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41236Fafnir [13:30]: Happy thanksgiving everyone. Enjoy your uncomfortable family reunions and screaming arguments.

Bjid [13:33]: My younger sister and my grandfather are already arguing about Trump.

KRS [13:36]: That’s four years in a row now. You’d think they’d realize it’s a pointless conversation.

41236Fafnir [13:36]:  Didn’t they start throwing food at each other last year?

Bjid [13:45]: Yup. We aren’t even at the dinner table yet and it’s already a nightmare. How about you guys?

41236Fafnir [13:48]: My wife and I are driving to her parent’s place later today. Should be fine.

KRS [13:49]: Honestly, I’m just home alone. :/

Bjid [13:58]: For real?

41236Fafnir [14:01]: That’s rough. Things bad back home?

KRS [14:03]: No, not really. I got this job just last month and don’t want to take any time off. Going home for four days is a pretty big commitment when your folks are on the other side of the US. Figured I just had to hold the L and not go home this year. I still get today off though, so it’s not the worst.

41236Fafnir [14:13]: Shit, that sucks. Sorry to hear that.

KRS [14:10]: Eh, I kinda knew this would happen getting the work. Still beats working in retail.

Bjid [14:21]: Hah… yeah. I can imagine. I had to go into work this morning for a half shift.

41236Fafnir [14:45]: Wal Mart?

Bjid [14:24]: Yup.

KRS [14:30]: That’s fucked up.

41236Fafnir [14:40]: You’re leaving there soon though, right? IIRC, you said something else was coming in.

Bjid [14:45]: Yeah. Maybe. IDK, they haven’t gotten back to me in about two weeks.

KRS [14:48]: I mean, this week is Thanksgiving, so it’s a little fair. You should probably try contacting them. Y’know, just remind them you exist.

Bjid [14:51]: Is that a good idea? I thought that would come off as pushy.

KRS [14:53]: Eh, they really won’t mind. It shows you care.

41236Fafnir [14:59]: Yeah, you have literally nothing to lose. You should shoot for it.

Bleeksley [15:08]: Happy thanksgiving to the all you Americans down there.

Bjid [15:10]: TY

KRS [15:13]: Riiiigggghhhttt. Canadian thanksgiving is in October. Did we forget this year? 

Bleeksley [15:14]: Don’t worry about it.

41236Fafnir [15:17]: I keep forgetting that you have Thanksgiving in October. Canada’s practically another planet, haha.

Bleeksley [15:23]: Hey, we’re all the same. We all wake up in the morning and ride our polar bears to work.

Bjid [15:27]: JFC, I started laughing like a maniac in front of my entire family. Thanks for that.

Bleeksley [15:30]: Right. How dare I tell a joke. Might as well ban me right now.

[KRS has banned Bleeksley]

[[Bleeksley has joined the server]]

KRS [15:34]: J

Bleeksley [15:35]: I’m not even mad. That was great.

KRS [15:40]: I figured you’d enjoy that.

41236Fafnir [15:46]: Well, I have to drive in a minute. So, I’ll be offline for a while.

KRS [15:48]: Have fun driving to NPR for seven hours.

41236Fafnir [15:50]: It’s practically just white noise at this point.

KRS [15:52]: In all seriousness, seven hours is pretty bad. At some point you should probably look into air travel.

Bleeksley [15:54]: You can’t have an emergency escape if you need to wait for a flight.

Bjid [15:56]: Fucking Christ, dude.

Bjid [15:56]: You right tho.

41236Fafnir [15:58]: Nah, my wife’s family are just a bunch of nerds and they’re great. I’m pretty sure I won’t need to worry about emergency exits anymore. We just both hate air travel.

41236Fafnir: Anyways, logging off. If I don’t manage to get back on later, then I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

Bleeksley [15:59]: Drive Safe.

KRS [15:59]: Yup. Have fun.

Bjid [15:59]: What they said.

KRS [16:30]: Anyways, Bleeksley, do you want to play a game or something? I don’t really care what kind, honestly.

Bleeksley [16:34]: I wish I could. I have a final paper due this Sunday and it’s kinda kicking my ass.

Bjid [16:40]: Then why are you here?

Bleeksley [16:41]: Good question. Fortunately, I have a perfectly good reason.

Bleeksley [16:41]: I’m procrastinating.

Bjid [16:43]: So you’ll procrastinate online, but when you’re playing a game it becomes a problem?

Bleeksley [16:45]: …Yes.

KRS [16:48]: I mean, a quick drop into the group chat is different than playing a game for an hour. I get it.

Bleeksley [16:49]: Yeah, let’s hope I have enough self control to actually get off in a few minutes. I have some doubts. 

KRS [16:51]: We’re still good for Mafia night tomorrow though, right?

Bleeksley [16:52]: Yeah, totally. I don’t think I’ll have any problems on my end.

Bjid [16:53]: I should be fine too.

Jeppers [16:53]: I should be down.

Bjid [16:54]: Oh, hey, Jeppers.

Bleeksley [16:56]: Hey, Jeppers. You just log in?

Jeppers [16:57]: Hey guys. And yeah, I did.

Jeppers [16:58]: KRS, if you’re still down for games in anything, I’m open. You still play Fighterz, right?

KRS [17:01]: I do. I’m not great at it, but I can play. I’ll be on in a bit.

Bleeksley [17:05]: You aren’t doing Thanksgiving stuff this year, Jeppers? Isn’t it around the middle of the day in the Midwest?

Jeppers [17:10]: I mean, I was at a Thanksgiving thing. I just headed home early this year.

Bjid [17:13]: …Oh boy. That bad, huh?

Jeppers [17:16]: Yeah. It was pretty awful.

Bleeksley [17:20]: Did your brother tell everyone about you coming out like you were worried he would?

Jeppers [17:23]: Yup. He did.

Jeppers [17:26]: I wish I never told him. I don’t think I’ve ever regretted anything so quickly in my life before.

Bleeksley [17:30]: Gotta love those Christian values.

Jeppers [17:33]: I know you’re joking, but I fucking hate them. I almost thought it wouldn’t be a big deal, but it ended up being a disaster.

KRS [17:36]: It has to be better than holding it back, I hope.

Jeppers [17:40]: It is. I’m pissed right now, but it’s better than having to feel anxious every time I go there. I just wish it didn’t happen the way it did.  

KRS [17:42]: If it makes you feel any better, The worst thing that’ll happen is having to cut off some shitty family. Which is no harm done.

Jeppers [17:44]: It’s fine. I’m going back to college tomorrow, so it’s not like I have to deal with the blowback right now.

Bjid [17:46]: Until Christmas.

Bjid [17:48]: Which is in a month.

Jeppers [17:49]: A Month should be plenty of time, right?

KRS [17:50]: Yeah, I’m sure it’ll blow over by then.

Jeppers [17:54]: …I hope.

KRS [17:55]: Do you still want to play? You don’t have to.

Jeppers [17:56]: No, I do. I really need to get my mind off this anyways. I’ll be on in a minute.

41236Fafnir [20:14]:  Sounds like I missed out on a bit. Jep, you don’t really need to force yourself to see family if they’re just going to look down on you for who you are. I’m not saying burn the bridge if things do work out, but don’t try to force yourself to these things if they don’t. If they don’t like you for who you are, then it’s their problem. Not yours.

41236Fafnir [20:15]: Okay. I need to get back to IRL stuff. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. 

November 28, 2019 16:51

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Natasha Arnold
15:54 Dec 03, 2019

I LOVE that! I have a close group chat in Discord & GroupMe and I feel this on a spiritual level. Excellent writing!~


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