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My name is Mary I am 27 years old, and in 2 months time I will be graduating from university of Zambia, with a masters degree in accounts!! God I can't even imagine this,it has always been my dream to be an accountant one day and this dream of mine is soon going to be a reality in 2 months time.

But over the past 5 years have come to realise that life is a journey full of struggles, full of problems full of challenges and full of ups and downs, such that if you are not strong enough you can give up on your dreams.

I believe in life we all have dreams that we want to achieve one day, but some times the circumstances that we find ourselves in makes it impossible for us to achieve our dreams and most of us we end up giving up on our dreams.

Five years ago I lost both my parents, and this was the time when I was about to enter into university. On that fate day when I lost both my parents I thought that was the end of my life , because my parents were the ones who were going to sponsor me to university. I didn't know what to do, and I was so confused all I did was cry and ask God why these things where happening to me, because I did not understand why God would allow such a thing to happen to , been a Christian I know that God sees and knows everything, and God knew that I was supposed to go to university for my studies, God also knew that for me to go to university I needed my parents for sponsorship and so I kept asking God why I took my parents from me when I needed them.

First forward 5 months after the burial of my parents I said to my self , I am not going to site down cry all day and feel pit for my self and I am not going to give up on my dream of going to university and become an accountant, because giving up is not a solution and if I give up on my dream of becoming an accountant nothing will change my situation will only get worse, so I prayed and asked God to give me the strength and the Grace I also asked God to give my wisdom and knowledge to know what to do, because been a Christian I also understand that nothing is impossible with God if you ask he will give you what you have asked, so I prayed and asked God for his guidance because I knew that God was going to answer me and he did, he answered me and he gave me a good idea . After a few days God told me to move out of my parent's house and to go and live with my Aunty, aunty Jane I then rented out my parent's house and I used the money to pay for my first semester tuition fees and everything that was needed for me to start school.

And one thing that I can tell you is that my life wasn't so easy during my university days, life was so difficult, there was so many things that I needed while I was at the university, but I couldn't have those things, because the money that I was getting from the rentals was just enough for my tuitions fees.

But despite all these challenges that I was facing I never gave up on my dream of becoming an accountant, I kept trying and moving forward, even though they where times when I felt like giving up I never gave up on my dream because I knew that one day my dream will be a reality and in about 2 months my long life dream of becoming an accountant will become a reality.

And now my advice to everyone out there who wants to give up on your dreams because of the challenges that you are facing today, is that you should never give up on your dreams instead you should keep fighting and trying until your dream is fulfilled, because giving up is not a solution it only makes the situation worse, because when you give up nothing changes everything remains the same. So no matter how difficult the circumstance you find your self in is don't ever give up on your dreams. And always remember to put God first in any situation that you find your self in because God will never fail you not even once all you need to do is pray and leave everything in God's hands cause he knows what's best for you. Sometimes you might think that God is not there but believe me you God is always there and he works in mysterious ways when you least expect him, just have faith believe in him and he will do miracles for you, he will make a way for you where there is no way, he will meet you at your lowest point in life, if he did it for me be list assured that he will do it for you as well just don't give up on him and he will not give up on you no matter what.

I always encourage poeple with my story and I tell them how I faught to be where I am today , and I tell them that the reason why I am here today is because I never gave up on my self despite me lossing both my parents when I was just about to go to university.

And now I am on the verge of achieving my long life dream of becoming an accountant, just in 2 months times I will be graduating from university of Zambia with a masters degree in accounts just like I have always wanted, my dream will soon become a reality. And this is so because despite everything that I want through while I was pursuing my dream I never gave up I keep moving and working hard. And you too your dreams can become a reality only if you don't give up when things are hard , because nothing is permanent in life problems come and go even the most difficult ones.

The End.

November 05, 2020 19:54

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Such a lovely story! :)


04:44 Dec 04, 2020



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