Furious, you throw the bottle which overflowed with a cheap, filthy substance. Your eyes spark with anger as you hear the mocking, brutal noises the passerby’s howl at you.

You remember, ‘Don’t let life slip away, one day you’ll leave this world behind, so live a life you’ll remember.’ That is what she said? That? A joke! To live a life you’ll remember you’d need a continuous journey to travel without setbacks. What did she know anyway?

You heave, as you lean onto the brick wall on for support, lifting yourself up, you stagger up and wobble on your legs. Your body quavers and the ground below opens up to swallow you whole. No mercy. This was life: pathetic. Think of it your way, if we need to live life, if we need to achieve something and we put in the effort, why can’t life just stand on its own and guide us? But life is just given to the most precious of the jewels.

“Hey Gray.” Someone says to you. Your vision is blunt and blurry. To an extent where you may become blind. “Drinking that cheap, local booze?”

“Yeah, and what’re you gonna do about it.” You reply back challenging them to step forward.

“I would kill you.” They snarl back rapidly in response with the hint of a murderous scene. “Would you want me to do that for you?”

“If I wanted to die I would jump off your ego onto your IQ.” You dizzily say as your slurred words dance around the heated conversation.

“I don’t think you’d want that, do what’s best for you and shut up!”

“Or what?” You reply spitting onto the ground. No not a good plan. Ever used your brain? Thought not! What have you put yourself into now?

Suddenly you feel a hand land on your shoulder as you are yanked to the ground and that’s when you loose your memory. Recalling the last events would be hard. You feel yourself being punched at like a punch bag. Helplessly, you display yourself on the cold , unsupportive ground with your legs kicking at them.

The howls of laughter returned, an unsupportive world.


Fluttering open your sore eyes, you look around at the display of plain greyness. It was New Years Eve! Why wasn’t this person celebrating? Moving your legs, painfully and breath fully, you shuffle out of the comfortable bed that had once provided comfort. Sinking out of the bed, you cautiously walk across the room as your head pounds, every inch of your body aches with volcanic explosions. You walk into a lavender scented bathroom and step inside to face the ugliness.

Face covered in bruises and cuts, you feel bandages across your leg and on your arm. Peeling off your ripped top, you feel the scars of your past, the places that embedded your families secrets. Once neglected, always neglected.

You leave the bathroom and enter what seemed like a hallway walking silently across, you lean into the second bedroom, empty, as clean as a slate. “Find anything interesting?” Questions a lady. Her voice angelic yet firm, a voice to be treasured fully.

Spinning around in shock, “S... sorry I didn’t mean to.” You stutter. Straightening yourself up. “I’ve never been in a house before you see.” You joke to lighten up the mood.

Once you both had gone over the few minor details and background checks, You sat on the sofa deep in your thoughts. “Would you like to eat something?” Gabby says perking upwards. “I’m ordering in Chinese, but what would you like?”

“I’ll have Chinese too please and I’d pay you if I had the money.” You sarcastically say. “Why did you not go out for New Years?”

Looking across at You, she brushed it off leaving the question hanging in the air. “Hi, yes, please could I have the usuals. Thank you!” Hanging up the phone in seconds, she sat across you as she glares at you.

“Sorry if I said anything wrong.” You say as you look across concerned. “Is everything okay?”

“Well you didn’t know. You did nothing wrong.” Gabby says lightly.

“So...” You lead on.

“Well on New Years Eve, I was going to get married... but he left me. Alone on the alter. After that New Years Eve, was never a thing for me.” Gabby announces as I put a hand out shakily.

“I’m sorry. You have so much that is beautiful about you. You are wonderful in your own way. Take it on and thrive.” You comfortably say. “I’m sorry.”

Peering across at you, she asks. “What about you?”

“No family. Nobody. I live on Misfit alleyway, I’ve lived there for 6 years. No, I don’t believe in New Years Eve.” You whisper, ashamed.

“But why?” She questioned nosily.

“No big reason.” You say until she folds her arms across her chest like a disappointed guardian.

“Fine, New Years Eve was the day my parents left me!” You shout, frustrated. assuaging your temples, Gabbie reminds you of her. The betrayer. The person who gave you life then abandoned you. “I’m sorry but you remind me of her.”

“Remind you of who?” She asks confused.

“My mother!” You shout again as the flashbacks of your mother enter your brain. You clench your jaw and squeeze your hand into a ball of force.

“Stop! Do not talk to me like that!” She shouts back as she picks up the plate and throws it onto the floor. It shattered into a million pieces.

The plate exploded on the place right in front of your knackered feet, the shards of glass prick your skin in revenge. “I’m sorry.” You manage to leap out of your mouth.

Your face dribbles with blood, pure red blood that gave a poisonous and toxic sting. Walking out of the apartment bleary eyed, she calls you back. “Dayson! Dayson! Sorry, come back.”

Running out of the building, you sprint across the pavement to another alleyway where you hide in hope of not getting embarrassed. “Dayson! Come back!” Gabby shouts in search of you.

You shut your eyes as you rest. Suddenly you hear the commotion of Gabby screaming and crying. Shooting yo as fast as you can, you scan everywhere for her, there! In the green hoodie. You leap towards her as you’re surrounded by many men from the incident before. “Let the girl go.” A voice says as Gabby runs out of the circle.

She ran, Never looking back. I was right! This world was pathetic with betrayers. “Looking around at the men, your mothers images splashed in front of you.” Anger pourers over your soul as you started the fight. Punching with your fist, kicking them, dragging them unmercifully, and killing them with no regrets.

You were the misfit.


Curled up together on the comfy sofa, your hand wrapped around the steaming food in front of you. Taking in the aromas, Gabby kisses you lightly, as she eats the noodles from your chopsticks. Slurping it, she winks at you as you peer over at her chopsticks. In a sharp move, you eat her noodles whole. She set upon you like a cheetah. Diving in for the delicacies. You both peer over at the display of fireworks outside of your steamy window.

You were once the misfit.

January 03, 2020 23:08

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Sam Kirk
23:00 Jan 07, 2020

"If I wanted to die I would jump off your ego onto your IQ.” That was a witty line. Well done.


Yoomi Ari
22:39 Jan 08, 2020

Thank you! Not to lie, I have used that phrase a couple of times when angry! Lol


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L. M.
23:34 May 25, 2020

You did fantastic using the unusual approach of second person to tell a story, and this tale was filled with good lines!


Yoomi Ari
02:41 May 26, 2020

🙏 Thank you!!


L. M.
02:43 May 26, 2020

You're welcome!


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Show 1 reply
21:56 Jan 07, 2020

This had me from the first few lines. Great emotion and use of detail.


Yoomi Ari
22:28 Jan 07, 2020

Thank you and as an aspiring author, this means a lot. Thx again!


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