Coming of Age Adventure Fiction


Breathing fast, the young girl ran as fast as she could through the trees out onto the pier followed by her best friend Margaret. She stopped at the edge of the pier. She waited and waited as her best friend finally got there. “Ready?” The girl asked. “Yes, I've been waiting a long time for this.” The young girl jumped in, then Margret. Two minutes later an older woman about the age of thirty two ran out of the trees. “ Emily! Emily!” She cried. She stopped at the pier. Only to see the most beautiful thing ever. She tried to tell someone but they were never seen again and many think she was lying. That night Emily and Margaret also disappeared. 

It had been almost 3 years since Emily disappeared. In those three years, I was born. I always heard stories about how energetic and happy she always was. She was my sister, yet I never got to meet her. They say she went missing, but I think differently. My mom and dad always fight but my mother refuses to get a divorce for reasons she won't tell me. She said it was dark and late at night. She and Emily were playing a game with Emily's best friend Margaret. Emily was running through the woods near the beach and the pier. Some say she drowned others say she ran away and many say she was taken by the evil creatures we call Conundrums. They aren't friendly. But me, I'm not sure what happened. My mind is like an empty whiteboard. ¨ May come upstairs honey! ¨ Called my mother. ¨Coming Mom!¨ This is only the beginning.

I woke up this morning with an urge for adventure. I've never had this urge before but I knew it was trouble, Pure trouble. I tried to eat breakfast then watch TV but the urge stayed with me the whole time. I finally got up and snuck into my parents room. They had this one drawer that had a lock on it but the other drawer wasn't locked. I opened and took out the first drawer and took out a file. Emily's name was on it. I opened the file and found her birth certificate but this wasn't my sister. It was someone named Anlaya. She looked just like me and my mom. Was she my sister? Was Emily a fake name or just a nickname? She was really pretty. On the front of her file is a sticker that says missing and has a date of birth that was almost burnt. I grabbed the paper and sprinted out the door. ¨ I'm going to the library¨ I said. ¨Be back soon¨ My mother shouted back. I ran around to the back of the house and grabbed a fine blue leather handbag. It was old but nonetheless, still in good shape. I went into my dad's Garage and picked up everything I could. I grabbed his gun. I didn't know what challenges I would face ahead. I quickly looked at the gun and threw it back onto the counter, and picked up my slingshot instead then grabbed my scrapbook, journal, and some rocks. ¨This is gonna be one long trip¨ I mumbled quietly. I ran out and hopped on my bike. I hadn't lied to my mother. I just hadn't told her the whole truth. I biked to an alleyway about 1 hour away. I hopped off my bike and ran to the bus stop. ¨Where are you heading?¨ The driver asked. ¨ To St. Miami Library.¨ I responded. ¨Ok¨ He said. I ran to the very back of the bus and took out my book of ¨Wonderful Unbelievable Things¨ and found the section on the creature my mom had described. I looked at the picture, then the title. It was definitely it. They were extremely pretty and called ¨Mermaids?!¨ I said aloud. The driver pulled the brakes and gave me a funny intimidating look. ¨Get off my bus!¨ He shouted. I was about to protest but then looked at the sincerity in his eyes and hopped off. What am I gonna do now? My bike was way too far from here and we were in a city I never heard about! ¨ I'm gonna die¨ I mumbled. I started to turn to see a very sleek boy about my age with the smoothest hair and the softest looking face. ¨Why are you gonna die?¨ The boy asked with a confused look. “I'm not actually gonna die,'' I said ¨ Hopefully.¨ I mumbled. ¨ I'm May, I said reluctantly. “ Jacob,” he said with a smile. “Do you mind if I tag along?” He asked. “Not at all,” I said sarcastically. Truth is I really didn't want him coming along, but what could I do? I started walking and he followed. “So… where exactly are we going?” He asked with a confused look. “A cave far away so you should probably stay home!” I said quickly “I'd rather not. I've got nowhere to go anyway.” he said quietly. I kept walking but sped up. “We are going to a cave in California. I'm looking for my sister who went missing years ago on vacation by that cave. I never got to meet her so I'm hoping I can find her.” I said. “Well that's a plot twist” He said. “We need to make a pit stop to a library and see if we can find a map or…maybe an atlas? I doubt we will find one but we better look anyway.” I turned right and walked another fifty paces and walked up to an old building's front steps. It was closed. What was I going to do now? I thought to myself, then said “Ok I guess my missions off” I said “Oh no im sorry.” Jacob said. I was laughing inside. I would come back tonight and break in and get what I needed– Breaking and entering isn't really my thing but I had no choice but to do it. I looked at Jacob and walked to the side of the road and called a new taxi. I asked the taxi to drive me to the nearest hotel. I got to the hotel and asked for a suite I had some money from my last birthday I could use. Good thing I saved up all those years. I got out of the taxi and waved the driver goodbye through the window and took the elevator to my room. I climbed in bed and went to sleep. I woke up the next morning with a Chill down my spine the covers were on the floor. I got up changed close, grabbed my bag then headed out the door. I went back down to the library and went around to the back I looked for the best possible way in. As I turned around I saw Jacob. "Hey!! Long time no see. Whatcha up too?" He said smiling. I groaned. " Looking for a way in" I said sheepishly. I looked in my bag and grabbed a rock from the ground and loaded it in my sling shot. I pulled back and hit the window. It broke. I knew it wouldnt be long before the police showed up. I hurried in to be followed by Jacob, he was wide eyed. "What? Never seen someone break into anything???" I said with a grin on my face. He stayed quite. I quickly rushed through the library looking for every map or atlas I could find. Until I found it. " World Atlas"

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