Warrior’s path #-1-*-3-3.2-3.2.1-3.2.1.A-3.2.1.Aa-3.2.1.Aax

True ending 3.2.2 or 3.2.1.Aay

Wise decisions #-2-*-3-3.1

Self-interest #-1-*-4


# The grassy field stretches out before you, and your soldiers stand at attention, proudly displaying your banner on their breastplates and shields. However, scouts have reported a group of lightly equipped infantry heading towards a nearby hill, outnumbering your troops. Despite being nothing more than thieves and cutthroats, they pose a potential threat. You quickly devise a plan to counter their attack. Option one involves taking position below the hill and placing spearmen in front of crossbows, ready to defend against any incoming charge. Alternatively, you could group your soldiers on top of the hill, with spears forming a protective circle around crossbows.

1)The enemy charges towards your troops, hoping to break through using momentum. However, they are quickly dispatched by your well-trained soldiers. The surviving enemies attempt to flee, but your troops give chase and kill every last one of them. 

2)The display of power and skill demonstrated by your unit is not lost on those who witnessed it. The remaining enemies turn and run, knowing they are no match for your well-equipped and trained soldiers. Despite lacking mounted units, your soldiers are still able to inflict heavy losses upon the enemy, chasing down and killing several troops. Some manage to escape due to their distance advantage and report back to their leaders about your superior battle tactics and better-equipped soldiers.

* Night descends swiftly upon the battlefield. Despite the challenging conditions, the majority of your men remain in good condition, and supplies are plentiful. Additionally, the castle is only half a day's travel away. You face a difficult decision: should you camp for the night and travel in the early morning? Doing so would allow your troops to fully recuperate after a good night's sleep and a hot meal. Those injured could tend to their wounds, and overall morale would increase. However, there is a small chance of a counterattack by the remaining forces in the region. Alternatively, you could order your men to march in the dead of night, despite being hungry and soaked through from the miserable weather. However, this would cause morale to drop significantly, overshadowing today's victory. The chances of a counterattack are zero.

4) As your troops march towards the castle, they remain loyal and obedient to your commands. Even those who are injured are carried by their brothers in arms, though the muddy road and harsh conditions make life miserable for them. As the hours pass, their stamina begins to fade, but they persevere, driven by loyalty and the need to complete their mission. Finally, after a long march, the castle comes into view, and Lord Kent awaits your report. As you approach Lord Kent and his most trusted advisor, you recount the details of your battle and your victory on the hilltop. Lord Kent is pleased with your success and invites you to join him for wine and food. However, his advisor scoffs at you, and you can't shake the feeling that he doesn't like you very much. Despite this, you remain proud of your accomplishment and grateful for the opportunity to serve Lord Kent and his kingdom. You look forward to whatever challenges may come next, confident in your skills and the loyalty of your troops.

3) You camp in a clearing. The troops rest and eat sheltered from the weather inside tents. However, the peaceful scene is disrupted by a blood moon in the clouds and the sudden emergence of a cacophony of screams that awakens you from your slumber. With no time to waste, you dawn your armor and rush to face the enemy that has attacked your camp. The scene that greets you sends chills down your spine, as a large creature similar to a man glares at you from a distance. Its face is the union of a stag and bear, and its body is bursting with muscle as it stands on two legs wielding a terrible spikey flail. You are presented with a choice: flee or fight.

3.2) Death and destruction lie before you as you face this formidable opponent. Though the odds are against you, you remain resolute and focused, drawing upon your strength and warrior talent. Roll for a strength check.

3.2.1) As you face the deadly creature, you move quickly to avoid its swings, reaching for a spear from a fallen soldier. With determination and strength, you thrust the spear toward the creature's heart. The dice roll in your favor, and you feel the satisfying impact as the spear pierces straight through the creature's chest, killing it instantly. It thrashes on the ground for a moment and then lies still. Kneeling beside it, you notice a pendant with gold wire tied to its neck, and you pocket the jewel as a token of your victory. You then cut off the creature's head as proof of your story and prepare to return to Lord Kent to report on your success.

3.2.2) Your spear fails to stop the monster from advancing. It grabs your head between its giant hands and crushes your skull. You lie dead on the ground.

3.1) You run throw the thick woods in hope of escaping the nightmare that has destroyed your troops. Gaining ground fast you manage to outrun the beast and it seems like a miracle that you can stand in front of Lord Kent, safe within the castle walls. Breathless and covered in sweat, you recount the events that led to the destruction of your troops and the creature that pursued you. Lord Kent listens intently, his expression growing increasingly grim as you speak. Lord Kent's advisor, a stern-looking man with a thick beard warns they should take caution when dealing with magical creatures and that an expedition is in order to hunt the beast. Lord Kent nods his approval and gives you the resources and support you need to carry out your mission. As you prepare for the hunt, you can't help but feel a sense of both excitement and trepidation. The fate of your people rests on your shoulders, and you will need to be at your best to succeed.

3.2.1.A) Kicking down the door to the main hall, you burst into the room to find Lord Kent and the wizard in deep conversation. Your sudden entrance startles them, and Lord Kent demands an explanation for your outburst. Without hesitation, you toss the head of the beast you slew onto the floor and present the amulet you found on its neck. The wizard denies any involvement with the creature and quickly begins spouting threats to clear his name. You know that actions speak louder than words, so you try to persuade Lord Kent. Roll for a charisma check.

3.2.1.Aa) Your convincing argument sways Lord Kent, and he accuses the wizard of treason and plotting to kill his most trusted knight. The wizard responds with a powerful spell that knocks Lord Kent unconscious, leaving you to face the enemy alone. Roll for a constitution check.

3.2.1.Aax) With your strength and quick reflexes, you dodge the wizard's next attack and strike back with your blade. You take down the wizard, cutting him up in mouth-sized pieces as punishment for his treachery.

3.2.1.Aay) Despite your best efforts, the wizard's spell proves too strong for you. The bolt of energy melts your insides and blasts a hole through your back. You fall to the ground, dead.

3.2.1Ab) Lord Kent values your bravery and loyalty, but his advisor persuades him that the amulet is not the wizard's and that the creature in the camp attack is not his doing. Kent rewards you for your service but assigns you a new quest to investigate who is truly responsible for the attack. The wizard grins, and you can't help but feel the urge to choke the life out of him for his role in this deceitful plot.

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Roger Scypion
04:00 Mar 08, 2023

Using role play to sequence the events was a smart and enjoyable to read.


Miles Gatling
12:26 Mar 10, 2023

Thank you so much! I'm grateful you took time out of your day to read my story. "You are raider, legendary! "


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Unknown User
15:49 Mar 19, 2023

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Miles Gatling
08:36 Mar 20, 2023

Much appreciated, I've read some of your stories and bio. It's always nice to talk to someone interested in fantasy


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