Coffee, Tea or me?

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Fiction Friendship Mystery

Today seemed like any other day, sun was up and shining and my best friend in the whole world had BIG news to share! I was trying to get the sleep out of my eyes when my phone rang and she said, "I'm coming over with BIG news". Well, honestly, I thought I was still sleeping and rolled over and fell back asleep. Not long after, I heard a pounding on my front door, so of course, I had to get dressed and find out who was there. I got to the front door and saw that it was my neighbor, Shandy. We have not really been close neighbor's and her arrival threw me in a tizzy, so to speak.

I opened my front door and she asked me who was that standing in front of my house at 3am this morning? I shrugged and said I don't know, I was sleeping or so I thought. I felt heavily drugged this morning and didn't understand what was really happening.

Shandy was insistent that someone was at my home and she called the police after watching this person for awhile, but nothing happened and the police drove by, but all was clear. I decided to invite Shandy into my home to find out more about this mysterious visitor. Shandy could only make out that it was a very tall person, could not define male or female or any vehicle that they were in.

Very suspicious, and I suggested coffee or tea and Shandy said that she would rather have "me". I blinked and said, "what did you say". She said that the only other time she stopped over and had coffee with me and has felt differently since then, and has had an overwhelming desire to become more than a neighbor and I shook my head and said, "no". I am not that kind of girl, but maybe we can try to be friends and see where that goes.

The look of disappointment was clear, but she rose from the table with the coffee on her lips and smiled and left.

I never did find out exactly what happened that night and why Shandy stopped by and expressed her feelings to me as we have never spoken more than one other time since I have lived in this city, small as it was, but I have always been a loner and don't open up to many people and felt this might have been a sign to let myself rid of the emptiness I have held onto for my entire life.

This was a turning point in my life and I am thankful and promised that I would do more for others instead of myself.

I always keep a "secret" stock of my special flavored coffee and teas whenever the occasion arises. This was the first of many to come.

I never did hear from my best friend what the "BIG" news was, or maybe I just did?

Well, to make matters worse, I was working the 3rd shift from 11pm to 7am for the past 3 years and my body still wasn't used to the time change and drinking my coffee or tea blends didn't have the same affects they used to which made me think, "how can I get the same energy I had?". I decided to stay up, since I was having these thoughts and did a little research.

I first looked up the significance of the word, "coffee" and came up with so many descriptions, which is one of the 3 most popular beverages in the world and by the 20th century, the greatest concentration of production was centered in the Western Hemisphere—particularly Brazil. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, industrial roasting and grinding machines came into use; vacuum-sealed containers were invented for ground roasts; and decaffeination methods for green coffee beans were developed. 


I was so involved in my research that I kept on working until lunchtime when finally another knock on my door and finally, my best friend arrived with the BIG news she had to share! Well, let me tell you a little about my friend, Blue. Blue was unusual because she seemed like she belonged in another time, and definitely not the present. She was almost 6 feet tall, long red hair, blue eyes and could easily have stopped traffic day or night. She had a penchant for wearing silver and gold glittery clothes from head to toe which made her almost alien-line in appearance.

She rushed into my home, hugged me and declared, " I just got engaged!" I almost fell off my chair in shock since the gentlemen she was dating she only met 3 weeks ago, but swore, "this is definitely the one". I could only think of one thing to do, was to brew up my "coffee" blend and settle down for the story of her life.

She said they were just walking down the street, hold hands when all of a sudden he said, "will you marry me?". She screamed "Yes" and that is the phone call I got 1st thing this morning. Anyway, she wants me to be in her wedding next week-end and I asked her, "what was the rush". She said she just found out she has terminal cancer and wanted to die with a smile on her face and the love of her life by her side. I couldn't think of anything else to say, but of course I will be there for you.

Believe it or not, not long after this visit both from Shandy my neighbor and Blue my best friend, that I made a life changing decision, that I was definitely going into the "coffee" business.

Wink, wink....

That made me realize exactly what I have been doing wrong for all these years and knew it was "my time" to act and take the road of redemption for a happier tomorrow and that all started with quitting that 3rd shift which I hated with every fiber of my being and start my own business which I am calling, "Special Blends".

June 27, 2021 22:18

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