A College for Vampires.

There is a little country in central Europe that is unknown except for those who should know it. People ride or walk through it without any cognizance of its unique characteristics. That there exists no houses or roads of a modern nature does not excite any interest of comment. In fact, ordinary mortals never linger there or are aware that their thought processes are diminished for the duration.

If people were aware of this land it would be labelled a magical one, and indeed it is. This is the country of the vampire. Not the old sunshine affected ‘dark to dawn’ variety, but a modern strain of sunshine impervious individuals that fit into ordinary society although still needing a sole diet of blood to keep them operating properly.

Naturally, many of them are employed at Blood Transfusion Clinics and pathology laboratories. The medical profession is prolific with their presence. The College for Vampires is devoted to the protective measures to be employed to keep them all safe. Ways are taught to them to make them largely invisible to ordinary human folk. Lanstri Obin was going to College the next day. 

She knew it was obligatory to go there, even though she thought she didn’t need it. Every day and night her parents had implored her to let go of her ‘know it all’ attitude. She was a precocious vamp and would sometimes entertain her friends with her ability to squirt blood from a goat-skin vessel whilst riding around on a unicycle. This showing off if witnessed by the more elderly was complained of to her parents. She didn’t care, she wanted to get this next part of her education over with and get out into the wide world.

The vampire college was completely underground. Wise counsel many centuries ago knew that they had to guard against ordinary mortal developments that may one day be able to make what was currently invisible, able to be seen. 

A reluctant Lanstri was shown to her room and immediately asked where the rebels hung out. She was told that all the kids were rebels, but she knew different. She wasn’t into just sneaking out when the sun rose, no, she wanted to find those that you could say ‘ravaged’ the inhabitants of the landscape. A dangerous activity and some of the really old parts of the country that their country existed in, kept many stakes around and some even had silver bullets. 

Modern vampire scientists had genetically altered the vampire stock to dispense with the retractable teeth that denoted their kind and resorted to a more primitive style of blood-letting by using a special knife. They also were able to supplement their diet with animal blood for a time, but if persisted with would lead to rapid physical deterioration unless human blood was also consumed, within a year.

Lanstri threw any caution to the wind and flew that night to the outskirts of a town and then followed a group of kids her own age to a very noisy venue where a rock-concert was preparing to play. She was able to buy a ticket and mingle with others of her own age when she saw him. He was tall, blonde and had a devastating smile which he unleashed upon her. Lanstri felt her knees give way a little. “What is this?” she asked herself rhetorically, but she knew. Her mouth filled with saliva as she contemplated an old-fashioned bite. Never had she been so overcome with blood lust, but also a lust for copulation as well. She tore herself away from his presence and knew she would seek him out again. She was jealous of any possible mythical partner that she was sure he would have and vowed to rid him of her. It would be a she, she could think of no other for this magnificent piece of manhood. School was far from her thoughts now.

Lanstri discovered her rebels, if that’s what they were, she thought. Pranks and picking on poor defenceless animals was what they thought of as rebellion. She didn’t bother to maintain contact. She, despite the threat of expulsion and further harsh measures for her nightly escapades, she persisted in flaunting the rules seeking to find the man that had captured her heart. She combed the district even resorting to asking the local inhabitants as to his whereabouts. Everybody seemed to know him, but that’s as far as it went. His name and whereabouts were unknown. Lanstri started to fade. Not physically, but as if some light had dimmed in her. Vampires don’t get sick like ordinary folk, but they can deteriorate, and Lanstri did.

Gone was the dynamic individual that used to dominate in every venue in her former time, to failing in her studies and was only a shell of her former self. But still, she looked for him. He was her drug.

It was six months later she again spotted him and very close to the same place where she first saw him. She felt a resurgence flow through her. She knew this time he wouldn’t get away from her, but she needed to be circumspect, she could frighten him away. It proved not to be a problem as he approached her with an enormous smile upon his face.

He placed his hands on her shoulders and asked her where she had been as he had looked for her all over. Lanstri couldn’t speak. Her knees were weak and she felt his supporting hands preventing her from collapsing.

He was a waterfall of words. “Where did she live? How old was she? Did she have a boyfriend? Would she stay the night with him? She couldn’t answer. He seemed unperturbed and radiated a power that Lanstri felt surges of lust consume her. She called out to hurry and take her home and bed her.

They both rushed to his place which looked very modern, almost clinical and he stripped her of her clothing and made frantic love to her. In her ecstasy, she didn’t feel the teeth open up her artery and draw off blood until she was fully sanguinated. She was an empty shell. No more to roam and seek out humans for their contributions of blood.

The laboratory where Adonis Beta was brought into existence saved the blood ‘he’ extracted. He was a constructed android with a highly developed artificial intelligence. Diana Beta, Adonis' counterpart attracted the males. They were able to radiate vibrational waves that automatically would blend with their targets. There was even one Antinous Beta, for gays.

A scientific father had lost his daughter to the equivalent of a gang rape of five sets of teeth marks on her neck and not leaving her sufficient blood to survive with. This is his revenge upon that disbelieved community which he knew only too well.

August 01, 2020 06:44

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13:11 Aug 10, 2020

Great story! I liked the rebellion and the idea of a vampire going back to their grassroots and refusing to conform to the new mainstay, modern way of their species. Any thoughts on expanding more on the vengeful scientist? It added a really neat twist to the story.


Len Mooring
21:02 Aug 10, 2020

Thanks, Matthew. I hadn't thought of it, but perhaps when another prompt comes along.


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Omani Saleem
11:16 Aug 09, 2020

like the concept


Len Mooring
21:03 Aug 10, 2020

Viva la Vamps.


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01:12 Aug 02, 2020

Great job! ~Aerin (P. S. Would you mind checking out one or two of my stories? If so, thanks a ton!)


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