My dear Katherine I am sorry for what I have done to you. And I know these will sound like empty and contempt words leaving negativity in your heart more than hope! I wanted to say not in a classic Romeo and Juliet way but there is no other way in Which I could tell I love you. You unlocked the door to my heart and it will never be locked for you again. This speck of life will anon leave me and I shall be a lifeless body who you liked. I have an advice for you leave this town, please there is a long reason for this statement but trust me and leave. I no longer have any trust in my hands that they could write the reason to leave, because if a knew it earlier I would have not died. Heed my advice before it does something terrible and heinous to you and your future. I want you to have something I didn’t, longevity and a blissful one.


 I, Katherine found this letter written by my fiancé who died in the nuclear station, Bertyside. While I was a mere nurse who had no wish but to see my fiance safe and sound in front who I was shedding silent tears trying to appear like an emotionless creature but I wasn't at the moment she couldn't control her emotions like the time when she was six years old and never cried behind been given an injection or simply falling on the floor. I thought that on Monday or the next week when she is going to marry George the sunny afternoon will remain in her life forever. My gaze drifted towards the ring on my finger which George gave me on the engagement, it seemed to taunt me. Now it appeared as a numb and hostile winter promising no favors or bliss but eternal sadness and desolate. I was feeling like I was missing something as if a broken jigsaw puzzles whose last piece was lost forever. Abruptly I heard my friend and a colleague struggling with a gurney upon who the man had the same fate as other ninety-percent of patients had. His skin was also peeling and a wince of agony overshadowed his face. I got up to aid her by getting hold of the gurney. When I looked at him my eyes were again replenishing with tears he looked so much like George. But I controlled them and rushed to the emergency cupboard to pick up a fresh bottle of cantharidin. I wore the gloves and then applied the cantharidin, I could tell by his face that he wasn't enjoying my treatment but I had to do my job anyhow. I tried to shoo George from my mind but he kept coming not leaving me alone. My heart was still at unrest. Once I was done applying the cantharidin and removed the gloves from which I felt very sickening. Complying with the hospitals rules I discarded the gloves and washed my hands with the hot tap water and with my cold tears. I checked my wrist watch which struck five pm. Which meant that it was the end of my hour. But still I decided to give one last look to the emergency room to see that had they found Georges body. My feet were a little reluctant to head towards the emergency room as they knew that my heart will greatly grieve but at the same time will also be facilitated with comfort. I reentered the hell in which I had been enjoying working for past one year. I felt someone pat my shoulder, it was Vanessa a good friend. “I am so sorry about what happened, I truly am.” she expressed her condolences in a benign voice and gave me a brief hug which made me feel that maybe i could regenerate. Finally, I set down for the purpose which I came but there was no luck and I finally decided to exit the hospital. And then I headed towards my home where mother would be sitting in the garden watering her flowers. That was so typical of her. She too was in a deep-seated bliss of my marriage and the news which I received today would also break her heart as well. But she had to know or else I have to lie to her that how we got into a died and thought that this marriage isn't appropriate. My hands were feeling so itchy that I was unable to ignore and by the time I reached home it was all red filled with scratches. I opened the one portion house and stepped inside. My predictions were wrong my mother was making tea with our little luxury which was a fruit cake. My mother was awestruck when she saw me. For couple of seconds she stared at me and my puffy eyes. Instead of her usual greeting she interrogated. "What happened?" She asked in the most sympatric voice that I gave in and told her everything from A to Z and eventually allowed myself to cry noisily. My mother took me in her lap as if I was a cherub but I wanted that attention and care which a cherub has. I was unaware about everything that was happening. After what seemed like an era when all my tears were finished, I sat upright my back aching. My gaze darted towards the coffee table on it a piece of paper and a pen welcomed me. My mother looked at me beadily, I tried to find out its meaning. "Do you know what year and month this is?" This question struck me as a little weird. "April 27th 1986" I replied a little hesitantly. "Which means this is the fourth month of the year, now do you remember the new year resolutions you made?" Why was she digressing I thought to myself? “Be successful in whatever cause you choose” I repeated like a student cramming for exams. My mother nodded her head. “That was your resolution last year as well, even though it is one it contains a lot of elements, even if you are reflecting on your last year's resolution it's okay.” She said sounding as annoying and tedious as a math teacher. Giving her optimistic advice which felt like empty words. I just want this to be a bad dream which never happened because I didn't want to go in depression. After a minute or two I decided to go to the public library of Char it wasn't that far from my house. I had to get out of this fatigue of depression I can't rely on being buried under it.

