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From my hotel room window, I witnessed an oversized billboard being displayed at the right corner of the street together with his life-sized picture: Mackus, the great Magician of his time. I was staring the whole time when I heard someone was knocking loudly at the door with the loud sound of the door bell.ting- ting .ding- dong. I hurriedly approached the door and open it little bit just to see who’s that person at the door…In my surprise,no one was there,I stepped out and looked around.,no one was there and the lobby was gloomy and quiet,goosebumps,I turned back and I heard someone was screamimg….HELP..HELP…please help me….bang! bang ! bang!

Frightening sound and it was really horrible,I got inside my hotel room and locked the door right away.

Tick.tack.tick tack…sound of the big wall clock was the sound on air….

Booog…booog..boog…the heart beats so fast and I was on the peeping hole of the door trying to see and observe the loud foosteps approaching near my area…tok,,,tok,,,tok,,,tok ,sounds of the big steps of shoes…….I stepped backward and hid under the table in the room.

Riiiinnnnggggg…riiiinnnnngggggg.I woke up with sound of the alarm clock.It is already nine in the morning…was it a nightmare or it really happened last night….

Weeeeeeee.weeeeee.weeeeee .sound of an ambulance with police patrol car….Someone was found dead with three gunshots to the head,body and shoulder.A lady in her 40’s was drowning with blood and lying on the floor near my area.

Policemen came for investigation.They were asking the guests of the hotel (including me).,but there was no suspects nor evidence.CCTVs were off and nothing to find out!!!!!

I continuously flip the pages of my phone e book and scan the google map for location of a city. Drinking my iced coffeelatté, I wore my sweatshirt .covering my arms along the streets from the hotel room to the venue . now not greater than a half-hour walk to witness the great magicianMackus.

I was really walking so fast for the show will start at once,less than one hour as I looked on to my watch. The display and show begin in a single hour. masses of time! I run and walk,,,walk and run just to be there as the show will start at once.MACKUS,the MAGICIAN,the MAGIC touch and the magic continues…

The venue is dark once and I was the only one in front of the seat,,the first row.; the show is set to start. In just a while everyone will witness the magical touch of Sir Mackus for then to see and wutness the world of magic by Mackus,the Great.I make sure thar my manner behind the scenes simply because the magician puts on his pinnacle hat.

I remember,the billboard seems even much greater and enormously displayed from out of doors. The notable magician seems to be glancing through me thrn the whole audience.. I shiver and sat quietly at the corner. I experienced like a toddler excitedly happy to open her birthday presents

"Mommy i'm so glad you are here too. You just want to witness too how great Mackus was? couldn't miss the display." I hug and go back into the seating location, leaving mom with a startled smile. I calm down inside the darkness, and the curtains open..the show will be starting in 3…2..1…CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP 

Ladies and Gentlemen,I just want to introduce,our great Magician,hailinhg himself from the green side of the country road,Please welcome,,the one and the only..MACKUSS.the GREAT Magician….Here he is…….

A strong and loud applase was clicing in in my ears….the appreciation of the crowd is priceless..as thre magic starts.

A bottle was on the table as a subject to be touched……Mackus approached near the table and started to touch.and to our surprise,the bottle turned in to a white dove.How it happened,,it’s really a MAGIC…hauling,shouting with awe and surprise was the only thing your emotions can feel and do…the reactions of the crowd was loud…

After that first magic,an intermission number was then called for the audience to witness ,a dance for magic..everyone was extremely happy of what they were witnessing

The magic continues…an umbrella was set on the table and it turned out to a wonderful and elegant gown…just a touch of Mackus,then it was a beautiful gown…Magic touch,,how these things are happening..Our eyes are wide open and we witness just for one touch, everything was changed.

Magically, that display stays the extraordinary Mackus first-class overall performance to nowadays.another siner was called to entertained the crowd and a short video was shown about magic.

The magic continues….a basketball was set on the chair as the third object to be touched and,,,,kaaabbbbllllaaaammmmm the basketball turned into a glass jar..A glass jar full of candies and chocolatesis it possible,reallyamzing touch by the magician,in front of our eyes..He has that maagic touch that no one can do.

Do you want more..do you need to witness more magic by his touch alone> do you? The crowd was getting wild and excited while shouting…YES we want more. More..more..more….

As the announcer announced,suddenly Mackus was then right away at the center of the stage…..he touched the microphone and then it turned out to flowers,bouquet of flowers. He came near the podium and touched it,it became a mirror.These areall unbelievable,but it happened.How come he can change everything just for one touch.The last was he tapped the shoulder of the announcer himself but then,nothing happened.it means his magic id for inanimate objects only not for the people.The magic continues…….

He went down from the stage towards the audience to be with them but out of balnce,he stumbled and by chance touched the wire and it turned out to a snake,the crowd was afraid and ran in any directions they can make and a lot was then suffered…Weeeeeeee weeeeeee weeeeeee. Weeeeeee I just opened my eyes,and to my surprise,I was in the hospital,having a cut from my forehead and broken leg due to stampede.

It was really horrible experience.unforgettable venture and unbelievable scenarios,,,but it happened,,,the magic continues……


August 28, 2023 06:40

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