A life through trees

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If you fall out of a tree, do you get back up yourself or get help from other???

By Lisa Monk

Believe me, I know what that's like. You can't just live life without meeting people and facing obstacles along the way. That's just how God made it. We have to accept that. And I've faced many obstacles. No one really understands growing up, or why it happens, or why we go through what we go through. But I figured that out.

My aunt was a drug dealer. She was sentenced to jail for life when she was caught. My mom had grown up on a barn, and ran away when her parents disappeared. She met a lawyer, and they lived together for a while. My mom was pregnant with me when my Dad left for a Californian bombshell. Mom lived on the streets for a while. I don't even know if my mom had paid the hospital bill yet.

I was three when Mom met Jack. They lived together for a while, and my half sister came along, Janet. Then, Mom's boyfriend left when he heard Mom was pregnant. After we heard he had crashed into a car and died that night.

I never knew my grandparents. But one day, while we were out shopping, we saw a old man and a lady in her early twenties hanging out in a department store. She was barely wearing anything and was kissing the guy. My mom suddenly threw us in the car and drove us home, partially crying. I knew that had to be someone in her life.

I didn't go to school until second grade. Janet stayed home with mom and Rayelle. Mom had went to the bar one day and stayed overnight. She came back home drunk. Then, a month later, she found out she was pregnant.

I knew how to count and add, but that was it. I really struggled through school, like most kids do. But I tried hard. We were all on the same boat. I knew a lot of kids in my class had deaths in there family or divorced parents. They also struggled, but not as much as me.

Then I met Winter and Naomi. They understood me and played with me. It was the best feeling being wanted and loved.

Then I was invited to Winter's birthday party. I bought her a charm bracelet and gave it to her. I was so happy when she put it on. I felt like I wasn't different and I could be myself around people. I had people I could count on.

Then we moved. I cried with my friends, and we were off. We were going to the country. Mom said she found a nice land area for us. But when we got there, there was nothing for miles around. I enjoyed the peace and quiet, but i felt like there was something missing.

Then I went to college. I had grown up and walked an hour every day to get to high school. But it was worth it. I became a B- student, and mom was very proud of me. I finally felt like I had done something with my life. And at college, once a week I would help out at the local church and bag food for the poor. I got a low Masters degree, and decided to become a designer.

There is no way to describe how hard it was. I found friends and tears, through it all. I got accepted to Hark Wire's Design, and started my career. I met people, like Yalonda and Taylor and Derik, my future husband.

Mom told me never to make the same mistakes she did. I think I did that. But I'm still half her.

I now have three kids and a dog, Pow. He is the best friend I've ever had.

But through the ups and downs, I still am in touch with Winter. My neighbor, Hannah, is very nice as well. We're good friends.

So I know that if I fall out of a tree, I can get back up with help. It's like my tree of life. Like your tree of life

And even if that tree is cut down, there are billions more out there just like yours. It's all part of growing up.

November 07, 2019 14:31

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Leya Newi
01:24 Dec 09, 2019

Wow, this is a pretty good metaphor, and pretty relatable. Good job!


13:28 Dec 09, 2019



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