Sad Friendship

This story contains themes or mentions of mental health issues.

A letter. And it’s marked with my name, Selene. Meaning Goddess of the Moon. I rip open the envelope and hold the smooth parchment in my hands. I begin to read.


Right away I recognise my sister’s handwriting. Honestly, I have mixed emotions about it. She’d been in the hospital for the past week. I couldn’t visit, so she wrote me letters and sometimes I wrote her back. I was happy she was writing to me, but I was afraid there was a reason. And not a good one.Β 

You are receiving this letter because I have to tell you something.Β 

Right. Clearly.Β 

I know you already know I’ve been in the hospital for a while. And I’m sorry I haven’t been able to look after you.Β 

I was sorry too. I knew she was doing her best, but I couldn’t stand being at the orphanage alone. That’s where we’d been living ever since our parents died. I couldn’t stand to be there without Irene. Yes, Irene, Selene, we have similar names, even. I continue reading.Β 

I might as well tell you already, I’m not going to survive this.Β 

No. She couldn’t be dying. No, not my sister. My strong, older sister. We’d always been there for each other,Β and this time I couldn’t be there for her.Β 

You will do fine on your own, Selene. You don’t need me.

She didn’t understand. I did need her. I needed her more than anything else in the whole world. If only I could see her before she died. All of a sudden I’m crying. Once the tears start they won’t stop. But no one is there to comfort me, because the only person I had was Irene.Β 

I know you probably wish you could see me, and I promise you, if I could find a way to see you again, too, I would. But I can’t. And I’m so, so, sorry Selene. Nobody would have wanted this to happen to anyone they love, but it is the worst situation for you.Β 

Yes. I know it is. Did she not think I’d realized that? And thought that myself? I’m sad for her and mad at her at the same time. She must have known she was sick for ages. She probably just didn’t want to warn me. Maybe she could have lived, but it’s too late.Β 

I’m sorry, Selene, I only had the energy to write this small letter. Please know that this is for the best. I’m sorry I have to leave you.Β 

Sorry? She was sorry? I was so mad at her for not telling me sooner. She might have survived this had she gotten the help she needed.Β 

Β I have to say goodbye, Selene. Just know that I will never forget you and you must never forget me, and in that way we will always be together in our hearts.Β 

And that was the end of the letter.Β 

January 28, 2022 13:55

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Graham Kinross
02:28 Mar 10, 2022

Short and sharp. Was this inspired by Covid?


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