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Writer from Dundee in Scotland. Self-published author of Which Way is North?, Dreams of a Damselfly and Joy's Lament. Hoping to be traditionally published with my next novel. Book of short stories originally written for Reedsy can be found here: I write/produce a short story podcast, you can check that out here (Season 2 starting 18th July!): And my website is: Contact: My favourites of my own stories on Reedsy are: "What If?" "Passing Places" "Heavenly Breadcrumbs" "Hush, Little Child" "Snow" "Little Miss Pop Quits Show Business" "Forever Flesh" And the Earlingdale standalone stories set in the same fictional and fantastical town: 1. "A Brief Account of a Paltry Portion (Being Merely One Part) of the Plenitude of Dreadful Affairs Which Plague the Daily Lives of the Human (And Sometimes Otherwise) Natives of Earlingdale Town" 2. "The Worst Restaurant in Earlingdale" Thank you for reading my stories!