#The Past Came Knocking#

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Life is a web, so many do not understand the mystery behind it. The saying "I thou know always comes at last". Growing up as a child, Agnes was loved by all. Her parents showered her with so much love and care. Neighbours and well-wishers always appreciated her parents for the good morals instilled in her. Agnes' beauty was compared to the riding of the sun and the dazzling light of the stars. Her long hair, pointed nose, straight legs and good body stature was indeed magnificent! Because of these qualities, Agnes was the talk of the town. Boys in their numbers tripped in day and night at the neighbourhood just to have a chip-chat with Agnes.

Weeks turn into months as months into years. Agnes grew so fast into a teenager. At this stage, Agnes began to leg go the good morals inculcated in her by her parents and loved ones. She began to see herself as a mini-goddess who will want things done her way. Her mother especially, took it upon herself to bring her back to track but all her efforts proved abortive.

Yes! I am a beautiful girl no man can look at me once and don't get tempted to look the second, third, fourth and even till eternity . These were her words every passing day.

Getting entangle in the web of wrong company, Agnes met a friend called Uzomma. She was the black sheep of her family. Because of her wayward life Uzo lost her father and that never taught her any lesson instead, she grew wild than what anyone could imagine. Uzomma introduced Agnes into drug peddling, prostitution and all sorts of illegal deals. This lifestyle was what Agnes found herself into and continued. As time went on, her parents were heart broken her father couldn't face the public,the church or even the organization he was made the leader. Her mother on hearing the lifestyle her daughter has chosen to live, fell ill and suffered the heart break for five more years before she past on. Agnes heard the sudden death of her mother and never moved an hair. She came on the day of her burial with her gang of thieves. Everyone present at the burial was speechless to have seen the Angel in Agnes turn a Lucifer at a blink of an eye. Her father was devastated. He could not believe his eyes what his own precious daughter Agnes had turned into. At the burial scene, he cried out like a baby and called on his chi to have mercy on his daughter Agnes and bring her back to track. On hearing the prayer made, Agnes like a wounded cow, bellowed and everywhere was calm as a graveyard. She yelled at her father with no atom of regard or respect for him. Agnes spat on her mother's grave as her remains was lay to rest. She gathered a little quantity of sand in her palm and poured it to the grave. " You have played your role woman, rest on" she said. In not up to five minutes after that, she call out her friends (gang) to do same to bead her mother farewell. They all did and vom! They all left without a word or two to anyone. Her father by the grave side cried and cried if only tears could bring back the dead to join the living again he wished. After the burial of Agnes' mum, Ojiofor fell ill as a result of loneliness and heart break. This time, it was hard for Ojiofor ( Agnes' father) to come to terms with that all he has worked for in life has been smashed. He lost his wife to the cold hands of death and his only consolation, his daughter has chosen the wrong path of life. The thought of all these tragedies stocked him down with a serious illness that claimed his life after few months. Agnes became an orphan who never bothered for a second if the table turns around some day and the Hunter turn hunted. She kept on with her wayward life and Uzomma the bad egg influenced her nagetively that Agnes went into committing abortions. At 22, she had carried out not less than ten abortions for different men. Agnes at 25 years met a young man called Bob. He was a well known business mogul who was into importation of foreign goods.

Ahah! It was cozy at the beginning after few months, Bob decided to take Agnes to see his people for formal introduction. It would have been a happy story but reverse was the case.

News flash! Agnes was thrown out at the sight of her into Amaeze community where Bob hails from.

Bad new! Bad new! You can't be part of this family! A woman in her mid 60s bellowed. Agnes with her face covered in shame and disgrace ran out of the house through the back door. Bob still in shock was speechless and could not fathom what exactly was going on.

To break the silence, he called out in a loud voice, can some please tell me what is going on here? His relatives gathered like swarm of bees in the living room to calm the situation down. On hearing all the atrocities Agnes has committed in the time past could not stand the sight of her. Agnes was avoided like a plague. This continued for years and Agnes could not but wet her pillows with tears. She had no one to cry on his or her shoulders. Her friends deserted her and she felt the world had come crushing down on her. at 37, she met Barrister Davis an American based lawyer who came down to Nigeria for a friend's wedding. Yes! Luck shun on her at the early stage. It was rosy. Life with Davis was heaven on earth for Agnes. After some months, they got married and as usual, expectations to bare forth a child or children came creeping in. The pressure became more tensed that she was advice to go for medical check-up she and her husband. Oh no! Another knock on the door. The past has come knocking! Agnes was reluctant at first but when the pressure was hot on her, she and Davis visited the Angelic Hospital in New JC. Unfortunately, the news was devastating as Agnes womb was found to be damaged as a result of series of abortions done in the past. When this was said by the doctor, and the only solution was "evacuation of her womb". Agnes fell to the ground and cried oh no! My past has come to haunt me! My past has come to haunt me! Who will hear my cry? Who will listen to my story?

I lost my parents, I lost my pride as a woman and now my marriage has hit the rocks ... all because of my past.

I wish I could take things back to the way it ought to have been*.


Is it right as Davis left the marriage?

What Agnes did in the past, is it pardonable?

Moral lessons:

Say no to premarital sex

Avoid bad company

I thou know always comes at last.

What goes around always comes around

What you sow is that which you will reap

July 17, 2020 21:19

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P. Jean
22:16 Jul 17, 2020

Yes an obvious moral to this story....act in haste repent in leisure. Old age is a harsh master without being also hated and alone!


Abigail Slimzy
13:12 Jul 18, 2020

Yes dear! Thanks for reading. You are doing well too. Keep it up!


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Abigail Slimzy
21:39 Jul 17, 2020

Life isn't a bed of roses. Thread with caution else you might be haunt down my mistakes of the past. I could say say, it was rather too late for Agnes*


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The Cold Ice
13:58 Jul 31, 2020

It was a super moral and I liked the story


Abigail Slimzy
14:23 Jul 31, 2020

Thanks dear...


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