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Living Water: The flowing stream of bright Gold liquid direct from the trine of the divine. Drinking from this river of light ensures wisdom, right action and eternal peace upon physical death. Without it, one is chained to the Devil (suffering) for eternity. Remember, there is no sleep in eternity, only consciousness, regardless of spiritual evolution.

Qlippoth Slaves: People enmeshed in the darkness of doing evil deeds - see gang stalkers.

Is this going to be another story with a moral by-line? Yes. If you can not handle it, stop reading here, stalker.

Who would need Living Water more than someone drowning in sin? Me, and I'm not drowning it it, I defeated it with the glowing blade of archangel Raphael, the pooling cup of archangel Gabriel, the living staff of archangel Michael and the earthy pantacle of archangel Auriel. But that is a story for another time.

Sophie. Now.

Sunlight peeped beneath the blinds of the curtains, tickling Sophie's eyes behind the still closed lids. In the centre of her skull, an eye, was stimulated to life. Brilliance flooded her mind. A beam from eternity shot through into her head, travelled down her spine, and pooled in her solar plexus. As her slowly awakening mind grasped the light without success, she saw the gold of her solar plexus chakra transform into radiance. With this ethereal light, a deluge of wisdom concerning past, present and future of herself, the spiritual and physical world, amassed in her head akin to a tsunami of epic proportions.

As she felt her vibration increase, a smile settled on her face. "Good morning, God. I love you." Sophie paused, taking a deep breath and focused the light into her arms, legs, fingers and toes. "United we stand, Lord. Together we win. Against a nation in bondage to sin."

This routine had become somewhat normal, even when Sophie would awaken before the sunrise. The sun simply enhanced the vision of Living Water flowing through her body.

Sophie had an abundance of Living Water sustaining her life as an individual who has been targeted by the Illuminati. This thought always made her grin. The Illuminati were anything but illuminated. Greed, power, and corruption poured through their bloodlines. They wanted nothing more than to control the masses, and keep society and humanity from evolving their own soul. Sophie wasn't sure why. What she did understand was that it was spiritual warfare waged on a global scale. The Illuminati had spiritually enslaved the majority of the human race in such an easy manner. Give the masses whatever their selfish ego desires and they will be controlled.

It reminded Sophie of the time she had had a powerful vision in church. She had seen the Devil sitting on a dias. The masses, including people she knew, had the bodies of dogs. Each of these people dogs were chained up through their head, neck, wrists and ankles, and were lapping at a food dish on the ground before them. Sophie noticed at the time that there were no locks keeping these people bound in chains, simply a food dish, representing earthly desires. She noticed that before her were empty chains. The place before it held no food dish. She herself had been standing on a dazzling dias of white. A powerful presence had been felt behind her. Sophie knew, without knowing how, that if she turned around to seek this presence, she would be unable to withstand the sight of it.

Sophie understood her purpose, but due to the circumstances of being and Individual who was targeted by the Illuminati, not for doing anything wrong, but being a powerful energy of one of God's chosen elect, she was unable to fulfill her purpose to the extent that God had deemed she should. In todays day and age of a morally bankrupt society, her purpose was now more important than ever. What was her purpose? To bring people to the knowledge of their own souls, the law of cause and effect and to ensure that the masses understood that their souls were eternal. God was using her to extend his hand to humanity at this vital point in history to save as many souls as possible before they all were sentenced to an eternity of suffering.

Sophie knew that most people, once they died, would realise that she had been telling them the truth from day dot. Because of her transformation of a person who had been under the most vile form of mind control, into an enlightened being, fulling liberated, people would be having no excuse upon judgement. Not one person would be able to say "But we didn't know better. But we had to. But this. But that. But we were forced to (because we were greedy)." In a way, the stalking situation she was faced it was going to be incredibly detrimental to their souls. If someone with the opposition of the entire world can change, what excuse is there from someone who isn't oppressed to evolve? None, whatsoever.

Then there was the law of cause and effect, which she was understanding on a variety of levels. She understood how to ensure that her enemies paid their due without doing anything or getting attached to the thought of their payment. Even the goons reading these words as I write them now, and spreading lies and cruelties about both Sophie and the author, they know, without a doubt, that they will have to pay their Karma at some point. The fact they went against one of God's elect will only increase their penalty. Alas, it is their problem.

Now some would say, but we offset our Karma by doing a little good in the world. What they need to understand is that even knowledge of the situation that has been ongoing in Sophies life for nearly 50 years, every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year, increases that debt. Those in a position of power to effect change for her, such as the police, the government and her very own family will have an even larger debt than most, because of their knowledge and position.

Sophie smiled to herself as she crawled out of bed, knowing beyond reasonable doubt that she has already won the war against the Devil and his Qlippothic Slaves.

This war went through phases. First, she fulfilled their requests, because of promises they made to her. They didn't keep their word, so she started saying no. Then she got angry, waiting for divine intervention. She offered to make an agreement with them. She offered to perform actions for a set reward. After all, if they could reward everyone else, the resources were there to reward her, as well. Then, she evolved.

God called her name one day, and she answered him. The Holy Spirit descended into her, feeding her the Living Water with which to sustain her through the enemies tribulation.

And then, she found out, in the future, she won the war, and that her enemies not only lost against her in this life time, but they lost in the afterlife and their future reincarnations.

Now, she has offered all to access her Living Water, but first, they must not only give up stalking her, they must help her bring the perpetrators to justice. Sophie knows something about the future of this stalking program that would chill the hears (or facsimile thereof) of her stalkers, but all is not yet to be revealed. The stalkers must make the decision to help her, not based on personal gain or the fear of a vile fate, but of free will and knowing they need to correct their spiritual errors.

Sophie will wait, and in the meantime, she will go about her day, and continue to elevate towards God allowing the buoying effect of the Living Water to propel her towards an eternal life lived in peace.

And as for you, darling stalkers, if there be any wisdom or light within you, you will recognise and understand my words in an advanced way.

And Illuminati and Freemasons, your time is coming up on this planet. Do not ever take it personally, because the outcome you are sewing into Sophies life will be the outcome you reap into your own.

Have a glorious day.

Never The End.

August 20, 2022 03:21

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