17 June 2001

Dear Diary

Roger, Roger, Roger Authur the soldier is reporting to you dairy during the war with my enemy called zombies. I am locked in my bedroom with the lights turn off; it is now 12 am.

In my bedroom naked with my skinny legs, little penis and my bony chest outside and my white socks on my feet because the bottom feels cold. I lay in my bed with Mr Robin bedside me, he is my best friend and a teddy bear for years. I love and care him throughout the years with all the fun, loving and joyful memories we shared.

Tick Tock I been showing the hands of the clock going around and around, with minutes passing by. I haven't been able to sleep for a week now during the nights only; luckily school is close for the annual August vacation because I would be definitely sleeping during class.

I am a 10 years old soldier praying for the war to end. This war I face is being afraid to sleep because of the zombie movie named Dead walkers that I watched with my other enemy and big brother name James in the living room.

It all started, when my grandmother name Daisy came to spend time at our home because she was sick and couldn't be alone. Then one day on a sunny afternoon she requested either James or me to clean her fake teeth.

We both hated the idea of cleaning grandmother dentures. Daisy teeth would give you a nightmare of them attacking you, imagine a nightmare being chased and attacked by your grandmother fake teeth.

Then on that same day, we made a deal that if I watched the horror movie named Dead walkers, he would clean her teeth but if I didn't watch the horror movie I would have to clean grandmother's teeth.

I was determined to not clean her cheesy fake teeth because they smelled bad. I thought to myself how bad could a scary movie be to watch but after the experience, I will stick to my cartoons because in cartoons they dont eat your brain but rather like in one of the sponge bob square pants cartoon episode, he took out his brains and flew it around the Bikini Bottom with remote control.

In the living room during watching the scary movie name Dead Walkers; the zombies were running all over the town taking people brains out their head and eating them; sucking people blood, murdering them and all over the road was filled with blood and brains. I was scared and petrified. What kind of monsters called humans to make these gruesome and ugly movies to watch.

I was scared with my heart pounding while sitting in the couch screaming for my mother help. After finally and thankfully the terrifying horror movie was finished with tears in my eyes and fear covering my heart.

James told me I could never sleep again at nights because the zombies would come for me one of these nights and If I didn't want them to eat out my brains I have to be naked in my bedroom at nights; that's is why I am naked tonight and every other pass nights in my bedroom because I am scared of the zombie eating my brains and coming to kill me.

I should have cleaned my grandmother fake teeth at least I would have to stay alive; be peacefully and deeply asleep cuddling Mr Robin.

He is accompanying me during the war but being unpleased, unhappy and disappointment about the fact that his stuff cotton stomach, short and fat body; he couldn't defend or rescue me from the zombies.

We are both scared and awake. Mr Robin and I are under the sheet with a torchlight shining discussing a plan to defeat the brain-eaters zombie but Mr Robin and I are scared to fight the zombies.

Mr Robin told me he is scared of the zombies eating out his cotton brains. Going to war with the zombies was not a favourable option. Oh Dairy, What will I do, will I survive this night or would my brains be eaten and chewed up into a million pieces.

I wonder maybe if I tell the zombie I am a D grader at school they won't want to eat my unintelligent brain or should I bargain with them some cookies to not kill me, thousand of thoughts are running through my little brain

It is now 3 am, I am at the window with Mr robin counting the stars my eyes are blurred and craving for sleep, oh my eyes burn like pepper as I wipe them with my little fingers they became to water.

I didn't know what to do at this moment, maybe I should surrender and lose this war but I am scared of my brains being eaten and at a young age without achieving my goals to become an astronaut; build a rocket and travel to planet Mars desiring to meet the green small alien are believed to be living there.

Roger Roger dairy soldier is going down, I must sleep now. I hope my parents read you and see how to spend my last minutes alive. Sorry, mom and dad, I wasn't brave enough to fight the zombies.

I hear the zombies knocking on my door, they know I give up and now they have come to eat my brains and kill me.

I am back now, Dairy sorry for that disruption it wasn't the zombies but rather it was James, he came and told me that he overheard me talking about being scared of the zombies and even though he wanted me to be scare, he couldn't bear to have me cant sleep because sleeping is very healthy and important especially for my young body to grow and develop, it was all a lie to get payback for him having to clean grandmother fake teeth and he encouraged me to sleep.

Roger Roger dairy, the soldier has won the war because of his big brother love for him. James isn't that bad cause he always bullies and controls me as most big brothers and sisters do but I guess he loves me also because of his concern about me. Now I am going to sleep and cuddle with Mr Robin. Goodnight diary.

April 06, 2020 02:42

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