Drama High School Mystery


This is a collab with the wonderful Maya Emerson! Go check her out!! :DD

 “Good morning, family!”


 Ashlyn beamed as she walked in the kitchen with her normal clothes on. Her light pink dress, topped with a white jean jacket, and her hair perfectly curled. I rolled my eyes and focused back on my blan cereal. 


“Nice outfit Ash.” I said, trying to smile without laughing. 


She smiled and twirled, as dad leaned on the counter and looked at both of us, with pride and fear mixed in his eyes. 


“I have the perfect outfit planned for tonight!” Ashlyn squealed, grabbing my arm and dragging me off my seat.


I groaned and looked at dad who was also laughing. 


She dragged me into her girly room covered head to toe with Justin Bieber posters. On her cleaned, slick bed rested a dark black dress. I stood there in awe. 


“You like it?” She asked, touching it’s sleeve. 

I reached and touched its collar, covered with lace. 


“Yeah, I guess.” I quickly muttered, not wanting her to realize my happiness. 


“Wonderful! Now, what are we going to do with your clothes?” She looked at me with disgust. 


I scoffed as she ran to my room.


Thirty minutes of picking an outfit, we settled on black ripped pants, with a “New Kids On The Block” t-shirt. We pulled my hair into a tight ponytail, a choker around my neck, and a simple pair of converse shoes. 


At school, boys huddled around Ashlyn, with flowers. I gagged, avoiding the chaos and walked into the school gym. It was covered head to toe with banners, balloons and more. Pretty much the best spot for Ashlyn to make out with all the boys. Line all up. Get your tongue inside my twin sister's mouth. I’m sure she would be fine with that.


Before I could walk out, the vice principal, Mrs. Haskins walked in with a huge box. 


“Oh, Addie, you're here!” She smiled, dropping the box on one of the table cloths.

I groaned and smiled back. 


“Hi-” I said, gripping tightly to my backpack straps. 


“How is your sister Ashlyn?” She asked, beaming


Of course. Everybody wanted to know about Ashlyn.


“Great. Just great.” I responded, looking at the floor.


“Wonderful! Will you be attending the party tonight?” I looked up to see her playing with the balloons.


“Yeah, Ashlyn wanted me too.”


“You have a good sister, Addie, you can never find anybody else.” She smiled, walking towards me.


“Yeah, I do.” I muttered. 


“Well, better get going to class. You don’t want  to be late.” She shooed me out of the gym and I made my way down the hall. 


After a long day of school, it was finally time for the dance. Great. The best side was that I could stand in a corner, in that beautiful dress, and watch the whole night. That seemed pleasing. But of course, Ashlyn wanted something else.


“You are going to have so much fun!” Ashlyn yelled with happiness, while stroking her eyelids with mascara. 


I smiled weakly and walked into the living room, where dad was watching television.


“Hey dad.” I said, sitting next to him.


“Oh hey!” He responded, hugging me.


“Are you ready for the dance?” He asked, pausing the show.


“Almost. Just need to change and have Ashlyn do my hair.” I said, looking at my freshly painted nails.


“You look a lot like-” He stopped his sentence.


“Mom?” I asked.


He sighed and nodded. 


“You don’t have to hide that. It’s not your fault.” I said, patting his knee.


“Your mother was a wonderful woman. She just wasn’t ready.” He whimpered.


“Oh dad.” I wrapped him in a hug.


“Addie! I’m ready to do your hair!” Ashlyn called from the bathroom.


“Thanks sweetie.” He rubbed my cheek.


“Anytime.” I winked at him and walked into the bathroom.


The bathroom door swung open and a gust of perfume filled my nose. Oi.


“Okay!” She held her wand up in the air.


“You are NOT putting that thing next to my head!” I yelped, holding my hands up to my hair.


“Oh please, I’m not going to hurt you!” She responded, yanking my arm in the bathroom.


“No, NO!” I ripped my arm from her grasp.


“Don’t make it difficult! I’m just curling your hair!” She said, putting the wand on the counter. 


“Promise?” I asked, holding my hand to her.


She smirked and grabbed my hand. She whipped me in the bathroom and slammed the door shut. 


“Now for curling-”


After an hour of toture, screaming and fighting, my hair was done. It was beautiful. 

Dad took a picture of us, hugging and smiling like dorks. Party time… I guess.


I stayed next to the opening of the gym, holding to my drink and looking out to the gym. I sighed at Ashlyn who was technically flirting with most of the guys. All of a sudden, an old but not that old lady came and stopped in front of me.


“Can I help you?” I asked, clinging to the wall.


“Are you Addie?” She asked me.


“Yeah… why?” 


“I’m your mother.” 


I stood there in shock and looked at her. My mom?! The mom who didn’t want me and Ashlyn!? Wow, what did she want?


