Another day in this boring square home. The walls colors don’t excite me no more. The rugs that once warmed the souls of my paws, now are hard and uncomfortable to even walk upon for a mere second. I still sit watching the outside world either on the large new bay window or the back door (when I am allowed upstairs that is). Nothing is happening and I have grown weary of waiting for some kind of adventure to happen, but nothing! I cross another day off in my calendar. Days have been passing slower than a snail. Another bleak day in a melancholy place. I do recall at one point not taking mind to the boredom that stood out in this home. Actually when it was new, I didn’t even notice the boredom. Recently the house has grown tiresome with the same old same old for me. Even when I did have my chance to escape to the outside world, something in the air smelled and felt different. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I once have before. I take a big breath in then out before deciding to make my daily afternoon walk. Another boring day, another few seconds of my life gone by, and nothing of importance has awoken my spirits. 

I had this strong gloom and doom clouding over me even as I strolled along the street side heading to the mass blueberry farms. The cloud over my head lingered. Why was I so depressed? Maybe it was the fact that Grey Cloud, my partner back in the day has not come to the new home of my witness protection program. He only stopped by with news and important information back at the old place. Do they even know we have moved? The thought worried me a tad but we were the best agents around; they would have figured out where my new home was. 

I keep on trucking as my mind swarms with so many different thoughts. As if this day was any different from the last 47 that passed. No news is good news was how that old saying goes. Yet, I didn’t feel right. Why haven’t they come to speak with me of anything? Did they forget about me? These thoughts worried me and made me sad to even have cross my brain. I cross the street; I smell the sweetness of the blueberries growing. I look around at the blueberries and they have definitely gotten bigger. There is a farm lady picking them from afar. I stand still not to make any sudden movements or sounds. I watch her closely, my tail twitches a bit with each pluck of a new blueberry. She carefully puts the blueberries in her cute basket. I shake my head and get myself out of the dead stare. I sigh, I can’t help have the passing thought occur once more, is this really what my life has come to? A domesticated house cat getting caught up in the fascination of a strange woman picking blueberries in the middle of the day. A simple daydream causing me to forget who I am... No, this can’t be it for me! I’m not that old and they were keeping me in the loop of things for awhile until just recently. I must know why my life has gone from no routine and the unexpected bringing my life joy, to a life of knowing what’s going to happen minute to minute. It has only be 46 days and I am already losing it! 

I get up and decide to head back home in hopes there is someone or something back there that can make my usual ordinary days vastly better. Perhaps the excitement of something or someone causing mayhem will get me to not feel so old and out of the game. 

I carefully watch for any cars before I leap my way across to get back inside my cozy home. Cozy yes I give it that, but more boring than the last house. There’s nothing here for a cat under cover. I crawl into my bed that my kind owner has bought me to make me feel more comfortable in the new living arrangements. I enjoyed her company and the mass delicious crunchies she gives me on a daily basis. This domesticated cat life in the WPP has got me looking rather rounder and not as swift on my feet. I sadly make more of a cur plump noise when I jump from a high place, or any place. 

“What are you thinking about Sim-Sha?” My owner asks as she starts to stroke me. I a let out a long pur. ‘The thoughts of a cat are far too complex for a small minded creature as yourself my sweet no paws.’ I let out another long pur for her. The cry of the cute little no paws gets the bigger one to leap up from her feet. 

“She’s awake.” She looks down at me with a smile. The little one has grown on me, but I wanted to get my rest. I ventured upstairs to see what the other no paws folks were up to. The large square box with moving pictures was blaring abruptly in the room. I quickly head to the kitchen. I was quite parched. I jump up to where the sink is and go to get a sip, until a large moving object in the backyard catches my eyes. I jump back down and head for the back door. I watch closely to see if I can get a better look at what it is.  

One of the no paws come into the kitchen not paying any mind to me. I decide to start meowing as the object gets nearer. I meow and meow hoping the no paws will cave and let me out there. I meow even louder and more aggressively. 

“Ugh, you’re so annoying! Just go already!” The one no paws that gets easily flustered with me and always gives in to my begging has opened the door with a large swing. I rush out into the open field. 

I did not recognize this cat. This cat was not Grey Cloud or Oreo or any other agents I seen on the perimeters back at headquarters. I sigh when my mind thinks back on the good old days. 

“Are you... Milton?” She approaches me. 

“Me?” I pretend like I don’t know she’s speaking to me. She shrugs and looks around then looks back at me. 

“I am. May I help you?” I sit trying to fight the urge to clean myself in front of her. 

“I was sent here by O16. There hasn’t been much luck getting in contact with you for quite sometime. We just figured out your new living arrangements.” She explains to me. She then gets up and circles around me before sitting back down. We are very close now to one another. 

“How’s your days been going?” She politely asks another question. 

“They are very....” my voice trails off when I try to find the right word or words to describe my days. 

“Bleak.” I tell her. She smiles. She was a very attractive lady.

“I’m Cali. The Cosco group that got you into this mess of being in WPP. They got bored trying to figure out where you went. I guess this move was a big help. Bad part is, he took interest back in his old business.” She fills me in. 

“That’s not a bad thing. It’s been 47 days! I can come back.” My tail twitches with excitement. 

“46.” She corrects me.

“I’m afraid not. If you come back now. They will be on us like dogs to milk-bones. We can’t risk that chance. I do have important information though. Grey Cloud is ill. He was on an important chase and got hit by a car.” She lowers her head. 

“I’m sorry for this! He is in the hospital! We hope he gets better.” She keeps her head low. I can’t believe this. An agent, one of our finest got hit. We may have some shared times of cracking jokes at one another, but we really cared for each other. 

“I wasn’t expecting you.” I tell Cali. I never met her before and all honesty I wasn’t expecting anyone any time soon, even though every day I did hope for someone to come around. 

“I know. I wasn’t expecting to be the one to share this.” She gets up to leave. 

“Is that it? You come all this way to tell me all that at once, then leave?” I was flustered. 

“I’m sorry. My timer is going off. I have to get back! O16 believes Cosco has some men still tracking our moves to find you. I can’t be too long. I’m sorry, I know this is a lot to take in.” She runs off before I can even respond. My whole world seemed to have went upside down in one split second. I wasn’t sure how to diagnose or digest all that I was told. 

I watch Cali until I no longer see her. I felt my eyes getting heavy and I was still thirsty. My whole day went from another boring-bleak day, to an eventful, heart aching one. I head back inside. Cali was an attractive cat and I couldn’t seem to get her off my mind. I went down to my bed, trying to avoid the little no paws, but then again when I saw her cute smiling face; I wanted to say hello. I was overwhelmed and as I sit and play with my little no paws, I was now wishing Miss Pretty Cali girl never came around. Her unexpected visit was all of sudden not welcomed or pleasant. My heart was sinking and my brain was hurting. I wasn’t sure what to do with all that was said to me. There was too much to take in. How do I even go about the rest of my day? I wanted to forget what she told me and the only way I could do that, even for only a second was doing something I do every day. I pick up my mouse toys and push it over to the little no paws. She screams with happiness. I begin to play with her. I just needed my day to go back to being bleak, to go back as if Cali never came here unannounced with that information overload. That’s all I wanted now, another boring day in this square box with my no paws family. 

May 25, 2020 11:25

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