Crime Drama Mystery

This story takes place in Los Angeles, police station. Two detectives are questioning a male in his mid-30s about a robbery that involved a 65 years old woman getting robbed at gunpoint in a neighborhood corner store.

"When are you going to start confessing?"

Detective Gibson says as he sits across from the suspect at a table. Detective Gibson was a white male in his mid-40s.

"What's there to confess? I didn't rob that old lady. I told you that"

The voice came from a black male named Dante Palmer.

"There's footage from the neighborhood store of you robbing Ms. Gilda Robinson at gunpoint."

Dante Palmer sits in silence.

another detective enters the room where the detective & suspect are in.

"Has he confessed yet?"

Detective Williamson asks Detective Gibson.

Detective Williamson was a black male also in his mid-40s.

"Nope still saying that wasn't him."

Dante then breaks from silence.

"If you already got proof of me involved in a robbery then why aren't I behind bars?"

Detective Gibson gets up from his chair & walks closer to Mr. Palmer.

"Because we want YOU to confess"

"I will never confess about something that I didn't do!"

Detective Williamson pats the other detective on the shoulder signaling him to move out of the way. He puts a chair close to Mr. Palmer.

"You're not making it easy for yourself son, just tell us what we already know it's just that simple."

" I expected that guy to not have my back but you! You the same color as me. I expected YOU out of all people to have my back but I guess not. They made you into one of them."

Detective Williamson starts to snicker as he twirls a toothpick in his mouth.

"You see that's where you are wrong. Why would I defend you if you're a criminal? My job is not to befriend a criminal no matter what skin they are. My job is to put junkies like you into jail & that's where you're going."

detective Williamson grabs Mr. Palmer & exit the room.

In the next scene, Detective Williamson & Gibson are discussing the crime with other detectives.

"I have a copy of the footage from the robbery last night."

Detective Griffin who is a white female in her mid-20s starts to add her two cents in the discussion.

"I mean I don't understand this guy. We have proof of him robbing this 65year old woman. Why doesn't he just confess?"

"Because he's a coward." Detective Williamson mentions.

"Are you sure it isn't one of your homeboys detective. "

The voice came from a white male detective named Astroy. He tends to make racial jokes towards Williamson.

"Haha that's real funny detective! Kiss my black ass!"

Detective Astroy puts his middle finger up at Williamson.

Detective Gibson becomes annoyed with Williamson & Astroy.

"Hey Detectives let's get serious here shall we!"

"I mean what's there to get serious about? Detective, we already got our guy! There's nothing more to discuss." Astroy says.

"I saw it in the guy's eyes that he didn't know what was going?" Gibson mentions.

Detective Griffin adds "do you think he's mental? Or something? Is that where you are getting at detective?"

"I don't know where I'm getting at, alright this meeting is over you can all go home."

Detective Astroy approaches Detective Gibson.

"Hey don't sweat it! Man! We've got our guy! Stop having second thoughts. "

"Alright good night."

In the next scene a few detectives Astroy, Griffin & Williamson are at the bar drinking beers.

Astroy curiously asks Williamson how did Gibson & him catch their suspect.

"When we got the call of a robbery. We immediately went out there. The lady was frightened & the owner of the store showed us the footage of the guy. So Gibson & I walk outside to see if he was still around the scene because it was only about 15 mins ago. & there he was walking the street. He had a change of clothes"

"Yea because he thought that was he's a way of disguising himself. That guy is mental I swear!" Detective Gibson adds.

"Well if he's mental I think he needs to go to a mental hospital, not just a regular jail cell." Astroy says.

"No Astroy he committed a crime therefore he goes into the jail cell" Griffin mentions

"I think you had way too many beers! " Williamson tries to grab the beer bottle out of Astroys Hand.

Astroy pushes his hands away.

"What the fuck are you doing man?"

"You're talking crazy I think it's the beer talking for you"

"No, I'm not drunk, Williamson! That's truly how I feel! I mean did you see Gibson's face during the meeting he felt bad for the guy."

