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Two hitwomen, Becky and Tanya, walk down the street, side by side. Their belts are stocked with guns and knives. 

“How was your morning?” asks Becky. 

“The kitchen sink is clogged again.” replies Tanya. 

“Again? You just got it fixed.”

“I know. It’s so bad, I’m thinking we should just sell the house.”

“Or find a better plumber?” jokes Becky. 

“I bet Ben put something down the drain and isn’t telling me.” counters Tanya. 

“How is Ben?”

“I think he’s cheating on me.” 

“What? He would never, why do you think that?” questions Becky. 

“Yesterday, for lunch he made me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.” replies Tanya. 

“You hate peanut butter.”

“Exactly, who’s this girl that likes peanut butter?”

“I’m headed for Noble Street.” replies Becky.

“Me too.” says Tanya. 

They turn the corner of the street together. 

“So, what did you say to him?” asks Becky. 

“I didn’t say anything, I was too upset about the sink.” replies Tanya. 

“What did you do with the sandwich?”

“Ate it.” replies Tanya. 

“You really are upset about the sink.”

“I think I’m just working too hard. These targets have got me jumping barbed wire fences.” muses Tanya. 

“Your wrist still hurting you?” asks Becky. 

“It’s better.” replies Tanya. 

“I’m gonna take the back street.” 

“Yeah, I should take that way too.” 

They both turn into another street. 

“Are you still talking to that therapist?” asks Tanya. 

“No. “ replies Becky. “I think he was catching on to what I do for a living. Now, I gotta find a new one.”

“Isn’t there patient confidentiality?” asks Tanya. 

“You think doctors actually abide by that rule? I’m sure doctors gossip about their patients as soon as they walk out of the room. I’ll find police at my door.”

“Yeah, probably.” agrees Tanya. “I don’t know why you go in the first place, you have me to talk to.”

“I explained this to you already, therapists have a way of examining the brain, they’re like…”

“Surgeons, yes, I remember.” finishes Tanya. 

“You should try seeing one.” says Becky. 

They stop at a crosswalk, waiting for the light to change. They both hold their jackets around their belts, hiding their weapons. 

“I don’t need one.” 

“You think Ben is cheating on you because of peanut butter.”

“He knows I don’t like it!” states Tanya. “Why would he do that?”

The light changes and they cross the street. 

“It slipped his mind?” wonders Becky. 

“Because he’s thinking about someone else.” answers Tanya. “I bet you it’s that receptionist at his office.”

“The one whose blouses are cut too low?”

“Exactly.” says Tanya slyly. 

They turn another corner.

“My target should be around this alleyway.” says Becky. 

“Really? Same here.” replies Tanya. 

“That’s weird. What are the chances that our targets are...”

“In the same spot?” answers Tanya. 

“Maybe they know each other.” 

They walk into the alley together, hands on their weapons, ready for assault. 

“What’s your target’s name?” asks Becky. 

“It says unknown.” answers Tanya.

“Same as mine.” 

They reach the end of the alleyway, looking left and right in confusion. They turn and look at each other. They simultaneously pull their guns from their belts, pointing loaded barrels at each other. 

“What are you doing?” asks Becky. 

What are you doing?” asks Tanya. 

“I think you’re my target.” 

“I think you’re my target too.” replies Tanya. 

“We work for the same company, why would they set us up like this?” asks Becky.

“Looks like we’re getting laid off.” replies Tanya. 

They both haven’t lowered their guns. 

“Are you going to shoot your best friend?” asks Becky. 

Tanya doesn’t answer. 


“I’m trying to think if you’re my best friend or if Ben is.”

“I’d never give you peanut butter!”

“Dammit, you’re right.” Tanya lowers her gun. “I can’t believe this, who would do this to us? After all the over time I’ve done. You know, I’ve only taken a vacation once with this company?”

“Where else am I gonna find an assassin’s salary?” says Becky. 

“Curse these guys, I bet this is the work of James at head office, I never liked him.” says Tanya. 

“Yeah, probably.”

“I’m sorry, I raised my gun first at you.” remarks Tanya. 

“No, it was my fault, I raised my gun at you first.” replies Becky. 

“No, it was definitely me. I’m the one faster with a gun.” 

Not paying attention, two gangsters are walking up from behind them. 

“You hesitated.” says Becky. “It’s okay, I was also confused.”

“All I’m trying to say is…” Tanya is interrupted by the first gangster. His face is tattooed with gold plated teeth. 

“May I ask what ya’ll are doing in here?” he says. 

“Mind your business.” says Becky. 

“My what, now?” says the first gangster.

“Nobody invited you here, scram.” answers Tanya.

The second gangster, who also has gold on certain teeth, replies, 

“This is Crips territory. Ya’ll don’t look like Crips, whatchu doin’ in here, holding guns?”

“Crips?” says Becky as she looks to Tanya. 

“The gang.” she says. 

“Are these our…” starts Becky. 

Tanya finishes, 


Becky and Tanya immediately raise their guns at the gangsters. The first gangster intervenes. 

“Whoa, wait, how do ya’ll know it’s us you’re looking for?”

“We ask the questions.” says Becky. “Now up against the wall.”

The gangsters do as they are told. 

“Turn around.” demands Becky. 

“Wait, what if he’s right. What if we’re looking for two other guys?” asks Tanya. 

“It’s the correct time and place. These are Crips members.” replies Becky. 

“Yeah, but there’s a lot of them. Our assignment gave no names. A minute ago, I thought it was you.” questions Tanya. 

“Regardless, they’re both gangsters from a very dangerous....” Becky gets interrupted as both gangsters sprint down the alley. 

“Dammit!” yells Tanya. 

Both hitwomen fire their guns at the escaping gangsters, chasing after them. After a flurry of bullets, both gangsters get shot in the back and fall to their deaths. 

“Whew, almost lost this time.” says Tanya. 

“Because you feel the need to ask questions in the most inappropriate times.” says Becky. 

“Do not, I make very important questions.” responds Tanya. 

Two more gangsters show up at the entrance of the alleyway. 

“Becky, what if those guys are the targets?”

“We’ll deal with head office later. Run.”


October 09, 2019 21:36

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Sadia Faisal
06:39 May 26, 2020

nice story, also like my stories if you like them and send me me feedback if you would like and please follow me.


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