- Another breathless patient ! Help! - the ambulance got into the tent.

 I didn't even have time to take off my backpack with a sweater, a pair of sandals, and pants with cowboy jockstraps, which had been given to me during the training.

 - I'm going to rescue him! - I screamed bravely- let's say, because I was alone- to which an energy appeared behind me, as soft as a spring breeze caressing my five senses, kissing my most incoherent thoughts to make me turn my head towards where that sensation came from.

So, the chief doctor came in :

 Tall, slender , smiling and gentle in his gestures, making me feel really good, a sensation I had never felt before.

- well, take a look at his broad shoulders : oh , dear ! It just drives me crazy

And, beside that he is so tall, jet-haired.

Suddenly, he disappeared from my eyesight.

And, believe me, a mysterious-slitted voice appeared behind me.

As I was so focused on the destiny of the doctor, I could not see who was behind me.

 - I am real, lady. - he said to me, resting his warm hand on my shoulder .

My heart, pounding started to speed and my skin was hot, really red.

By the terrible stress he had, I said, : it is a foreign person ! - taking a look all around, and realizing that there were only one foreign person.

- oh my God! It must be the chief medic!" I thought, embarrassed because I thought he had spoken out loud, getting visible to me.

 He looked deep into my eyes, almost undressing my soul, ashamed.

 - I help! - he said , The boss shouted, opening his arms for the other volunteers to help him too, but they were busy with other demanding patients.

 - I tube him , and you connect the ventilator.

He instructed me.

 - okay.!.

- this is the tenth tubing today - hecsaid to me - smiling.

- really? - I got curious , as he didn't show any sign of tiredness.

 However, I noticed that the boss was always smiling.

 Placid. With real happiness, the one I didn't know

 "Is he making fun of me," I thought with all my innocence and ignorance.

 - No, I do not mock, he said looking into my eyes.

 I did not understand it.

 And without thinking much about what he had said, I went to leave my backpack in a corner, after putting the patient on a stretcher.

 The boss checked his heart, the response of his pupils. The dangling leg, asking the assistant, dressed in orange, to cast it.

 - You bring anaesthetic, he said.

 - Immediately !, I said, not knowing where to look for the so called anaesthetic, that I had to ask to a volunteer with a busy look told me that I would find anaesthetic in the emergency , behind the tent.

 I took the boss what he asked me.

 - You put the anaesthetic in the syringe, just one cubic millimeter.

- fine ( where the hell is the syringe and where the hell is the cubic millimeter ? - I thought ).

- right here - he took the syringe and showed me what to do.

- yes, sure.

 I had my mind set on it, to do it right, because I didn't want to make a fool of myself in front of my boss.

 - Good !, the boss said, putting his hand on my shoulders.

 And I confess, I liked it.

 The movement in that tent was constant.

 "! Another breathless patient !"

The other volunteers shouted.

 - Help!

 Those screams, that confusion, all that was what was most heard in that tent, raised especially to attend to the patients.

 First, save the patients , and then, in that order, I had to save my superiors first if necessary, my companions second, and finally myself.

 - Won't I be important? And if I die, who is going to save the others? He said to me . - That's what I ask, the boss, now a witch, told me, turning his gaze towards me.

 I could not understand what had happened, because I had not talked to him nor seen it and that is why I swore that he was not there, but if he was there, with his back turned, and would she be completely crazy for speaking out loud?

 I looked at it immediately.

 He was not laughing at me.

 - Again?,

 - Yes, again, he answered me, to which I turned redder than a tomato.

 - No shame, he said. Me - pointing with the fingers full of jam that one of the volunteers had given him to put on the bread that was finished- sorcerer.

 But ... something similar had happened in the tent ... it is not the first time ...

 - yeah Similar.

 - Am I going crazy ?, I thought trying to find the origin of what was happening.

 - Crazy love, he said signing a prescription - but no, you are not crazy., but let me tell you something : I listen to your thoughts.

 I looked at him scared, well, how was that possible? - I looked at him, doubting.

 -Listen to my thoughts? Is he a sorcerer?

