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Hi, I'm Blakely Hudson. I'm 16 years old and I live with my mom, dad,little brother, Jackson who is twelve and a half and my golden doodle who's name is Miss Lola. I live in Bristol, Tennessee. In my opinion, Bristol is the best town in Tennessee. I have always loved doing detective work, but all the detectives I've worked for said I was really clumsy and honestly, I was really clumsy. I'm going to tell you a story about me and my best detective job ever! It all started on a Saturday morning the week before school got out.

"Well, would ya look at that," Dad said reading his newspaper, " 'Detective Floyd is looking for an assistant. Age minimum 16 years old.' Hey, Blakely! You should apply for that job!"

"I don't know, Dad," I replied, "Remember what happened with my last junior detective job? I got fingerprints and hair strands all over the DNA samples."

"Come on! It's all you ever wanted to do!" Mom chimed in drinking her morning coffee.

"Why not, Blake?" Jackson asked.

"It's Blakely and you know it," I replied.

                                            *    *    *

I decided to apply for the job. I had to wait awhile to give Floyd my application. In a two weeks, four days and eight hours I got hired to Detective Floyd's Agency! And yes, I did count and I still remember. I was so excited and could not wait! This was going to be the best day of my entire life! I started the next week just about a week after school got out for summer.

"Welcome to Detective Floyd's. I'm Mark Floyd," the detective said to Blakely.

"Thanks! Where do I start?"

"If the phone rings, answer it and write the case down. Once I'm done with this lunch break, we'll work on the case if we have one." After Floyd left, I sat at the desk to find absolutely anything to do to keep me entertained. Surprisingly, the phone rang. I answered it and the women on the phone said:

"I'm Casandra Willis and I own Casandra's Cupcake World," the women said frantically, "My bakery was robbed and stole what I needed for my grandma's sugar cookies. The robber stole all the money in the cash register and all the spices. Not to mention the one hybrid spice that my grandmother created that is needed in the recipe."

"Ma'am, whoever robbed you, Detective Floyd and I will find him/her," I assured her.

I informed Floyd and we headed straight to Casandra's bakery. Once we got there, we started to collect DNA samples. Floyd was off though. He was messing everything up and was hiding.

We got back to the office and started to test the samples. I couldn't find any matches so we went back to Casandra's bakery.

Once we were there, we asked Casandra who would have the motive to rob her.

"I can't think of anyone except for Beatrice Rainer who owns Beatrice's Baking Addiction or my brother: Bennett Willis. Beatrice and I were in the 8th grade together and I always beat her in the baking competition with these sugar cookies. Bennett and I owned a barber shop and were very successful but I was never into that kind of stuff. I quit the barber shop and the business failed. I haven't seen Bennett for seven years."

"Okay, we will get back to you tomorrow with an update," Detective Floyd informed her.

Back at the office, I reviewed Floyd's schedule to check when I had time to go over the case. I still wasn't sure who the burglar was, but Detective Floyd thought the burglar was Beatrice Rainer.

Back at Casandra's Cupcake World, we started to ask where she thought Ms. Rainer and Mr. Willis were now.

"I have no idea where Bennett is but Beatrice's bakery is on the corner of Lincoln Circle and Simpson Street."

"I'll go investigate Ms. Rainer. I'll be back in an hour," Floyd said to me. After Floyd left, I asked Casandra about where she last saw her brother and where she thought he was now.

"I last saw him in Knoxville, Tennessee. I know he is still in Tennessee, but I think he went to a city north-eastern of Knoxville."

"Let me think for a second....... I know who it is," I realized, "But I'm going to wait until Floyd gets back before I say anything, though."

We had to wait about half an hour until Detective Floyd got back.

Once he was back, I told him I figured out who it was.

"It was... drum roll, please...... Detective Mark Floyd." We all looked at Floyd.

"Why would you think it was me?" he asked.

"On my first day, when Ms. Casandra Willis' bakery was robbed, you had your lunch break at 9:45 am. When I looked at your schedule I realized you had your lunch break at 12:15 pm. Her bakery was robbed at 10:00 am. You are Bennett Willis. You are Casandra Willis' brother. You robbed Casandra's Cupcake World. You changed your name and hid while we were here so Casandra wouldn't recognize you. You messed up the test samples so I couldn't find the match. Mr. Willis, you are under arrest."

The police arrived and took Floyd/Willis to prison. I decided to take Floyd's office and change it to Blakely Hudson's Detective Agency.

I had a few more cases and was very successful. I now was the detective for Bristol, Tennessee. I hired two people to work with me and we all became very good friends. For the next thirty seven years, I ran the detective agency. My friends and family were very proud of me and pretty soon, I opened more detective agencies all over Tennessee and became the boss of all of them. I was the most successful detective and put thirty eight guilty people to prison. It may seem like a fantasy job in this century, but I made it happen and that's all that matters.

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