The Perfect But Not So Perfect Day

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It was a normal Friday after school, and Elizabeth was coming home to stay the weekend with us. She had to stay the night Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Even though it would be a school night, Her parents were staying out of town and had asked my parents if she could stay with us. At first they said no, but after a bunch of convincing and begging, they finally agreed. 

So here we are, on a Friday night, our whole family is in the kitchen, including Elizabeth. Apparently my parents had planned a family game night and invited our new neighbors who just moved in to come over and do it with us without telling me and my older brother Mason. Here Liz and I are, wearing spandex and an oversized hoodie. When there are people coming to our house in less than 10 minutes. We run upstairs and change our clothes and throw on some makeup. We still look like we just woke up but it is at least better than before. As soon as I take my last step down the stairs, almost in syncly the doorbell rings.

When Mom opens the door, a lady in a red long sleeve shirt and jeans walks in, she has a ton of makeup on and is gorgeous. Following her is a guy wearing a black and white tuxedo and jeans. After that a teenage girl wearing a super cute button up shirt and high rise black leggings walks in. She is on her phone and you can tell she is on Snapchat. She is making faces at herself over and over into her phone. When her mother asks her to put her phone away she ignores her and her Mom acts like she did not even ask her to do anything. I wish my mom did that. The last person to come in was a very handsome boy, he looked about my age. He had on a grey Adidas sweatshirt and sweatpants, he had beautiful golden brown hair and charming blue eyes. He had a full set of braces and they just looked really good on him. He seemed polite too. He thanked my mom for holding the door open. He also had a super cute smile. 

My mom yelled at me to come down and meet our new neighbors even though I was already on the stairs just gazing at this very hot boy. Me and Liz head down the steps and my mom introduces me to all of them and all of them to me. When she gets to the boy, I find out his name is Noah. She says, “This is Noah, he is in your grade and we will be taking him and his sister Breanna to school everyday because their parents have to work early in the mornings. You will need to help introduce him to all of your teachers because Monday will be his first day at Rockwood Academy. I am sure you guys will get along just fine!” 

“Hey Noah, hey Bre, hey Mr and Mrs Jakarta.” 

As I introduc Liz, Mom goes to get Mason from his room and gets dad from the kitchen. When they all walk back in. Mason walks in and is munching down a poptart. Dad comes in with a plateful of cheese and crackers and Mom walks in with a pile full of games. She has to have at least Twenty games in her hands. I sit down in the only place with two empty spots for me and Liz and it is on the couch, right by Noah. 

We are at the 11th of the 17 games mom brought us out to play, when we hear an alarm go off. It is a Tornado siren coming from outside of our house. It is so loud and everyone freaks out. Mom grabs some waters and three games while dad leads everyone downstairs. We get downstairs and dad goes back up to help mom. He comes back down with more games and some snacks while mom is holding games and water bottles. 

When we are downstairs, everyone is worried and startled. It is really weird for all of us but we kept going with our games and it was really fun. My favorite game that we played downstairs was called pictionary air. It is a game where you get a partner and have to draw things in the air with a certain pen and point it at a device. We used the TV to point it at. We drew for teams and lucky enough, I got put with Liz. Me and Liz got second place after Noah and my dad who were partners. We had a lot of fun and it made us forget about the tornado. 

When game night was over we checked the news to see the status. It said that everyone needed to stay in shelter wherever they were unless you absolutely can't, and they can.  So they did. It was already 11 at night so we decided they would stay here for the night. 

My parents slept in their own room. Bre and Noah's mom slept in my room, me, Liz, Noah, and Bre all slept in my living room. No one wanted to sleep on the couch, so we all slept on the ground on a pallet we made. It was actually pretty comfortable. I just could not go to sleep and it was because I was scared my parents knew I hate storms, they completely freak me out. They just did not want to embarrass me in front of all of them. I couldn't act scared though. Especially with Liz here, not to mention Noah and his whole family.  I finally go to bed at like 3 in the morning. 

When I wake up there are trees on the ground, the wind is blowing super hard, and it is pouring. I hope everyone is safe, I thought. I was the first one awake, so it was kind of weird since everyone else was sleeping and I was just sitting there and they could wake up any minute. Anyways, I just hope that we can have another game night soon with this family.

March 21, 2020 01:25

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