Lightning Ranger and Blue Fang

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In a twisted city divided by a magical land, and non-magical creatures, thrived a superhero that could travel to both lands. He would protect his city; during the day he was Mayor Roberts and when he had to save his planet, he turned into Lightning Ranger! Lightning Ranger has the superpower of ultra speed. He was the fastest person on the planet!

One day Mayor Roberts went out foraging in his ranch. He was caring for his livestock and before he could head back to his house, it became ultra stormy! Mayor Roberts had collected a bucket of apples to bring home. Hiding in the barn with his horses and sheep, the mayor knew he would have to run to the house and risk getting soaked. Suddenly, on the journey back to his home, a giant lightning bolt pierced one of the mayor’s trees then it bounced from the branch and electrified mayor Roberts. He flung his pail of apples; the fruit went flying in the stormy sky. The mayor leaped in the air after being shocked by lightning. After one blink, the mayor had made it safely back to his homestead. “oh my goodness! I should probably go to the hospital” he thought. The mayor was overwhelmed and fell asleep on his rocking chair in the living room that night. The next morning mayor Roberts ran straight to his his office in the city of Nautica. “You alright?” The mayors secretary asked. “Never been better... that storm was awful though.” Replies the mayor. “Oh yeah, our pool flooded. What’s with the ancient shoes though? Mr. mayor...” stated the secretary. “Excuse me?” Said the mayor, a bit confused until he looked down to see he had worn a hole in the bottom of his shoes and the sides were pealing off. 

See every morning the mayor would go on a walk around the Black Lake. It was called that because all of the sailboats were black and all of the ducks were black and there never was a crane or a dove. the mayor had a special walk that looked like a run but felt like gliding. The mayor was baffled by his new superpower. “Uh, wow. They’re just really old” replied the mayor as he scuffed the water dispenser into his office. Mayor Roberts closed his blinds and sat in the floor of his office then released the water to hydrate. In a big fast of relief, mayor Roberts said, “how?!” Remembering his quick venture from the lake to work. “I’m just fine!” He exclaimed very loudly.

His office phone rings loudly. The mayor swiftly onsimbles his wardrobe in a neat fashion and places the office phone in speaker. “Hello! This is mayor Roberts. How can I be of service to you?” Stated mayor Roberts. “Mr. Mayor, this is Lisa, your secretary. Are you sure everything is alright? It sounded like bats hitting the fan.” Stated the secretary. The mayor interjects. “Yes, Lisa. All is well. Get back to work now. Thank you!” Then he hung up the phone. Ten minutes later... the mayor stacked up law books that he had briefed himself on and was able to talk to his people later that day. Due to traffic, the commute to city hall was usually thirty minutes; however, with the lightning speed superpower the mayor had acquired, it only took him three minutes. “This is... incredible.” Thought mayor Roberts. “I am going to have to get more durable shoes though...” he continued. 

After work mayor Roberts tried very carefully not to scare the public with his new ability. “Like a sloth” he thought; therefore, he could walk at an appearingly normal pace. (“Despacito”-Justin Beiber) 

A thrift store appeared on the right. Nearby were coffee shops and bookstores, as well as, some clothing boutiques. In a window, a light was shining down on a pair of nature hike durable boots. “It’s perfect!” He thought. There store lights were out except for the lights shining on the boots. The mayor opened the thrift store door.

 “Ding! & jingle jingle!”

 “Is anyone here?” He asked. 

No one replied. 

“I am Mayor Roberts. Just shopping for a new pair of kicks.” He Stated into a void of quietness and halls of racks with old vintage clothes. 

Then out of the blue he heard some suttering, kind of like the sound his secretary described. “Hey! Who is there?” He said. Then more suttering persisted as obscure as a whales song. “I am your mayor! Can I please speak with you? I have worn out my shoes here and I just need a more suiting pair.” The Mayor stated.

A rumbling and jingling of vintage clothing sounds.