“So you come to us after 14 years, and want to talk to us?! What is wrong with you?! Dad has been alone for 14 years, and raising twins! Do you know how hard that is?! Do you know how hard it is to tell people your mother neglected you! Get out of my face! Go talk to Ashlyn.” 


I watched as she sighed and walked towards Ashlyn. She spoke to Ashlyn, and right after her mouth shut. Ashlyn wrapped her arms around her and started to sob. 

I gasped and ran out, thoughts rushing through my head. Ashlyn just forgave her like that?! Why? How? I ran home, practically tripping over my dress. I didn’t care, I just wanted to go home. 


I ran into the house and slammed the door shut. Dad yanked his head from the couch and looked at me with concern.


“What's wrong?” He asked, getting up quickly.


“I- I saw this lady with Ashlyn. It looked like mom!” I gasped, trying to catch my breath. 


Dad stood there in shock and made his hands into fists.


“Where is she now?” 


“I don’t know!” I wailed.


“Is she still at the dance?” 


“I don’t know, maybe?” 


“Get your coat on, we are getting your sister.”


We got in the car and drove over to the school, where Ashlyn and mom were standing there laughing. Dad got out and walked up to mom, his fists tightening.


“What are you doing here?” He barked, yanking Ashlyn away from her.


“Please listen-”


“Get out of here! Don’t make me call the police!” He reached in his pocket and pulled out his phone.


“Don’t Mark! Please!” She put her hands up.


“Then why are you here?” He yelled. 


“Dad-” Ashlyn pleaded.


“Silence Ashlyn!” He barked, turning to her.


“I- I just wanted to see my kids!” She sobbed, covering her eyes.


Dad’s fists weren’t fists anymore.


“Why did you go to Ashlyn then?” 


“Addie told me too.” She gasped. 


Dad turned to me, along with Ashlyn.


“Mom went to you first?” Ashlyn asked, fear in her eyes.


“W-What?! N-no!” I yelled.


Mom looked at me with fear and confusion in her eyes.


“Margret, you need to go home.” Dad said, trying to keep his cool.


“But what about the kids?”


“You're not seeing them ever again.”




February 01, 2021 03:38

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12:41 Feb 09, 2021

I think I've been trying to find this story for a long time, and I'm so glad I finally found it! Amazing ending, by the way.


Katie May
12:51 Feb 09, 2021

Tank you!!! :DDD


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Danny -
07:44 Feb 01, 2021

OOhhhh tbc? will there be a part 2? Great story! You and Maya did a great job :DD


Katie May
13:02 Feb 01, 2021

Yup! There will be a part 2! Thanks, make sure to go check Maya's!!


Danny -
13:11 Feb 01, 2021

Yeah, I have! :DDDDD


Katie May
13:56 Feb 01, 2021

I'm going to be starting part 2, and I need your feedback! Would you like to see their father give the mom a second chance or not??


Danny -
13:59 Feb 01, 2021

Of course I do! Lol I kept on thinking of a part 2 after reading the ending.. although, my very not-so-creative brain can't think of a way to have them meet again.... Soooooo that'll probably be a big surprise, I can't wait for the next part! :DD


Katie May
14:12 Feb 01, 2021

XD, okie dokie! I will be posting that.. maybe today or tomorrow? Idk. :DD


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Katie May
03:45 Feb 01, 2021

Hey guys!! Here is Maya's Link!!! Also, if you don't mind, GO JOIN THE SKRIBBLES!!! https://blog.reedsy.com/creative-writing-prompts/author/maya-emerson/


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Love this story so much Katelyn!!! Great work to u and Maya! Keep it up! I can't wait to know what happens next:D


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Lilliane Wei
05:42 Feb 01, 2021

Love the story, Katelyn, great job! I really like how I could see the story from both of the twin's POVs. It made it that much more intriguing. You're descriptions are amazing and there's a dash of humor to your writing that I love. Nice job!! -Lillian Ps, you've read the Selection series?? Which story do you like more, America's or Eadlyn's???


Katie May
13:08 Feb 01, 2021

Thank you so much!! Yes, I have read thoes! Is it bad I have a crush on Maxon? LOL. Sadly, he is taken. Anyways, uh...Eadlyn's for sure!! How about you???


Lilliane Wei
17:01 Feb 01, 2021

Ahahahaha no, its not bad, I feel like we're always meant to fall in love with the characters. I think I liked America's story better, I don't know why actually. XD


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Maya -
04:57 Feb 01, 2021

Yay!!! It was so fun working with you, Katelyn! I love your part! :)


Katie May
13:11 Feb 01, 2021

Thanks! I can't wait to read yours, Maya!!!


Maya -
13:12 Feb 01, 2021



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