Outside a little speck of light was still left until the sunset, I briskly walked through the streets my body language which was clumsy.

Finally, when I reached the library another petty sorrow overshadowed her that library. It was closed, my heart sank but still it was on the water. Ahead of her I saw an advertising sign "Rogers book shop." I decided to browse. When I entered the shop, I directly walked in to the self-help book aisle. My vision was smudge and there were so much books, my interest was quick to diminish and when finally, I found the cheapest book. "History and origins of Bertesedyi.” Which is a famous nuclear station in this Char town from where a lot of people are coming with blistered skin, where George worked." I paid for it at the counter and left the store. The sky was dark the silhouette of the fluttering bats were visible in the sky. Again, without heeding to anything I headed back home. As I opened the door the delectable and rich aroma of porridge. I had no appetite for even the most insatiable and delectable food although my throat was parched. I bought a glass of water and opened the book which I had purchased. I commenced with the first chapter which was "Safety caution." Out of the blue beneath my wounded spirits was quick to get that passion in myself to complete the book. I read it with enthusiasm as it was the key to survival which undoubtedly it was. I was too blissful because I know all the justifications of the events happening.

Justification behind that why had so many people got blisters on their skin which was causing it to peel. But if my assumptions were correct why hasn't the community taken any steps to aware the local population and evacuate the city. Another traumatizing thought came to my mind. Was this why George said to leave the city? So, I can't suffer the same fate as other people do who are unaware. The clock was ticking soft snoring of her mother's breath was coming from the room she was sleeping in. Conclusively She took all the possibilities into her mind. The reason she and her mother came here was that Katherine needed to seek employment but what's the point of employment when you can't live happily? I don't have to worry about this house as it is on rent and all the furniture and other belongings are possessions of the land lord so there is no need to concern about that. Mom will ambiguously agree to come wherever I will go. Conclusively last thing came to her mind where is she going to get the money for travel. Her gaze shifted towards her finger the gleaming silhouette on it. The ring was now only a symbol of our engagement. But he said that he loved me and wanted me to have something he didn’t had, longevity. And that’s how Katherine made up her mind. Her eyelids were feeling heavy and her insomnia routine had ended. Next as soon as I woke up, I went to the hospital to give my e=resignation and then went to the gold shop. There after a lot of bargaining with a crook I sold the ring for a reasonable price and decided to move to a safe town which was a good distance from Char town to be safe from all the radiation. I decided to move to Ugalde town which offers good education and employment offer. Finally, the last step to execute my plan was to tell mother but that was an easy part. As I predicted she agreed unambiguously and packed our valuable possessions. That windy afternoon when the zephyr was blowing with great zeal and I and my mother were impatiently waiting for the train to come. A feeling of certitude came to my heart as I was doing something right. Finally, the shrill billowing of the train announced its arrival.


Ten days After

I have always considered George a devoted partner who would help me in any way possible, which he did. As today in Ugalde town I was sitting listening to the news of Char town being evacuated due to the deadly radiation. Thank you, George you saved me, and my mother from a major hardship.


January 24, 2020 16:48

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Jackson Con
22:33 Jan 30, 2020

Interesting, letter formatted. Well done!


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Asif Mehmood
17:12 Jan 30, 2020

In a chronological order


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Ayesha Asif
17:01 Jan 30, 2020

A blender of romance and self help.


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Nazia Asif
16:55 Jan 30, 2020

good endeavour! Free from Plagiarism


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Asif Mahmood
16:36 Jan 30, 2020

Well structured plot.


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Shifa Asif
16:06 Jan 30, 2020

Awesome attempt by me lol!😍😛😆


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