In the month of August, around the summer season. In a sunny afternoon in the backyard, Wofoo!, Wofoo!, I barked running around and around like a roller coaster ride, trying to catch my bird feather enemy called Tacco.

He is a chicken owned by my Mexican neighbour name Maria. She is a Spanish speaking and old woman, that always wore curlers in her hair.

Tacco would come through a small hole in our wooden fence; he would always normally escape from the jaw of my canine teeth. I pictured myself daily dressed in an apron with Tacco on a barbeque grill with hot sauce and ketchup.

Finally, I caught him between my canine teeth, this Mexican chicken was now dog food than unfortunately, my owner name George had come home from work.

He walks in the backyard; saw the chicken in my mouth and stopped me. George said, "Molly, no hurting other animals, I have better puppy chewy food that tasted better than chicken".

George and I been friends for many years, ever since he was a little boy that couldn't tie his shoelaces. He got me as a birthday gift from his deceased father name Earl. In Texas, where he was born and raised; our memories we're made and buried in the cornfield, which we played together.

With disappointment and sadness, I let the chicken go free because I loved, cared, protected and respected George but Ewww!, I hated the taste of the puppy chewy food.

My fellow dog friends and I wanted to kidnap the creator; give him a taste of his own medicine, which is the puppy chewy food. There is an old saying, people only feel your pain when they walk in your shoes.

I went into the house, in the living room; laid on my small, cosy and comfortable bed. Eating the tasteless puppy chewy food. Wofoo!, Wofoo! I barked complaining but like normally George was a deaf ear to me.

Sunday night, George and I were watching the football match on television. I enjoyed watching the football because that was the only night I could howl and bark loudly inside the house when the dark night football team won the game. Owwow!, Owwow!, I howl.

In the early Monday morning, George put on my collar and leashed. Then he carried me for a walk outside and around the neighbourhood.

I enjoyed and loved the early morning walk. It was peaceful and relaxing.

The one thousand senses in my mouth deactivated, I smelled chocolate cake coming from a bakery shop name Sweet Palace. The barker and owner name Tom is an old man.

I run out of George's hand to the bakery after I couldn't resist the smell of the cake. There in the glass case the different rainbow colours of cakes we're being displayed. The long drool coming from the inside of my mouth, the beautiful looking cakes made me hungry.

Wofoo!, wofoo! wofoo!, I barked, demanding the attention of the old baker, Tom ran out of the baking room after hearing my barking noise. I stood up and walked on my two-long-foot, performing the trick George had thought me.

This trick always seems to impress the human and they give me food. Tom with a smile on his face, said, "Good dog, do you want a slice of chocolate cake". Wofoo! , Wofoo!, I barked while he rubbed my head and fed me with chocolate cake.

Then George saw and found me inside the bakery; with a smile on his face, he said, "You really love food, I am sorry sir, for any trouble".

Tom laughed and said, "My name is Tom, it's no problem at all, I love him and he could come by anytime".

With a spark on my face, I was pleased and happy to know I could come anytime and get free delicious and tasty cake.

On Tuesday afternoon, George carried me to the park. In the air, he throws the stick and I jumped up to catch it with my mouth. My favourite game called fetch the stick. I had fun and enjoyed myself. In the green grass, I rounded over, filled with joy and happiness.

In my mind, wow! George must be using drugs, first, he watched tv with me, carried me for walks than to the park, It is years since he played and spend time with me because he has always been busy as a bee with his job.

I loved and appreciated the time he spends with me. I wanted him to stay on the marijuana or cocaine because he was spending time with me.

On the early Monday morning, My noses we're awoken by the smell of the cheesy and delicious baked macaroni. In the kitchen there was Sarah; she is the beautiful and loving wife of George.

She was dressed in her red dress. Wofoo!, Wofoo!, I barked then made my sweet and innocent babyface, blinking my big and brown eyes at her. Persuading her for a bit of delicious macaroni.

She couldn't resist my face impression. Giving me a piece of delicious macaroni. Yummy!, my long and wet tongue swirled around the macaroni.

Then George came inside the kitchen, be kissed and rubbed her stomach. He gives me a gift box, I was happy and excited because George always bought me nice toys that I could chew on with my canine teeth.

With my long claws, I tore open the gift; inside I found a small jersey with words written in capital letters saying, EMILY BIG SISTER

Emily!, who was Emily?, I brainstormed, confused because I never heard or knew anyone by the name of Emily.

While George was hugging Sarah around her waist, with bright like sunshine smiles on their face.

George said, "I am sorry I been working so hard, with my work, I forgot I have a family. You, Emily and Sarah, mean the world to me, Sarah is pregnant, that why I been off from work and I wanted to spend time with you, Your going to be a big brother to protect your little sister Emily".

Finally!, George scored a goal, I was going to have company around with little toes and fingers rubbing my thick and brown fur. Also not to forget her dirty diapers to run within my head.

I could picture Emily dirty diaper smell in my nose while she would ride on my back.

Wofoo! , Wofoo!, I barked being happy and pleased by the announcement of a new member in the family. George said, "Great I guess that means a yes".

Finally, after years, George understood what I was saying.

March 24, 2020 03:03

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Cindy Bennett
21:35 Apr 01, 2020

I loved the story told through Molly the dog. I did have to re-read some parts of the story as some of the words seemed like spell check had changed them? Otherwise it was a delightful tale


Tyra Johnson
22:13 Apr 01, 2020

Thank you❤❤


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Alex Sumner
21:52 Mar 31, 2020

I love and enjoyed story..awesome...especially with Tacco😁the chicken


Tyra Johnson
21:53 Mar 31, 2020

Thank you❤


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