A little friend by chance

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Nino was a graduate from a prestigious university in the USA. During her time at university, she loved it a lot. She enjoyed a various of social activities on campus, made a lot of friends, joining a lot of parties. She met great minds and great hearts. It was such a great and unforgettable time that she would forever cherished. After she graduated from university, things didn’t quite live up to her expectations. She did got a well-paid job, however, she had to left her homeland, where she had lived for 22 years and attended the university that she would forever love. Things changed a lot when she moved to another city. It was still a hustle and bustle liked where she had lived before but she found strange and unadapted to the new place. Everything was just so new. She didn’t at least just one acquaintance. Every morning, she woke up in the noisy, irritating sound of the alarm of the smartphone. She stretched her arm, swiped the screen and the sound turned off. She missed being called to wake up by her mother, She missed her loud and warming call signaling a new day has start. Now, she was all alone, woke up alone, prepared breakfast alone, went to work alone. Everything was done in her own and alone. She felt lonely and lost in a crowd of strange and silent of people on the train, in the flow of people walking busily and quickly to work. She went to work with loneliness all over her mind. She had relationship with colleagues at work but they were no more than normal friends. They were not the kind of friends whom she could share her feelings and hardships, which added up to her loneliness. After all, she felt alone both at work and at home. Her loneliness worsen as she lost motivation to work efficiently. She was criticized by her boss recently.

She felt sad, lonely and helpless all the time so she decided to take some antidepressants before work. The antidepressants turned out to be useful. She felt better at work and improved her efficiency and was able to finished job early to go home early. However, it didn’t help her when she was at home. She still felt lonely and hard to sleep. She tried to do various activities from reading books to watching movies but it only served as a “short-term” treatment. She felt better for a period and then felt lonely again. She decided to keep up with it and let the loneliness became a part of her.

Until one afternoon, when she was returning from work, feeling sad, tired and lonely. She was walking busily and quickly just like everyone else on the street though she had nothing to do after work. Suddenly, she stepped on a small rock on the road and fell apart. Everybody glanced at her for a moment and walked away. Everyone was so busy to spare a little care. She was about to stand up when she saw a small shadow in the corner of the street. She approached it, pulled away, and found a cat. It was a little and thin, female cat. Its skin looks dirty. All her body smell quite nasty. She looked at the cat’s eyes for a while. Its eyes were pure black like pearl and circle. She didn’t know why but when she looked at its eye, she could feel that the cat was enduring the same thing as her. The cat was lonely, tired of having nothing to eat on the dark corner of the street and beside the crowd of busy people. A love and sympathy for the cat arose in her heart and she decided to take the cat home with her. 

She held the cat in her arms and went to the pet store to buy some food and a cute bowl for her. When she arrived home, she placed the cat gently on the white sofa, poured the food into the bowl, sit next to her and watched her eating while watching the television with her. After the cat finished its meal, she took her to the bathroom, washed her body under the warm water that she enjoyed every morning. She then cleaned her with a towel and a dryer, and brushed her with her greatest care and her favorite comb. She looked so beautiful and so smooth after being cleaned up. That night, Nino enjoyed playing and caring for the cat so much that she didn’t feel alone at all. That night, the cat swept away her loneliness and filled her with companionship, and the cat officially became a new member of the house which was used to be occupied by nobody but Nino. Nino named her new friend Jane. 

The next mornings, when she woke up, she opened her eyes, got up in the cute, warm “meow meow” of Jane. She was lying on the bed next to her every morning. Nino was no longer alone in the mornings, she now had Jane to wake her up every morning. Everytime she got into the bathroom to brush her teeth, washed her face, Jane would stand outside to look at Nino all the things to prepare for work. Before leaving for work, Nino didn’t forget to prepare a bowl full of cereals and another one full of milk for Jane to enjoy whenever she felt hungry. Nino felt a little pity that she couldn’t bring Jane with her to work. When Nino was at work, Jane would go around the house to look for the mouse. Though there was no mouse at all in the house, Jane kept patrolling the house. She wanted to be a guard of the house. Her patrolling job only ended when the sun was high on the sky and its hot, bright yellow sunlight shone through the windows and enlightened the dark green color of the small tree on the shelves, after Jane had finished her lunch. When her job of a guard in a day was finished, she would climb upstairs to find the window on the roof which was left open to go out and sat on the orange roof, enjoying the breeze the hot sunlight of the noon and the afternoon. 

Since Nino had Jane as her new friend, her mood had improved a lot. She felt more motivated and happy when doing her job. During recess at work, Nino took out her phone to look at the photos of Jane that she took at she missed her very much. Nino also enjoyed using Adobe Photoshop express to edit Jane’s photos and posted them on Instagram. She took pride in having such a beautiful and cute cat like Jane. Her eyes were circle, dark like black pearl and her skin were smooth and white like snow. Nino’s everyday life had become happier since the day she adopted Jane. Jane had filled her emptiness and loneliness everyday. 

When Nino finished her work, she would rush home to see Jane and Jane ran quickly from the living room to the door when she heard the sound of Nino’s footsteps outside, They would enjoy dinner and watch movies together of Nino would read books to Jane every evening. 

Nino was never alone again because Jane had sticked with Nino every moment, on Nino’s phone, on the sofa, on the dinner table, on the sofa, on each other’s mind. Nino soon realized that she only need a little friend like Nino to be happy together in the crowded, busy, noisy and full of strange people in this city. 

May 15, 2020 09:05

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