 He looked me closely in the eyes, reading me.

 - And know that you are afraid.


 - yeah

 And I hold my hand, with some plaster still.

 -Come on, let's bring a patient .You don't help ?, he asked me in his horrible english.

 -Of course! - diverting the talk to another side.

 I looked at him closely.

 - Don't be afraid! He said to me, and left the tent.

 I figured he probably saw fear in my eyes, the normal thing in a war:

 Fear, disgust, horror, fear, compassion, sadness, doubt, and how much more does it feel when your life hangs by a thread!

 He went back into the tent, and his slanted eyes met mine.

 For an instant, I felt imprisoned in its depth, drowning in the ocean of its sweet gaze.

 But, he was the boss, and I had to stop dreaming.

 Also, since when did I like Asians?

 You help! - he said, testing my innocent indifference.


 A patient was bleeding insistently, to which the chief witch decided to close the wound with stitches

 - Suture material?

 - yeah You bring.

 Happily, it was still on the table next to the plaster.

 After suturing, the surprisingly warlock chief left all the dirty material.

 I had to wash and clean with strong disinfectants, so as not to spread any contagious disease during the hard pandemic times

 - Now, you bring patients things.

 It was the patients belongings: a bible, a loaf of bread, a handkerchief, a photo of a woman with a child on her lap.

 - will it be your family? his wife? your son?

 - Yes, the boss replied, a witch.

 - Do you know them? - No.

 - So…

 - I know everything - he said, convincingly.

 I looked into his eyes again.

 - You don't understand! He said

 It was true. I did not understand it, despite making a great effort not to be passionate about not only her smile, but, above all, her contemplative tranquility, her intelligence, her patience, her compassion for the suffering of others, her dedication to work - things that I really wasn't.

 Would it be an attraction for the opposite?

 A whim?

 Or was it just love?

 And that was the moment, when we were just putting the soldier sitting on a chair to recover, the boss's shirt opened with the effort made.

 - He's a man! I said

 The witchery boss began to read, again, my thoughts, and laughed.

 I was embarrassed, I went to help a volunteer who could not open the autoclave. On my return, I could see that the hair of the chief -god glowed in the light of the flashes of the turned on machines on his naturally yellow skin glowing with the heat of more than forty degrees that it was in those places.

 And more than a half-opened surgery pajamas that showed the splendor of his triangular chest, I was struck by what, strangely, he bent down and smiled at each volunteer or soldier who passed by him, many of them hiding in the trenches.

 - Good morning doctor, all the volunteers and nurses from the tent greeted .

 - His pajamas are ajar.

 - I know.

 - I close it! The volunteer with blue eyes and light hair from the training offered himself, who recognized me but could not waste time with "a stubby" like me - they will not believe me but he told me that I was in compared to the other volunteers who

 They perfumed themselves and gave him bread with jam,

 - Your saying. Have staff?

 - No! We have two casualties and a volunteer who went to the west tent .

 - You take care of patients from another volunteer tent. We take care here.

 - Good.

 He also bent down and greeted him with the most opened and frank smile I had never seen in my whole danmed life, as he wiped his hand, routinely.

 - I clean his hand I offered Samaritanly with a piece of cotton and alcohol.

 - Thank you, he said, looking deep into my eyes.

 - emergency! His heart beat is missing ! !, the volunteers shouted.

My angel doctor grabbed me by both hands, saying:

 - You are not afraid. You stay here - and he passed his hand over my face, and saying: all good, even with death, all good, your good, I good, all good.

 I smiled at him, nodding, lowering my head.

And he did a catheterization in that patient, trying to avoid a heart attack.

I was standing next to him.

 We look at each other.

 In that moment of despair at the bombardment, something happened.

 I think I was passionate about the boss's torn gaze, his eternal smile, his jet-black hair shining on his eternally dirty glasses that framed his smile that conquered me.

 But ... I can't fall in love! No! I denied my feelings, myself, without even taking into account what my heart was trying to tell me.

I took a deep breath.

I have to tell him that I live him , - I thought.

- me too ! - he said to me.

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