Startled awake from my phone going off like crazy. I reach over to it to see what sale my best friend had found but much to my surprise the alert was from the presidential alert system.

There has been a breach at a scientific lab and there is now a airborne disease that can kill within 2 hours of infection.

That was it, no safe place we could go, nothing to protect us from the disease. I sat there rereading the message over and over again. They taught us what to do in school if this was to ever happen.

Always have a bag of clothes along with food and water.

Go to the woods because it will have the cleanest air 

Wait to die.


 The third rule always scared me but luckily we never needed these rules until now. I grab my bright pink bag and run out the door and into the woods.


I finally reached my winter cabin that my father built for me a few years ago. I shove the key in the lock and open the door to find some random man inside. I grab my knife from inside my bra and slowly walk up to the man. Suddenly he stands up and turns around. I drop my knife in fear as he leans into me. There is a dark red almost black color to the whites of his eyes. He leans in so close his nose almost touches mine.I can feel his cold breath when he says, “ We all have it in here. We are all infected” 

I respond with a gravelly voice, “ No, not all of us.”

His eyes widen as my skin begins to tear and my bones break. Now he is staring into a copy of his own eyes as his frail heart stops beating, he drops to the hardwood floor like a rock. I step over him and walk towards the radio in the corner. I grab the mic and adjust the frequency so that the entire world can hear. I don’t say anything until I hear from my commander. 


Word from my commander is that the humans have been thrown into chaos.He tells me that it is time to tell them what is really going on. I turn on the mic and state:

“Hello human race. My name Iphri and I am what you call a virus.”

I turn off the mic and sit back in my chair to laugh. The humans have no idea what is coming for them. They should have never trusted Trump. He was working for us after all. 

August 16, 2019 01:16

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