“Oh yes! Mr. Mayor! How can I help you?” Said a quiet voice. 

Miss Fang’s true name was Blue Fang behence the time of her arrival to this world from a far away land. Blue fang popped through a furniture grandfather clock in the shop holding only one thing, a grandfather pocketwatch. The people were amused and they thought she was a circus performer. Ya know, with the blue hair and costume and what appeared to be a circus prop. The thrift shoppers were so amused; they all smiled and clapped. 

“I didn’t know this was an intercive place with theatre performers!” Said an old woman to her young daughter. 

“Give is a bow!” Shouted a gentleman who happened to be the bookkeeper from next door. 

Miss Fang then smiled, but all the customers fled. Her sweet humble smile seemed like a simple blending gesture to her; however, the glowing beam of her two sharp fangs illuminated the room. The city thrift shoppers thought she was a vampire. 

“No more Fangers in our town!” Shouted an old man holding is wife’s hand, pulling her across the street as she held her feather hat from the store tightly to her head. The receipt and tag were still attached to the hat. “Gotta protect my family.” He followed after they made it across the street. 

“What did I do?” Said Miss Fang in a quiet, somber tone of voice. All of the customers, except the store owner, an old wise man named Burdaux had vanished. 

“Lady, can I help you?” asked Burdaux.

“What is this place?” Shyly asked Miss Fang.

“Well, this little miss. This is a thrift shop that’s i own and you want to tell me how on Earth trouble I piped out of that old grandfather clock? Clever trick, sure got the crowd goin for a minute. Don’t tell me ya trespassed and waited in my shop here while I was out.” Strictly remarked Burdaux. 

“No sir. And ... what is Earth?” Miss Fang kindly asked. 

“Ha!” Exclaimed Burdaux. A bit confused as to the store owners reaction; as an avoidance to a response, Miss Fang mimicked his response. 

“Ah.. ha!” She Stated then her bright blue fangs glistened underneath an exquisite chandelier. 

“Woah there! Now I have seen a lot of obscure characters in my shop, but where did you get those choppers?” Asked Burdaux. 

“Furgonia, sir.” Stated Miss Fang.

“Ah, ha, huh. Is that the new underground emo goth store?” Asked Burdaux, curiously. 

“No sir, that’s where I am from. Now can you tell me what Earth is.” She responded. 

“Well little miss, you’re not jokin, now are ya,” He said as he stared deeply into the glowing orb of her sharp teeth. 

“So Blue So True” Burdaux whispered. 

“Excuse me, what does that mean?” Asked Miss Fang with such wonder in her eyes. 

“We’ll Miss..” the store owner remarked. 

“Miss Fang! That’s what they call me in Furgonia.” Said Miss Fang. 

“Ha! Now that’s funny!l said Burdaux.

“Miss Fang, that is something my pa used to say over and over again. He described pointy teeth just like the ones you got. We all thought those vampires were coming back , but no fangers around here, until you...” Burdaux addedwith such a demeaning look of judgement. 

“Danger?! I don’t see any fangers sir. I don’t drink blood, that’s just gross. Only fruit mister.” Said Miss Fang. 

“Only fruit mister... ya promise” Said Burdaux.

“You have my word and I can work for you as long as you protect me from the Tim-buck-tow-spookies-too-folk.” She added. 

“Arg...” hushly retorted Burdaux. 

“Fairy sir. I’m a fairy. Not a Fanger. These bright gleaming blue pointy teeth stickers of mine were actually a mimic evolutionary development of my kind. Like monarch butterflies. Don’t wanna be eaten, so look like poison.” Miss Fang Said. 

“Oh Kay, silly blending fairy. You shall be under my wing.” Burdaux said. 

“Wings! Oh lemme see! My friends aunt Juliana had some marvelous wings; those are rare!” Responded Miss Fang.

“Quite curious and strange you are Miss Fang. It’s a phrase.” Said Burdaux.

