Fantasy Friendship Fiction

   'Man, if only I told Valerie how I felt back then,' I said all to myself as I lifted some weights. Only 50 pound dumbbells for those wondering. I tried not too think as much when lifting anything heavier than that. Right now, I was currently warming up.

   I had just bumped into Valerie not too long ago. She was here wanting to become a new member at my regular gym that I go to for my bodybuilding training. We just had a simple good conversation that lasted for a good five minutes. It felt good catching up with that short amount of time yet my feelings for her began to stir. 

What has it been now? Has really been five years since i last saw her. Sure, we still are great friends to this day but I never really told her about my feelings towards her. I didn't know how to go about it. If only, I just told her I'm sure things would have been different than they are now.

  After a couple of set, I put down my dumbbells and closed my eyes just picturing what it would have been like if I did. As I reminisce, I could hear Bruno Mars's "If I Was Your Man" in the background. I couldn't help but chuckle softly as it was sort of a coincidence.


  In my mind, I pictured us having a small family all living in a suburban yellow house with a red roof. Valerie and I had a little girl name Veronica who just turned 5 and a pitbull name Muscles who would be at least two.

We had a white picnic fence with a garden for Valerie's fruits and vegetables she could grew organically. Both the front yard and backyard were enormous with plenty of room for Veronica and Muscles to run away in. Our house had three bedrooms and two bathrooms along with a loving living room, homey kitchen, delightful dining room, and a beautiful basement. Valerie is five months pregnant and we are expecting a baby boy. 

  After a long day of work and school, we all came to a family dinner with just the four of us. The girls and I made some nutritious food that was pretty healthy for all of us. We all prayed for our meal (Veronica volunteeres to do the blessings), then we passed around our dishes and eat as a functional family.

  After a few bites, Veronica asks mommy and I curiously: "So what are you going to name my future brother?"

  Valerie and I looked at each other with big smiles on our faces. My dear wife replies while asking our daughter: "What do you think his name is going to be?"

  Veronica thinks about it as she puts down her fork and places her hand on her chin. Eventually she comes up with one and say: "Chad Jr.?"

  My wife and I chuckled but I politely respond: "No sweetheart, as much I do like my name, I dont want people getting confused with two Chads. Yet you are close for his name will start with a C." 

  "Charlie?" my daughter asked.

  My wife responded: "Good name but no, honey. Wanna try again?"


  I then go: "Nope, it's Carlton."

  "Oh, after the Carlton dance?" she asked as she even did the dance.

  "Hahaha, sure why not," I laughed while also smiling. 

  "But what if my brother happens to be a girl?" Veronica asked thoughtfully.

   My wife then goes: "We are planning on calling her Carla."

  "That's such a pretty name," Veronica said excitedly.

   "And so is Veronica as well as Valerie," I noted.

   Both my wife and daughter nodded as well as Muscles who was comfortably laying on his dog bed across from the dining table. 

  We then changed the subject by asking our little one how was school.

  Enthusiastically, Veronica told us about her day in school. She went over her day talking about subjects such as learning the alphabet, painting on canvas, and her class singing Fifty Nifty Untied States. 

  My wife and I have been so proud of her. She has become a straight student, top of her crass and over achiever just like her parents are. Valerie and I believe she will go to college someday. so far Veronica wants to be a pet doctor. she is very fond of animals. it's a true statement when you see her and Muscles the way they are. They were two peas in a pod. They definitely reminded me of a boy and his dog in a fantasy book I read. Something about a blacksmith and his nephew. 

   "Chad..." said a familiar voice. I look around and saw no one there. 

   "Hey Chad, it's me Lolo, you okay?" said the voice of familiarity once again yet I couldn't see them.

   Eventually I felt something shaking me and I was done reminiscing.


   I come to find that it was my best friend and travel agent Lolo who was the one calling and shaking me to get her attention. Judging by her face expressions, she was worried. "Chad, you here. Please answer me," she demanded. In the background I could hear another Bruno Mars song and this time it was "Uptown Funk." Apparently it's a Bruno Mars music type of a day which I don't mind one bit for he is a good artist.

  I responded to her calmly: "Yes Lolo, I am fine. Thank you for asking. Sorry I was in a trance."

  "Oh thank goodness," she replied as she places her hand over her heart. "I was extremely concerned. What has got you in trance my dear friend."

   "Just reminiscing is all," I shrugged.

   "Reminiscing about what?" she asked with a face of concern.

   I then replied nervously: "Well... just about what if I told the girl of my dreams my feelings. I was thinking about what we would have had if I had the courage to tell her."

   "Hold the phone...is Ready O'Chad have a love interest and I never knew?" my good friend asked.

   "You can say that," I shrugged once again.

   "How come I haven't heard about any of this?"

   "You never asked."

   "Okay well, you don't open up much," Lolo noted.

   "Yeah, that's true," I agreed.

   "So, what is her name?" Lolo asked with now a face of interest.

   "Her name is Valerie Hale," I replied

   She gives me a look and responds: "Wait a second, are you referring to THE Dr. Valerie Hale of Nutrition and Well Being Care?"

   "Yep, that's the one," I replied while nodding.

   "I absolutely love her. she is so sweet and very caring."

   "Yeah I know that's why I love her."

   "How long?" my good friend asked.

   "About a decade," I replied.

   "10 years?" asked Lolo with her mouth dropped slightly but she immediately closed it and continue: "10 years and you haven't even told her that you love her. I will go crazy if I didn't tell Faye that I loved her."

   "Yeah, crazy right? Especially since I'm a bodybuilder but never told people much about my feelings."

   Lolo then suggests: "Well we should change that. You should tell her how you feel."

   "Yeah but how am I supposed to talk to her. every time I do I always choke up and don't say anything," I mentioned.

   "Maybe instead of you telling her how about you show it," she noted.

   "Show her how?" I asked dumbfoundedly.

   "There are plenty of ways to get a woman's attention but nothing beats arriving to their date with another hot date."

    "Okay, but how do I find this other hot date?"

    "Why, me silly?" Lolo replied while pointing to herself with both of her thumbs.

    "You Lolo? What will Faye think?"

    "Once I have told her about the idea, I'm sure she'll be aboard for it."

    "Wow, thank you Lolo."

    "No problem Chad."

   And like that, Operation: Make Valerie Jealous was hatched.

November 11, 2022 22:34

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