It's not the end of the world...

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Adventure Bedtime Coming of Age

Josh turned 10 years of age on November 2nd, he was so excited to go trick or treating within the new neighbourhood. His parents, Sally and Jack moved into the area 3 weeks now with, Josh the youngest, Nadia, their teenage daughter, 17 and eldest son, Jeremy, 21, finishing his last term at university. Their grandmother, Irene moved with them after her husband, Sheridan passed away, and it was agreed to move her in with the family, so, overall, they were all new to the area. But, Josh was determined that he would make a friend or friends to go out treating as he had never missed Halloween since.

Josh's first day at his new school was an uneasy one, he found it tricky to make a friend but still was determined to make a go of it. Each day he would come home with tears in his eyes and always found comfort with his grandmother, Irene. The two were almost inseparable with all the words of wisdom and spiritual encouragement to aide him on his way. It always worked, for Josh felt so much better for it.

It was coming up to the days of Halloween, Josh was still determined to find friends from school to to go. His grandmother, Irene, would always whisper in his ear,

"Don't despair it is not the end of the world."

Josh would hint to his mother and plead with her about it, and she would just nod and say,

"I'm sorry Josh, you know how it is, working too late I am so tired, they'll always be next year."

Josh would never approach his father, Jack, on account that he worked on the night shift at the factory. His sister, Nadia and brother, Jeremy thought they were too hold to be playing those types of games, or at least they did not wish to be seen with him being so young. So, the only person that would listen to his cries and weeps was his grandmother, Irene.

It was now that time of year in the midst of Halloween, streams of decorations on each house, more themes in schools and poster littered everywhere. Josh tried to make a point to his brother and sister,

"You could never be too old for Halloween, why won't you come with me?"

There was no answer from either of them, instead, Irene was always by his side with her words of encouragement,

"Where there is a will, there always has to be a way."

Josh did not completely understand what she meant but it certainly made him much better. Irene had a gift with children and Josh and his family, she was the kingpin to get arguments to be settled for good. But Josh still had no one to go with Trick or Treat.

It was now drawing near, nearly everyone was prepared, the afternoon was getting later, the children were laughing and chuckling with friends but no one invited Josh, who was left alone in their new environment. Irene went to him and nudged him,

"Come with me, I have something for you."

Josh followed his grandmother into her room, in which she produced a small package. Josh opened it slowly to reveal, a small Halloween bucket with bits and pieces of goodies for the occasion. All Josh could do is hug his gran,

"Who will take me out Trick or Treating?"

"Give me a moment while I get my hat and coat."

"Are you going to take me gran ma?"

"I will do all I can for you, don't you worry."

"Oh Gran...thank you!"

"What are you thanking me for?"

"I don't know."

And with that, Josh gave his grandmother a big hug. The next few hours, Josh and his grandmother were getting ready to go out. Nadia and Jeremy had already gone out and his mother, Sally had just come home from work and already in the living, sipping her usual glass of wine, her husband was busy getting ready to go on the night shift at the factory, and Josh was happy and ready waiting at his grandmothers' door. He tapped slightly at the door,

"Are you ready gran ma?"

"I'm ready... let's go, first I need to do a few things."

They both descended from the house on to the main street, his grandmother did not make any house calls as usual but instead they were heading towards the the bus stop. It was only a few stops until they were in the small town as Irene and Josh came across a quaint tea shop, there were Halloween decorations at the window and inside. Josh looked at his grandmother,

"But gran, I thought that you were taking Trick or Treating."

"That will happen all in good time, just be patient things have a way of working out."

Josh looked at his grandmother and knew she was always right, they pulled up a chair while she ordered tea and cakes and a pumpkin pie with cream, Josh had a special Halloween drink, which he gulp down and enjoyed thoroughly. After he finished eating and drinking he was so keen to go when his grandmother had more to say to him,

"You know, Josh, you are getting to be a very wise and intelligent person, and sometimes when you want something, just because you see the world around you celebrating it doesn't mean that you should follow. Your parents work very hard to be here, your sister and brother have their own lives to live and it may seem like they don't get about you, but they do."

Irene paused for a while before continuing,

"As you are aware, you lost your grandfather and I know how that really hurt you, I am still hurting too, that I cannot change, but we have to make the most of it. Getting back to Trick or Treat, it is something I am not keen on, but for your sake, and only just once I will try to oblige."

Josh looked at his grandmother in astonishment,

"I didn't think you were still hurt from gran pa."

"The pain will never go away, at least he is now in a better place."

"Gran ma, I don't really need to go trick or treat...can we stay here for a while?"

"Yes, I would like that, would you like another drink?"

"Yes please...another one of those Halloween drinks."

"That's fine then."

They sat together and Josh not even missing the celebrations.

October 26, 2020 15:28

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Hannah Barton
20:38 Nov 05, 2020

I'm not sure the overall point behind this story.


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Philip Ebuluofor
06:16 Nov 05, 2020

Words of wisdom. I like the story. Josh supposed to go treating and tricking. He did not kill Jesus you know.


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