Later that evening, Miss Fang and Burdaux crashes in the living room that was on the side of the shop. There was a TV and a mini fridge. There were art posters on the wall and comic books sprawled on the floor. 

“Uh, sorry it’s such a mess in here Miss Fang. I just really enjoy silly stories from time to time.” Said Burdaux. 

They woke up in the room attached to the thrift store. Miss Fang had turned on the tele. She placed the comic books that she had read in a spiraling stack next to the television. 

“Oh, alright now. Time to get to work.” Burdaux said as he stretched his arms and his back. 

“Ajubis!” Shouted Miss Fang. 

“What’s that?” Retorted Burdaux.

“Ajubis. It’s a phrase. Like ay! Let’s do this! Ajubis!” Miss Fang dances around in a hip hop fashion. Mr. Burdaux giggled. “What a funny doll ya are.” Said Mr. Burdaux. He handed the young fairy a set of plastic vampire fanger teeth, a Halloween prop. “Now pop these in so that glowing pointy sharp teeth of tears don’t scare the customers.” Said Burdaux. It was fall time and obscure costume store weee the norm this season. “Sure thing, sir” responded Miss Fang.

It was Friday, an ultra busy day for the storefront. Many townspeople were shopping for Halloween costumes and props for wild parties. That evening, Mr. Burdaux went to the side room to take a nap. He had showed Miss Fang the ropes and was exhausted from helping the shoppers all day. “Just press this if ya need to wake me up for any reason. And be sure to lock the door with this key; if you can’t come get me and I’ll take care of it” Said Burdaux. 

“Yes sir! We have a ton of fairy shops in the treehouses. I got this.” Said Miss Fang. “Ajubis” responded Burdaux then he shut the door. Miss Fang blushed, she was fond of her new friend how he cared for her and was the only person that wasn’t spooked of her abnormality to the non-magical creatures. Since Miss Fang felt outcasted from the normal folk, she decided to close the door and turn off the lights. Then she created a little fortress out of feathered dresses, sequin jackets, and fringed coats. 

“Illumine” Said Miss Fang and hernFamgs gleamed was Ben brighter. Miss Fang was humming a sweet lullaby while assorting the clothing together when the brand new superhero, Lightning Ranger, came strolling down the sidewalk even swifter than a panther. Miss Fang had forgot to lock the front door because she thought no one would enter if the lights were off and she wasn’t ready to explore the Earth that she had landed on through the Aztec portal of The Flying Milly. Only one light in the shop that shined by in the perfect boots for Lightning Ranger enticed him into the store. Once the two finally made acquaintanceship, Lightning Ranger said, “woah! You’re different. Different like me” as he learned into her glowing teeth and tilted his head a little to see if it were some form of prop. Then he smiled. “Well thanks for offering to help. I actually need new shoes and and I saw the most fabulous boots in the window.” Said the mayor. 

“Wicked!” Said Miss Fang. “But that’s not he only thing you need.” She responded.

“Huh? What else do you think I need?” Asked the mayor. “Check this out!”He Shouted and ran through the aisles and flipped the store clothes like a birds wing. Hats went flying. 

“Woah! Super speedy mayor! You’re incredible. What you need is ansuperhero name! Something like Lightning!” Said Miss Fang. The mayor stopped in his tracks and a gust of wind from his path flew forward. “Yeah, Lightning” He said and then he looked up to pier upon an antique ranger hat. 

“Lightning Ranger!” He exclaimed. 

“That’s marvelous, mayor.” Said Miss Fang.

“I am actually new to this Thelma and m just trying to blend ya know. So Lightning Ranger and a fairy in an... Earth where people don’t have any magic.” Said Miss Fang.

“Hey, you could be my sidekick. Little fairy. Blue Fang!” The mayor said.

“Ajubis!” Said Miss Fang as she spun around in excitement. 

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Alexis Andrews
00:47 Oct 29, 2019

It went a little fast, but I liked it. I would like to see some more character descriptions but everything else was awesome!


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