. on a Wednesday on August 28, 1963.

My dad vehemently stated the purpose of the march, boy! Was to advocate for the civil and economic rights of black Americans.

 It’s 2020 daddy!

My boy says who really cares.

He vehemently stated dad, we all know black lives really don’t matter just because that dude an known plagiarizer speaker Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who was standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial, delivered his so called historic "I Have a Dream" speech in which he called for an end to racism.

In truth at the moment that day I wanted to maim my child, I thought about the First Amendment to the United States Constitution that prevents the government from making laws which regulate an establishment of religion or that would prohibit the free exercise of religion or abridge the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press, the freedom of assembly or the right to petition the government for redress of grievances. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that constitute the Bill of Rights.

My boy looks up a me like I lost my mind.

I call over to his mother and unkindly suggested you better get your child away from me and take that X box away from him.

She unkindly states Mr. Beograd times have changed leave the idiot boy be!

I immediately went to the liquor cabinet.

If it wasn’t for my wife sucralose mother interceding I would of got a shot of Old Grand Dad.

Grand mom tells the boy that back in them days white polices people used to sic dogs on black peoples ‘ I tell you boy, white cops  have been telling them trained racist dogs to “sic ’em,” with the intent to have the dog attack black people, since at least the nineteenth century. While this may seem odd, boy!, That was a given common modern definitions for “sick” or the variant “sic,” at the time this command popped up, it didn’t made perfect sense. Because “Sick,” in that context, had nothing to do with the word meaning “ill,” but rather was simply a dialectal variant of “seek,” which used to sometimes carry the connotation of seeking with the intent to attack.

My boy says what the hell that old drunken biddy talking about?

I’m about at that time surely needed a drink before I kill that ciliated boy.

My lovely wife looked deeply in my eyes knowing in my mind what I was thinking we have been married for over 26 years while I had been putting up with her mother for, I don’t want to remember while she resides with us her I ain’t good enough for precious daughter Penelope Right then and there I realized two things. First of  all, I truly needed a drink and second of all I realized why my mother in law was still bitter because her husband left her tea totting drunk self-two months right after they got married.

I profligately shouted with the liquor bottle in my hand. Then quoted from Popeye the sailor man I can’ts  stand no mores! That statement went upon death ears, while my son shouted what’s wrong with you old people.

Then the boy says it’s 2020 dad and you’ll better get a grip what time it is!

Mother in law snatch the bottle from my hand and took a long swig.

She didn’t even make an ugly face or needed a shot glass.

 When she was finished I turned my anger against her. Forgetting about the subject matter. Maybe I was mad about her stealing my liquor out of my possession or maybe I was mad about the fact that the two of them, meaning my wife and her were listening to this grown boy, who doesn’t have a clue in life.

I let grand mom keep the bottle.

I turned on the Tv and them crazy white right and left wing patriots were storming the Capitol of the United States of America.

Grand mom polished off my 102 year old scotch and shouted boy!

Anti-Federalism was a late-18th century movement that opposed the creation of a stronger U.S. federal government and which later opposed the ratification of the 1787 Constitution. The previous constitution, called the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union, gave state governments more authority. Led by Patrick Henry of Virginia, Anti-Federalists worried, among other things, that the position of president, then a novelty, might evolve into a monarchy. Though the Constitution was ratified and supplanted the Articles of Confederation, Anti-Federalist influence helped lead to the passage of the United States Bill of Rights.

My boy said, she’s drunk daddy.

I say shut up boy, because even in a drunken stupor she truly believes in the Constitution of America with her intoxicated self.

His mama says you boy! Could learn from your her un sober intellect Granny because her drunken thoughts speaks volumes.

I’m standing there looking dumb founded and sober.

Gertrude my wife leads her drunk momma to her bedroom in my house, even though she was just a tad hammer, tanked, wasted, plastered, canned and juiced up.

Now it’s just me and my wife’s idiot boy.

I say, what in your college dropout world make sense to you?

Thinking about it in the back of my mind that my lovely wife must have cheated on me because this 24 year old man, can’t really be my boy.

Mine  you I am sober that particular day.

So the boy in him shouts is this daddy time?

 I say do you know heritage or background for whence you came from?

I say to him, what did you go to college for and waste my time, money and effort for?

He looks me directly in my eyes just like his mother and says because you’ll having grown up in the 1960s and '70s and remembering  stories about watching the Ku Klux Klan burning crosses in and hanging people.

Daddy you made watch.

I just can’t relate to it father.

Go to bed boy in the over topping the garage of my house.

February 07, 2021 08:42

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