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Once there was this little girl. She was a bit of a dreamer. The daydreaming sort, it was okay because she wasn't yet 18. Samoa loved the place she lived in, she never wanted to leave. The familiarity of living there was very lived-in and useful for her, she never wanted to change her lifestyle.

Samoa turned 18. She had a very strict upbringing. Having seen nothing of the world, and being confined to home most of the time, She had not spent much time adulting. Samoa was now a grown woman and was full of her own fierce individuality. She had just turned 18, and she was contemplating the ways to correct that one character flaw- giving her own dreams a voice. She was starting to grow restless.

Samoa lived in a small town in the mountains overlooking the sea. She wondered how she could get away from it all. Her past, not necessarily because she hated it, but because she wanted to do what everyone else was doing. She wanted to be free. Freedom comes with responsibility- she didn't know or realise that.

One night Samoa had a strange dream. She saw something that had no clear meaning. She never dreamed dreams like this before. When she woke up the next morning she thought about what she saw in her dream. It wasn't clear to her what the dream meant, but it was indeed a powerful vision- a vision that would change her life forever. Samoa thought she could be more than a child-woman. Samoa wanted to be a grown woman.

Perhaps the dream was pointing her in a direction. After all man's foolishness is God's masterpiece!

She wondered if she was making the right choice when she decided to pack her bags and run off into the dark one day. She thought of the parable of Christ - called the Prodigal Son. Samoa didn't understand the implications of the story, but she knew for sure her family would take her back, because she was after all their little Samoa.

Samoa escaped from her city and took a bus to another place - and Samoa was smart enough to know how to return home. She just wanted to go somewhere her parents never would find her. She could find them, because she knew the way home. Samoa found a new place : it seemed exciting and she decided she would take whatever money she had with her to find a place to live.

She did. She now lived in a tiny apartment. Samoa was overjoyed. She took care of the little place because it was her own. She cooked and cleaned and did a little work-from-home job, that payed enough to sustain herself. Samoa was living the life!

Samoa had another dream, again. She saw a handsome man wearing a red robe and a crown on his head. Behind him was what looked like a Crucifix, that she had seen in Church. Again she woke up from the dream, wondering what it meant.

Samoa was living life to the hilt. There were some peculiar things about Samoa which ensured that she wouldn't get into trouble. Her peculiar habits for example- the fact that she had very short hair. The fact that she looked beautiful but her tomboy instincts were more significant, and on the whole, she managed to make her attractiveness more subtle, and not something anyone would notice in a big City. She felt these were good instincts to have in the Urban Jungle. There was nothing about her that stood out, other than perhaps a gangly walk, and the ability to wear classic trends unlike most of the women her age who followed all the fads.

A few months later, Samoa felt she couldn't afford to pay the rent, so she decided to get a room mate. The very first girl that Samoa interviewed was a girl called Rachel. She wore thick glasses and was a little chubby, but cute overall. Samoa felt she displayed no threat to her personal equation. Samoa knew this was going to be fun. It could be nice to have some one to share her space with.

Rachel turned out to be the best room mate! She helped with cleaning and cooking too. They became fast friends, and started to go out to movies together. One day while Rachel and Samoa were at a movie together, Rachel collapsed. Samoa was scared for her friend. She wondered what was wrong with Rachel.

'Rachel, lets go to the hospital' Samoa said.

'No, please, I don't want to go!'

'Rachel you're going whether you like it or not!' Samoa insisted

Rachel was too weak to respond. Samoa took her and the doctor found out that she was a hardcore drug addict.

Samoa never thought of Rachel as someone who took drugs. She was disappointed. Rachel was her first room mate, and she felt the same trauma one would feel when they broke up with a lover. Samoa was upset and angry. She never expected this from her. Rachel seemed to be a nice girl, but it sure looked like she was only putting on an act. Samoa was upset and she thought about the dreams she kept having.

'Maybe its time for me to go home' Samoa said to herself.

Dreams about how her old struggle of not wanting to leave home was probably actually the best times of her life. She started to cry, she felt terrible about what had happened to Rachel. She missed her hometown.

She felt sorry about Rachel but she didn't have the heart to tell her that she was leaving her. So just like she did in the old days-

She wondered if she was making the right choice when she chose to pack her bags and run off into the dark one day. She thought of the parable of Christ called the Prodigal Son. Samoa didn't understand the implications of the story, but she knew for sure her family would take her back, because she was after all their little Samoa.

She knocked on the door- it had been a year that she had gone. She wondered if her parents would be nice to her. Suddenly the door opened. 'Samoa, is that you?' cried a familiar voice- yes it was her mum! Samoa hugged them all at home. Samoa was the happiest person on the planet that day.

'What happened Samoa?' her mother asked.

'I lived the big City life, but I love my home! Here I am again! I can't do the whole office woman in high heel shoes thing! It's someone I'll never be!' Samoa replied.

'Samoa, Samoa' her mum laughed.

Samoa had the dream again about the handsome man in her dream in the red robe and the crown of Gold on his head. Samoa knew for sure that God loves innocent people. Home was the one place where Samoa never had to grow up!

Samoa still thinks that man's foolishness is Gods Masterpiece.

August 18, 2021 23:39

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J Sagar
13:44 Sep 01, 2021

Samoa (interesting name, btw) sounds like every teen who's reluctant to grow up! I think you've described a teenager's arc of life very well. I was expecting a typical arc where the protagonist gets into trouble and comes out wiser. But you've given it an amusing twist in the end by finishing with "...man's foolishness is Gods Masterpiece." Thanks!


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