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Contemporary Drama Fiction

Life on the island was a pure one, simple and complete. Dr Small lived with his wife Joanna on one of these islands in the Caribbean. It was business as usual to them as well as a way of life, generating great amounts of income, but this was no ordinary resort for those to get away, and it wasn't a holiday, it was something more or less to recharge the human body back to normality.

The island was situated in the middle of the Caribbean sea on the Atlantic side, it was very self sufficient, with its' own airport, medical centre, restaurant and bar and other facilities. Dr Small and Joanna, built their project from scratch, they only advertised for those wanting to change their life for the better, to leave their old selves and enter into a new realm. This was no ordinary resort.

As soon as the small plane arrive to the island, the reception would be one of welcoming with music playing where the guest would be escorted in topless car buggies, where they would be transported to their self sufficient luxury cabins. The journey from the airport would be a 15 minute drive away.

Inside the cabin, and there were 12, evenly spaced, were two bed-roomed, a kitchen area, separate dining area and living room, outside was space for garden and table and chairs to lounge in. Dr Small and Joanna lived nearby in the grand house, where the procedures would take place.

It was on one December morning, when the call came, there were to be four couples arriving on to the resort, they were as follows:

Mr and Mrs John and Carrie Robinson from USA

Mr and Mrs Jack and Cheryl Matthews from USA

Mr and Mrs Colin and Daphne Bullock from Canada

Mr and Mrs Lucas and Ursula Nelson from UK

All four suffered different problems and found the information from their local area.

The plane touch down at the airport of Marla Island where all four were greeted by the receptionist who lived on the main land, she gave her name as she escorted them to their car buggies,

"Welcome to Marla Island, hope you enjoy your stay."

The music began to play as the couples were escorted to their buggies, they were made to follow the car in front to show them where to go, as soon as they reached the cabins, Dr Small and Joanna were there to meet them,

"Welcome friends, how was your trip...take your time to settle in and we shall see later on today to give your events for the week ahead."

All four of them got in to their car buggies as they slowly moved along, looking at the luscious terrain, the immaculate roads and scenery, the sun shining and very hot. It wasn't long when they reached the cabins, in natural wood varnish, each cabin had its' own garden and driveway, the cabins were surrounded by woodland, palm trees narrowing into the lanes and rows upon rows of banana plants, some even ripening. One of the couples, Colin and Daphne Bullock looked at each other, Colin turned to Daphne,

"It is just as how they described in the booklet...look! no one can starve here."

All four of the couples went inside their individual cabins to unpack and sort themselves out for the evening. Meanwhile, back in the main house, Dr Small and Joanna, were busying themselves preparing the lunch for their guest, the time was set for the four to arrive at 20:00 pm, inside there was a long table, with cutlery set next to plates, the chairs were cushioned and embroidered. There was a large fire place, decorated with a fake computerised fire. On the tables was all the fruits of the Caribbean.

The large clock in the corner was nearing to 8 o'clock, when all four of the guest were waiting outside the house, the door was opened by the butler, in a light tuxedo, light blue trouser and pale shirt and tie, he motioned for all to enter, Colin was the first to speak,

"Wow, will you look at this place, I would never have guess the ambience."

The rest followed and were escorted to the table, as they sat opposite each other, Dr Small sat at the head of the table, Joanna at the other end, the two maids came in, showering them with their gourmet meals.

They all ate with valour, the food was tasty, mouth-watering and to top it off with fresh fruit from the table. The eating and drinking lasted for almost an hour, while Dr Small would interrupt now and again to tell them what was to be expected for the next coming days,

"As you are well aware, this is one of the exclusive resorts but not your regular one, you will take with you a new light, you will be renewed from the inside out, this meal may be grand, but the next day your journey will begin as you wake up, as you may realise, there are no clocks, and I have stressed that you leave your watches and computer mechanisms in the safe deposit box at the main land airport, this will allow you space to think more clearly without any interruptions."

John and Carrie Robinson looked at each other as John whispered,

"I thought that was a bit odd,"

"But, it is a good idea, when was the last time we went on holiday without the laptop or the mobile?"

"I cannot think when, I wonder what he has in store for us?"

"ssh he's looking this way."

Meanwhile, on the other side of the table, Jack and Cheryl Matthews were also surprised when Cheryl spoke first to her husband,

"It's too late now, you can't turn back,"

"I hope the company can function without me,"

"Well, it's too late now, you far away from them."

Lucas and Ursula Nelson were next to interject, Ursula starting,

"This is well overdue, it is about time we had a holiday to ourselves,"

"I'm too sure it is a good idea,"

"You are never too sure, that's why I had to make the decision to come here,"

"But, what if something goes wrong?"

"If something goes wrong, they will have to deal with it without you,"

"Oh, you can be so cruel,"

"Well, that is good."

Colin and Daphne Bullock just looked at each other and smiled a very long and wide smile while listening to the tale-end of Dr Smalls' speech. Joanna was busy looking at each couple and then back at her husband. Dr Small asked if they could raise their glasses to his new experiment on them. They all got up and raise glasses into the air.

January 02, 2021 23:28

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Beth Connor
19:15 Jan 09, 2021

Intriguing! I am curious about what happens next.


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