Mukato Water Gods

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Drama Fantasy

Makato finished preparing herself for her coronation as the local sun goddess of Kunio City, after reaching legal age.

This is her heavenly dress made of small clouds shimmering with Crystal Ice and what about her diamond necklace shimmering with stars while mediated by a bright crimson star and the small crown that will decorate Makato's head is different this time with its bright golden color decorated with remnants of lightning mediated by a medium-sized star in a unique crystal color.

"Here you are my love, the day of your coronation as a local goddess, I hope that your years of training will be inspiring for you in dealing with earthly subjects."Adaria is the goddess of the oceans.

"Mom, I was the first in my three-year class, I will not disappoint you I promise."Makato proudly and happily.

"You know that study is one thing and practice is another, we don't want you to make the same mistakes as your two sisters, the first went too far and burned the whole city, the second went too far and left the city in a mess and did nothing about the bad things that happened."Adaria.

"Those two stupid , they were a disgrace in our family, I Won't  never Err like them."Makato.

"Are you ready now, look at me, I know you are wiser than her, which is what every God needs, now enjoy your coronation day and don't think too much."Adaria.

"Thanks for the advice Queen Mother."Makato.

Makato is the centennial daughter of the gods and the youngest son of liohentos, God of lightning and thunder, and her mother, Queen of the oceans Adaria.

She had been betrothed since birth to cincus, who would soon be crowned as the total god of the sun.

Minutes before the coronation, sinfos Arrived the messenger of the gods and delivered a message to Makato's father.

"Since Makato is betrothed and will become the wife of cincus, Who will soon be crowned the sun god, we have decided to crown Makato as the local goddess of fresh water instead of the local goddess of the sun of the city of Kunio, which lies on the banks of the river gushna"yohintos.

"But it is not in our tradition to change the coronation of one God to another."In charge of the coronation.

"But senkus does not want to marry a sun goddess and is also fond of Makato who does not want to compete with her."yohintos.

Everyone was surprised by the unknown situation because it has never happened before, the work of the Gods is changed only if they fail to complete their tasks to the fullest and their degrees drop and become less important, while Makato has not yet been crowned and has not done any task yet until they are converted from local sun gods to local freshwater gods.

"No it will never happen. I will not allow you to insult my daughter."Adaria.

"What do you do now we complete the coronation or stop it, or what."In charge of the coronation is not available.

"What do the laws of Coronation say, Mr. leissons."yohintos.

"But my father I will not agree with it, if cincus was to become an absolute god of the Sun, I will not marry him, he has no right to act selfishly, he should have informed us earlier than this."Makato.

"But my love your marriage is irrevocably settled , agreed by the Gods a long time ago and will not be changed or annulled under any circumstances, while your coronation can be replaced if the need arises."yohintos.

"I'm late to come , this message should have arrived two days ago."Courier.

"And what's important is that you're late for the delivery time , you're disconnected from the delivery task from today."yohintos.

"What are we going to do now, do we cancel the coronation until you decide what to do."In charge of the coronation.

"I think we will postpone Makato's Coronation until tomorrow, we will study the subject and respond to you, sir."yohintos.

Makato did not bear the insult and felt very angry, and since she is the daughter of the gods of lightning and thunder and the gods of the oceans, she has the power to control them in one way or another. 

She went to her room in a rage, looked out of her window towards Cuneo city and decided to destroy it altogether as long as the local gods would not become her.

The people were surprised , their city had never seen a hurricane before, and they were terrified, but all of a sudden it was all over.

"Makato, calm down, have you lost your mind, you will destroy the whole city, what is the sin of those Earthlings until you kill them, and they will lose faith in the gods and forever and we do not want to , no matter how angry we may be, We won't hurt never do the Earthlings, a lesson you have to think about."Adaria

"I am really angry with cincus, my mother, if he had told us that he would become an absolute God to the sun when I betrothed, I would have accepted to become any God and it didn't matter to me."Makato.

"We'll find a solution that pleases all sides, but your powers of lightning and Thunder are striking, I didn't know you had them."Adaria.

"How can I not have these powers , since I am your daughter, it makes sense to have the powers to control lightning, thunder and water."Makato.

"How do you lou a local goddess of lightning, thunder, and fresh water."Adaria.

Makato jumped out of her chair rejoicing at the good news.

"Are you Agreed.!."Adaria.

"Yes, How can I say no?."Makato.

"Well, tomorrow you will be crowned as gods of water, lightning and thunder."Adaria.

Mokato's inauguration as      the goddess of lightning, thunder, and the local fresh water of Cuneo ,  and yohintos  Saad is set for good news, although other surprises await.

Mr. Senkos's Personal Envoy, a ban on the court of Queen Adaria, attached to a personal letter from Senkos to mocatoجج

"Madam Queen of the oceans, tomorrow senkus will be crowned absolute goddess of the sun and then it is forbidden to crown mokuta, after which the ceremony and ceremony of the wedding will take place."Personal Envoy of cincus.

"Good news from Cenkos , but we are not ready for the wedding."Adaria.

"You do not have to worry about this, ma'am, cincus, the future God of the sun, will take care of everything as a special tribute from the humiliation inflicted on the local goddess of Cuneo by mokato."Personal Envoy of cincus

"His apology is accepted and we agree with his carefully presented offer to us."Adaria is smiling.

 On the day of the coronation and the wedding of mocato, all the gods came to the coronation ceremony and at the same time married Senkos, and mocato had to rest after fulfilling her dream of becoming the local goddess of lightning, thunder and fresh water of the Atlantic City of Cuneo.


The story of the gods from the mythological imagination.

God is one God who has no partner in the King.

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Michael Boquet
03:46 Mar 05, 2021

It's really cool you made up your own pantheon. I like that there was a modern vibe to your gods and goddesses while they still filled the traditional roles of a deity.


21:41 Mar 13, 2021



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Paula Dennison
22:03 Mar 10, 2021

You have a very high level of creativity and an excellent imagination. However, there are s couple of suggestions I can give you that I believe will make your stories more professional. You have many sentence fragments and this may be an issue if English is a second language. You can do a google search asking "What is a fragmented sentence." and find information about writing complete sentences as well as videos you can watch. I also suggest that you take Reedsy's course about writing dialogues. I took it and it helped tremendously. It is f...


21:40 Mar 13, 2021



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