In the restaurant, I sip my cold iced tea, the condensation running down my hand. The temperature is 95 degrees fahrenheit. So, the cold liquid feels refreshing as it slides down my throat. 

My eyes slowly drift above the edge of my menu. I glance at a tall woman with black, straight hair. She is wearing an off the shoulder, slim, red dress. She has on red stilettos with red studs covering the surface area. 

I'm here for her but not like you'd think. She is my target. I have been looking for her for months. I have been all around the globe looking for her. And now I am here.

Two days ago an agent on a seperate mission spotted her. So, I hopped on the first flight to Bali. My plan is to trap her and call in backup. The agency will be very proud if I can complete this mission.

However, she is smart. She knows how to hide. And how to appear. She isn’t here for a vacation. She is here for me. She wants me to follow her. I feel like it’s a trap. But, this is my only opportunity to capture her.

She looks up and makes eye contact with me. Her gaze is haunting. It’s as if she can see right through me. She makes a slight nod of the head and walks off. I climb out of my seat and follow her toward the bathrooms. 

She heads into a small wooden door at the end of the hallway, past the restrooms. When she goes in she shuts the door behind her. I stop in front of the door, hesitating. My breath is heavy and my palms are heavy. This could be a trap or the greatest moment in my career. 

I press the alert button on my badge. Hopefully, my team will be able to save my if I am at high risk.

When I opened the door the woman is standing  in the corner of the small closet waiting for me. 

“Give them to me.” She says.

She has an American accent that I had not expected. Her profile said she was from somewhere in Europe.

“What?” I ask in confusion.

“Well for starters that little button you pushed. Then maybe we can get to the taser, knife, and gun you seem to carry. For a tall man I expected more weapons.”

I am stunned. How could she know this about me? She is smart. Too smart. In all the people I have taken down, she is the cleverest.

I slowly handed her my things. I was starting to be more and more on edge. But I couldn’t show any emotion. She can’t think she has the upper hand.

“Well then. You are persistent now are you?” 

“Whatever do you mean?” I say in a sarcastic tone.

“You have followed me from Berlin to Texas. I am not dumb; You FBI people keep tracking me down like a mangy bloodhound.”

I had an inkling she knew but people like her would dispose of people like in these instances. So the question is: why am I still here?

“What do you want from me then? You could have easily taken care of me. There is something you want.” I said in frustration.

She pursed her lips

The corners of her carmine red mouth rose. She let out a small chuckle. Then, she stood up straight and composed herself.

“Well, it’s quite simple really.”

She started to slowly waltz toward me.

“You are,”

She grabbed the collar of my thin cream-colored shirt. She extended her neck so that our faces met. She bit her lip and gave me an intense but softened gaze.

“Special.” she said leaning in.

My brain raced. Is she trying to kiss me? Is this really happening? For some indescribable reason I wanted to kiss her back. But she is my target and I can't do that. But, I had at least two more minutes before agents in the area arrive. That’s two more minutes I have before I trap her. So, what is the worst that can happen?

I leaned in and closed my eyes. Our lips gently touched. Her kiss was nothing but pure bliss. I don't consider myself a romantic. Which is why I do not understand how I fell for the woman in red. 

I knew that this wouldn't last. This was a trick. Crime is like a game for people like her. When she has romantic interests it is nothing but a piece to her game. I knew this was a trap. She was getting something out of this. This is her trying to take me down.

Stop this right now!

She wraps her arms around me.

This is a mistake!

I put my arms around her waist.

This could ruin your career!

She pulls herself closer.

If you do this keep kissing this woman your entire job, reputation, and life will be at stake.

Then my emergency button I pushed starts beeping. Backup is here. She pulls back.

"You son of a b..." she starts.

A knock on the door interrupts the woman. And breaks me from my trance. I knew what I had to do. And how to do it. It was time to be professional no matter how much it pained me.

As quickly as I could I grabbed my gun from the woman and pointed it at her.

“Don't do this, you and I could be more.” she said brushing her hand against my cheek.

