Adventure Coming of Age High School

I woke up late, which is odd for me because even on weekends my body wouldn't let me sleep past seven. I suppose it was because of school. I got in this weird habit of wanting to be there on time. So, anyway I dragged my behind out of bed at ten and headed for the shower. I was still feeling groggy which is also different for me. I headed for my bathroom and turned on the light, and what the heck! I was dressed in a princess dress!

I scrambled my brain for answers and couldn't find any. The last thing I remember was leaving work and going to my friend Lisa's house. Her cousin was visiting and they wanted to hang out and watch movies. Her cousin had made brownies and they were so good, and I had skipped lunch so I had two. I took off the dress, and after my shower decided to pay my friend and cousin a visit and get some answers.

We lived two doors down from one another, so it was a short walk. I went to the back door and let myself in. It was really quiet in there and that was unusual because Lisa was kind of loud. I walked upstairs to her room, and her and her cousin were still sleeping. I wanted answers, so I shook Lisa's shoulders. "mmmshey" she said. "Lisa, wake up!" She opened one eye and looked at me. "Come on", I said. "I need answers!" She threw off her blanket and she was completely dressed in a princess dress, complete with glittery heels. She looked down at her attire in shock and said, "What the heck?" She got out of bed, almost tripped on her heels, kicked them off and turned her attention to her cousin, Missy, who was beginning to stir awake.

"What's going on?" asked Missy innocently. We both spoke in unison asking what happened and why were we in princess attire. She said she would explain everything after a shower, and coffee. So, I left those two upstairs to shower and change, and I headed downstairs to make a pot of coffee, and grab some pop tarts.

After about thirty minutes, I heard them on the stairs. After we all had coffee and something to eat, she proceeded to tell us the story. She told us she baked the brownies with pot, and while we were sitting there with our mouths wide open in shock she said that before she could tell us, half the pan of brownies were gone. "That does explain why I can't remember hardly anything after I got here." Lisa said she couldn't even remember me getting there.

Missy said after that we had gotten the munchies and wanted to walk down to the convenience store to get snacks. So, we started walking and I got distracted by a bluebird, and wanted to bring it home. The bird did not have the same feeling, and let me know in loud squawks. Seeing the bluebird reminded me of Snow White, and I thought it would be wonderful to be a princess. Lisa agreed, so on the way to the store we stopped at a secondhand shop and we each picked out princess gowns, giggling the whole time. Missy said she was cracking up.

We got to the store, picked out munchies, flirted with the stock boy. We told him we were real princesses, and if he kissed us he would turn into a handsome prince. He just told us he needed to stock the shelves. We were mad because we were royalty and shouldn't be treated with disrespect. We told the manager, and he just laughed at us. We grumbled about that almost all the way home.

When we were almost home, two of your school friends drove by and stopped to talk. They looked at each other because I guess by the way you were acting it wasn't normal. They offered to take you two for a ride, which you agreed. I was scared so I pretended to cry, and said "please don't leave me alone. We had plans." You two felt bad and told them maybe some other time, and they sped off looking very angry.

We got back to your house, ate some munchies, watched half of a movie. You guys wasn't in a sitting down kind of mood. So, we went upstairs and put on the princess gowns. We put a record on and danced until we were dizzy. Then you got the idea that you wanted to find a handsome prince. The stock-boy was out, the two car jerks were out, so then we decided to go outside to look.

At this point in the story, I have to mention that without me knowing you each had another brownie. Outside, one of you spotted a toad down by the creek, so you ran to catch it. You both had heels on, which made it impossible to run in your state. So, you tumbled down to the creek, and the toad jumped in the water. The neighbor came out at this time, and said "I know your parents are in the city for a party, but I will call their office if you don't quiet down!"

So, I wrangled you both inside the house with the promise of ice cream sundaes. We made huge creations, and ate them while finishing the movie. I think you were both getting drowsy so I recommended bed. You said okay, and started to head out the door. I asked where you were going, and you said your bed was at your house. And called me silly. I asked you to help put Lisa to bed, and I would walk you home. You agreed, and we pulled her upstairs, you gave her a sloppy kiss that made her giggle and we went back downstairs to walk you home.

We started walking to what you said was your house, but your neighbor said you lived next door. We went inside, supposedly your parents were at the city office party too. We went upstairs, where we ran into your brother, who laughed and said, "you're messed up", pointed me to your room and I flopped you on your bed.

I walked back to Lisa's house and that was our night. We were both mad that she did that without telling us, but we forgave her, and will always never remember being a princess.

May 12, 2022 18:49

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Chris Morris
19:31 May 18, 2022

I liked the conversational tone and humour in this! My only critique would be that I think you could do with slowing down a little bit and taking time to get into your main character's head. Other than that, it was very cleanly written with no typos that I could see, and easy to read.


Debra Koffski
18:07 Jun 05, 2022

Thank-you! My son said the exact same thing. lol


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