Coming of Age Drama Fiction

Another morning, looking at the letters I got today. It seems I got something from someone I have no idea who it is, probably some scam. I open it up, wondering what Nigerian prince couldn't get e-mail, and saw a letter and a will.

Dear Margo,

You may not remember me from the family reunions, but I am your uncle. I always admired your talents in storytelling. Yes, I knew the things you were saying were not true, but something you made up. Everyone else might have been fooled about your boyfriend in Canada, but not me. I thought, when I die I will make sure you gets the education you need to be a great writer, or anything else you may want to be. There is one condition on this though. You must get your driver's license. You are 18, I don't care you are scared to drive. You will thank me I forced you to do this in the end. If you do it quickly, I will even add my classic car everyone admired along with the money.


Uncle Nimbo

PS if you want the car, you have to do this by the end of the month this was sent.

My jaw dropped. Who was Uncle Nimbo? This wasn't asking for any money, just for me to learn how to drive. I still was suspicious so called the number attached to see if it was legit.

“Hello? Um I am calling about the will I received today. Is this for real or some sort of joke?” I knew my mother was getting on my case to learn how to drive. Maybe this was her doing.

“Yes, it is for real.” said a voice I didn't know. It sounded like a man's voice, so not my mother.

“Who are you? How do I know it is real and this is not my mother with a voice changer? Who is Uncle Nimbo? I don't remember any of my parents saying they had a brother named Nimbo.”

“I am Ron Sleminenmeir, attorney. I do not know who he is, he just put his will through this company that's all I know. I am sure if you ask your parents you will see one of them had a brother Nimbo.”

I typed up his name in the computer, and for sure there seemed to be an attorney in my state with that name. Either he was for real, or my mother did her homework on this.

“Hum, well thank you Ron. I will let you go now.” I headed around the house looking for my mom.

“Mom, I need to talk to you. Do you know about this?” I shoved the letter in her face. She took it and widened her eyes.

“It must be your father's lost brother, he did something that his family didn't like had a gay lover or something and he ended up being really rich by the stock market or something. You really didn't have a boyfriend in Canada?”

“No mom, I made up that to get you off my case about it. So, dad had a gay brother that he never told me about? If they didn't like him what was he doing at the reunion?” I looked at my mother suspiciously.

“Well his mother was trying to reconcile with him, I guess? I don't know!” my mother blinked. “You don't think I sent this letter do you?”

“Yeah trying to get me to drive by promising me money and a car. That doesn't even exist I bet.” I grumbled. “Mom your going too far, I told you I didn't want to drive!”

“Look, this is a real will. I couldn't make this up if I tried!” she showed me it closer.

I looked at it, it seemed real but I didn't know much about wills. “Hum, sure. Well all I have to do is get the license. It didn't say anything about continuing to drive after I got it.” I muttered, doing this is something I kept on putting off doing. Here I was eighteen, ready to go to college but not driving like most normal people my age. I could use the money, and I could sell the car.

“Oh, yes it does. It says you must keep driving for at least a year right here.” she pointed at a PSS on the other side. “And it says you can't sell the car if you earn it too.”

Dang, it seems that this mysterious uncle knew me well. Ugh, I wasn't sure I could do this. Getting in an thousand pound death trap wasn't my idea of something I wanted to do. Sure, my mother told me accidents were rare but still I was scared.

“I will have to think about it.” I murmured, folding up the letter and putting it back in the envelope.

“No, you will do it Margo! If you want to go to college, that is!” my mother glared at me, oh man I shouldn't of shown her this,

“I will get a scholarship!” I shouted. Somehow, I will do it I thought.

“Margo! This is the chance of a lifetime, don't give up before you even try. I am sure you will learn to love driving.”she gave me the don't mess with mama look I came to know in my life as you better do what she said or else.

“I am too old for spankings, I am not afraid of them anymore.” little did she know, I had cried during those driving lessons at the littlest of mistakes I made.

“Too old for them, oh you will see little lady!” her face was turning red, I knew I would be sorry if I didn't do this now.

“OK, I guess I have no choice. I will do this.” I sighed, then called the driver's school for lessons. Hopefully I didn't get the same teacher as before, it was embarrassing to cry in front of him.

I was all ready to start again, as much as I could be. I was nervous during the lessons, but didn't cry like last time. It was obvious I was doing better than before, since the woman teaching me didn't keep out pointing out mistakes I made. Well, either that or the lady was nicer than my other instructor.

After two weeks of this, I felt I was ready to try. I started up, and went out trying not to think of crashing into someone. Though, the more I tried not to think of it, the more it crossed my mind. It was nerve wracking. My hands were shaking and sweating, what if I failed?

I would have to do this until I passed! I really didn't want to do this anymore I felt so terrible with the thoughts in my mind. Scared by the other cars that might plow into mine at any moment. That I would die a horrible death. I would have to keep this up for a year! Crazy Uncle Nimbo, why did you do this to me? I hate you.

The woman blinked as we pulled up into the driveway. “Well, you managed to pass even though you said you hated me.”

“Huh? I said that out loud? I am sorry, I don't hate you. I hate my uncle Nimbo.” I blushed.

“Um OK, well you will get your license in two weeks about.” the woman said, I got home and called the will place about the car.

They said they would send it, and I flopped down on my bed crying. I had mixed feelings, glad I passed, but knowing I had to put up with a year of doing this thing that freaked me out so much. I wasn't looking forward to it.

The day came that the car would arrive, I came out to take a look at it. Oh, it...was a mix of my dream car and a nightmare. The nightmare is I would be on the street, just a sitting duck for an accident for a year. I also didn't want to wreck it when it was so beautiful.

Time passed, I didn't like driving any more as I drove to college every day. At least, I was getting used to it, and it became slowly less nerve wracking. I hadn't had any accidents either. It was nice to be able to go places without depending on someone else, too.

Maybe I don't hate uncle Nimbo so much, but I really wish I gotten to know him better.

I decide to ask my grandma about him and write my first serious story about him, kind of as a thank you for helping me with this. It isn't nearly as bad as I thought, once I got the knack of it. So thanks Nimbo for believing in my stories. I will dedicate them all to you. I just hope no other relatives will make me do something I don't want for inheritance money.

December 14, 2020 00:40

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