I feel this pull towards her. Kiss her again I think. However, it doesn't feel like my thoughts. Then it hits me. She is mind controller. There is a reason I couldn't find her, a reason she was always two steps ahead of me. She knew what I was thinking.

She is the woman who tried the drug Primrose#124. I hear that they were still looking for her because she ran away. Her whole criminal persona is a cover.

I drop my gun. I do think she is guilty of her crimes. No matter what intention she had behind them. 

“Come in.” I yell to my colleagues. 

The womans face drops. She starts shaking her head furiously. She lunges toward me trying to get in a good punch. However, I am trained for this. I grab her hand and turn her around. 

By the time backup comes in I have the woman cuffed and against the wall. My colleagues hesitate. In shock from the fact that I have caught one of the most notorious criminals in the world.

“Agent #203 please step away from the target. We can take it from here.” says one of the agents.

I step away and avoid the glare the woman is giving me. I try to stand by as I watch the agents in heavy black bullet-proof armor drag the woman out of the restaurant. They put her into the back of a white van that says ‘johnny's tacos’ on the side in Indonesian.

I get into the passenger seat and get ready to be taken to the airport. With these things you capture the target then you and backup take them to the nearest containment facility. Then you go back to the buro to get your next assignment.

Even though it was over, it felt like there was so much still to be done. Now the case was out of my hands. So, I had no control of what happens next.

When we get to the containment facility in Singapore it is late at night. I'm lucky though. Because, this containment facility has sleeping quarters for the staff.

I lie awake. I can't sleep. My whole being yearns to get closure from the woman in red. I decide that I have to see the woman in red one last time. So I get up from the stiff iron bed and head out of the dark and small room.

I walk into the metal hallway that is only lit by small lights in the ceiling. I walk through what seems like a maze avoiding contact with the staff. I finally get to the wing where they keep the inmates. I swipe my ID and the glass doors open to a brilliant white hallway. 

All the inmates are kept by the date that they were brought here. So, I walk to the unit where they keep the people who were brought in recently. As I walk down the white hallway I start to see rooms that the people are held. The rooms are small and resemble one of a prison cell. Except, ours have reinforced glass and are overall cleaner. 

I get to the cells that are based on today's date and find one that says ‘Grace Miller’. I found myself surprised by this. Such an ordinary name for a complex girl.

I know you can hear me, I think.

You are a mind controller aren't you. That's why you are a criminal. To hide. 

How did you know, she says in my mind.

I just know. 

She turns to face me. And her face is bright red from sobbing.

I do like you though, she says in my mind.

Bullshit, I think in anger.

Well either way, I am sorry, she makes me think.

I am confused. What is she saying sorry for? But then I start walking toward the control panel to her cell and I see what she is sorry for.

I try my hardest to resist as she makes me start to open her cell door.

Stop this, I think. But, my body doesn't stop. I swipe my ID into the side of the panel and the door opens. 

My body stiffens and doesn't move from its spot as she walks out the door. She comes up to me and kisses my cheek.

“One day I know you will understand.” she whispers.

I watch her as she walks down the white hallway stopping at the corner. She looks back at me and gives me a faint smile. But alas, she walk around the corner. And the woman in red disappears. 

When I am finally am broken from her hold I turn around to see a staff member wide eyed and mouth hung open. I had no idea how long the man was standing there but this much is clear: this event might ruin my career and I will never tell anyone who the woman in red actually is. Because like she said I do understand. And I understand how important it is for her to remain hidden. So you're welcome woman in red, this one's for you.

January 17, 2020 22:39

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Karen McDermott
08:47 Jan 23, 2020

Inspired! Great suspense. By 'buro' I think you mean 'bureau' is all. But your story kicks ass on the whole :)


Kate Widrow
11:19 Jan 23, 2020

Thank you so much Karen McDermott!!


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Anastasia Foxx
16:59 Jan 22, 2020

I loved the characters in this story! They had such interesting aspects to them. The plot was very gripping, but it tended to be a little confusing at some points. All in all, I loved it! Great job on your first story!


Kate Widrow
19:49 Jan 22, 2020

Thank you for your feedback! As for the confusing elements to the story, I definitely think that I could improve. I will try to focus more on that with my next story!


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