"I don't feel bad for people who make the wrong choices"

"You know he is one of your people Williamson at least show some sort of consideration towards the guy!"

"You know Astroy you have one more time to bring my race up into a conversation."

"Or what?"

Gibson & Astroy angrily stare at each other.

"Hey guys it's getting late anyways we should all just call it a night, Hey Astroy stop eyeing him lets go!"

Detective Gibson & Griffin exit the bar leaving Williamson.

In the next scene, Gilda Robinson is being questioned by Gibson & Williamson.

The detectives place the photos of the suspect on a table.

"Ms. Robinson, how are you this evening?"

"I'm doing great. So did you guys catch the man?"

"Yea we did but we just want to make sure this is the guy here are the suspect's headshots is this the guy who had you at gunpoint."

Gilda looks closer at the headshots on the table & nods her head yes.

"Yea that's him. What a fool! I'm old enough to be his grandmother he should be ashamed of himself! He stole my wallet with all of my cash! Did you guys find my wallet when you caught him?"

"No ma'am we were going to search his house today. "

"Today? When did you catch the man?"

"Yesterday afternoon ma'am"

"So why didn't you guys search his home yesterday?! You know what I don't even care I just want my things back!"

In the next scene, the Police search Dante Palmer's home & didn't find Robinson's wallet that was stolen during the robbery.

Williamson & Gibson visit Dante in his cell asking him where is Robinsons Belongings.

"I don't have that lady's wallet."

"Then where is it?" Detective Gibson asks impatiently.

"I don't know"

Gibson grips Palmer by his shirt.

"What the fuck is wrong with you? Who raised you to steal from an elderly woman!"

"Get off of me!"

Williamson grabs Gibson off of the suspect.

"What is wrong with you boy? You have some sort of sickness?" You're in jail now & you still won't confess!" Williamson shouts.

"Man there's nothing sick about me! I didn't steal from no one!"

"You have a family? Dante?"

Gibson asks as he spits tobacco on the floor of the jail cell.

"No, I was in foster care my whole life I don't know who my real folks are."

"So no ones gonna take care of your home while you rot in jail?"

"I'm not gonna rot in jail. I'll be outta here in no time!"

"Good luck with that. You have no lawyer money!"

As detectives return to the station they hear from other detectives that Gilda Robinson has been assaulted.

"Assaulted by who?"

Gibson asks cautiously.

defective Griffin responds "we don't know yet we are on our way to the hospital to ask her a few questions.

Detective Gibson & Griffin arrive at the hospital where Gilda Robinson is laying in the hospital bed with a bloodied lip & black eye.

" Is she able to talk to us? "

Detective Griffin asks the doctor.

"Yes, just for a little bit. She needs to rest."

The doctor exits the room.

Detective Griffin & Gibson both stand in the room with Gilda.

Griffin walks up to Gilda & rubs her shoulder.

"Hi, Ms. Robinson are you able to tell me & Detective Griffin who did this to you? If you can remember."

Ms. Robinson begins to speak slowly.

"I thought you guys told me that you caught the guy who robbed me?"

Detective Griffin glances at Gibson terrified.

Detective Gibson walks closer to Gilda.

"We did Ms. Robinson he's behind bars now as we speak."

"No no, I saw him last night by my bed when I opened my eyes. He's the one who did this to me"

detective Griffin looks at Gibson.

"Ms. Robinson are you sure that it was the same male from the other day?"

"Positive I might be beaten up but I remember what happened to me"

Detective Gibson calls the station to demand the detectives to look over the cameras at the jail.

Detective Griffin continues to rub Gildas's shoulders.

"Do you have any idea why this person might be after you? "

"I heard that there was a criminal around in the neighborhood but I didn't pay it any mind. If you say that the man who robbed me the other day is arrested then he must've escaped from prison."

"Our team at the station is looking into it now, get some rest, Ms. Robinson ok?"

Next scene detective Gibson & Griffin arrive at the jail cell where Dante Palmer is stationed.

