Comforted Cries

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At just three years of age Eleanora or just El as she prefers to be called first heard the cries, more like a mewling almost. Not sure what or whom she was hearing it frightened her. She pulled the covers over her head and sang You are my Sunshine over and over until it stopped.

When El turned 8 she was already used to the crying she would hear that no one else seemed to hear. Each time she would sing You are my Sunshine and it would go away after a bit of time.

She could never talk to her Mother or Father about the cries. They were always so busy that they often would forget about El. Being an only child El learned to keep journals about the cries and about her dreams.

She often wondered if she herself was crazy or if it were all real.

She kept to herself in school and was a very good student, very smart and very determined to do her best, Although her parents never noticed.

At the age of 18 El finally met her Grandmother whom lived far away from the family and was rumored to be eccentric or crazy as her father liked to say.

"You hear them too don't you Dear?" Her Grandmother asked. " Who? " El asked "The scared little Children" Her Grandmother replied. Her Grandmother was also named Eleanor and the family resemblance was uncanny. " You see Dear, I was called Crazy because I told people about it, about them and they never believed me. I tried to show them proof but alas, I ended up here."

El sat motionless not sure what to say or do. Finally she asked " What did you do? How did you calm them and keep them safe?" Her Grandmother just stared at her. " I sing You are my Sunshine to them until the monster goes away. It calms them and protects them, Although I don't know why or how it works. I never realized they were real."

El sat quietly while her Grandmother thought " I also sang to them. I sang Hush little Baby don't you cry. And yes it calms and protects them from afar." Her Grandmother said.

"That is our super power passed down many generations and it never fails. When a child is frightened all they have to do is cry out to us and whomever is listening gets the call and responds. It has worked for many of our Ancestors, Although I have heard of many different ways to calm them. Some read, some sing like us , some present as a stuffed animal to show them love."

El would continue to answer the cries throughout her life. No matter what she had going on in her life she was always available.

El finished college with a degree and became a social worker and she met a wonderful man named Benjamin.

She married him and raised 6 children with him and they were raised to be Kind and Gentle. To care for all people and to never turn away from someone in need. El's Children never got the super power and she wondered if perhaps she was the last in her family to get it.

For her the cries were sad and scary. She could feel what the child was feeling and she could feel their anxiety and the song she sang always eased that feeling for her and the children.

El thought of changing songs but was fearful that it would not work, or that it would end her abilities to help the children.

El spent a lot of time with her Grandmother before she had passed, But Eleanor never knew where the abilities came from or how often they were passed down. She never found out if it was only women or if some of the men had it too? Her Grandmother had told her that she had heard that people all over the world had the super power not just their family, But most were afraid to speak of it because like Eleanor they would have been thought crazy.

El never told anyone about her super power other than her Grandmother and when El was an older woman of 80 she got to explain to her great Grandchildren the Beauty of their Super power.

One of her Great Grandsons said he liked to go to them as their favorite toy or stuffed animal and that he would radiate love over them until they were calm.

One of her great Granddaughters would put peaceful Happy images in their heads or Happy memories to calm them.

El lived a very long Happy life and was able to encourage every person in her large family to love and help and comfort and heal anywhere and everywhere they could. No matter the person as Children need all the love and protection they can get.

El's family continues to protect children from far away for many generations and many years.

The super power got stronger and stronger over the generations.

Many children would grow up to tell their children of the people that would comfort them when they were freighted and scared. And the stories would pass for generations. Some believe the stories and some scoff at the notion , But for the children that were saved they know and that knowledge gives them hope for their children and their children's children.

So if your child tells you of such a tale be mindful of the tale and Thank God for the comforters of the cries.

For I know and many children know the truth of the songs, the memories. The toys or perhaps it's a favorite stuffed animal or a special song they hear.

The cries were always answered no matter the cause, a Boogeyman or the fighting they would overhear, the drinking or the drugs. The rage or the screaming, Someone always answered the cries.

Many children were saved and protected. Many were too young to pray for help, But their cries carried across time and space to be answered by people like El and Eleanor and the thousands of other people who answer the cries and comfort with love.

June 27, 2020 01:02

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