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Disillusioned ex-Reedsy writer and judge. I've deleted every story but two - one that should have at least shortlisted, and one that creatively explains why Reedsy is the worst contest on the internet. Before paying your $5 entry fee, keep in mind: - The judges for the initial rounds are seemingly randomly plucked and have varying levels of experience of writing (sometimes barely any at all). - The judges can see the names of every person who has submitted, can look at their profile and see how many previous wins/shortlists they have. - The judges are mostly also competitors in the contest. They don't have to give any reason why they're not putting a story forward for the win/shortlist. - Two judges have admitted to me personally that they sometimes don't actually read entries before deciding their fates. - Stories on this website are CONSTANTLY stolen and sold in anthologies on Amazon without any permission/royalties for the authors, and both Reedsy and Amazon are very reluctant to take any action to prevent this from happening. - And so much more. Becoming a Reedsy judge really opened my eyes to how poorly this contest is run. My advice is - don't waste your money. There are plenty of far better contests out there. I can be contacted here :