Detective Griffin starts asking Dante questions about what happened to Ms. Robinson last night in her home.

"Mr. Palmer, did you escape from this cell last night?"

Dante Palmer starts to laugh.

Detective Gibson becomes angry with Mr. Palmer.

"You think this is a joke, Mr. Palmer?"

"Yea I do! Don't you think if I escaped from jail I would still be out on the loose?"

Detective Griffin steps forward towards Dante in the cell.

"Do you by any chance have a twin?"

"I don't know like I told Gibson over here I was in foster care my whole life, so I don't know"

Gibson gets a call from the other detectives at the station telling him that they went over the cameras & Dante did not leave his cell last night.

Gibson & Griffin report to the station immediately!

All of the detective's crowd around to watch the footage of Dante in the jail cell.

Detective Astroy starts to find the footage amusing.

"You have to admit this is an interesting case, this dude might have a twin"

detective Griffin pinches him.

Astroy jumps from the pinch & put his middle finger up.

"It's not funny ok? Because if we have the wrong suspect we are in some deep shit!"

Williamson chimes into the conversation.

"We don't have the wrong suspect, we all saw the footage of this guy robbing Ms. Robinson at gunpoint."

Astroy looks at him & says

"Yea but Ms. Robinson just recently reported that she was beaten in her home by the same gentlemen who robbed her."

"Yea but maybe she thought it was the same guy but what if it wasn't"

Detective Gibson demands that they all should rewatch the footage of the robbery.

While looking at the footage Detective Griffin sees the difference between the two men.

"Dante Palmer who we have has no tattoo on the side of his ear. But this gentleman does"

detective griffin zooms into the footage & puts the headshot of Dante up to the screen.

"Are you seeing this Gibson?"

Williamson shakes his head while saying

"I'll be dammed!"

"Yea Detective we have the wrong suspect."

Astroy adds

Gibson stares in a daze.

Detective Williamson declares that everyone looks up Dante Palmer's history.

detective Griffin taps Gibson's shoulder

"Detective if the guy that we have behind bars wasn't the one out there committing these crimes then we must continue working on this case & catch our guy"

Gibson gets up from his chair with no response.

Astroy brings Dante Palmer's file to Griffin while she is sitting in her office.

"I got in contact with the foster care that Dante Palmer claimed he was in his whole life & they told me that Dante did have a twin. They were separated at birth. His twins name is Darius Parker."

Griffin grabs the file off her desk.

"So Dante is not aware that he was born as a twin."


"Oh shit! I can't believe that we caught the wrong fucking suspect! This never happens to us! We are one of the best police force in LA!"

Astroy goes behind her desk & gently rubs her shoulders.

"It's ok Griffin we'll find this guy! We still have time"

Griffin pushes Astroys hand off of her shoulder.

"Well, we must get right to it! I don't want him assaulting anyone else!"

Gibson goes to the jail cell where Dante is stationed.

"You're free"

Gibson says while signaling with his hands for Dante Palmer to get up.

"I'm free! So you finally found out that I was innocent huh?"

"I was told by the other detectives that at birth you were born with a twin."

"A twin? I never knew that I had a twin!"

Gibson apologizes to Dante for accusing him of something that he didn't do.

"I don't want your apology! You will be hearing from my lawyer."

December 18, 2020 01:58

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Tim Law
10:18 Dec 26, 2020

A very interesting story Lady Jade. Great twist very cleverly told. Well done 👍


Jade Orien🍀
16:12 Dec 26, 2020

Thank you❤


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✨Abby ✨
05:46 Dec 20, 2020

I loved this! The detail was incredible and had me asking questions the whole way through (in a good way). I love your writing style, it is wonderful! P.S. if you want to, could you check out one of my stories maybe? No problem at all if not.


Jade Orien🍀
05:57 Dec 20, 2020

Thank you so much!!❤


✨Abby ✨
06:00 Dec 20, 2020

Of course! Only the truth 😊


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