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"You kill them all, you get my respect. Mess up and end up dead. Got it, Elijah?" Andrea had said. This had been his opportunity, the chance to show her that he was worth it. Now, though, he was awaiting trial. He had failed. Nothing could save him. At least, that's what he thought...

{2 days before, on Christmas Eve}

'The Four Hours of Agape' that's what he called the time he had to kill his targets. First was the Debbie hour. Oh, how he adored this one. The perfect kill! She was alone in the backyard of the mansion when Elijah had gotten her. As always, she was drunk as a pig. That whore. The hatred he had for her was on another level. She had blackmailed his beloved, his Andrea. Nearly destroyed her whole organization! How could he not want to shred her to pieces? He couldn't even believe the girl was a major idol. Like who would want to follow someone like that? 

He grabbed the dagger tightly and began his work. Once. Twice. Thirteen times he had stabbed her. Was she dead? How couldn't she be?! Still, he didn't stop. 'If she isn't alive to suffer, I'll make her body suffer!' He thought, continuing his maneuvers. 

When he finished, her body was unrecognizable. He could just dump her anywhere, and people would just think she was a random person. Of course, he didn't do that. Instead, he buried each limb in different places. The backyard was big as sh*t, so space he didn't lack. He checked his watch. It was thirty minutes into the Logan hour. "F*ck!" He grumbled. Hurrying up, he entered the mansion. 

Inside, there were all kinds of musicians. His next target was a famous singer. This one, though, wasn't so much of a kill. It was more of ruin his career kind of thing. His plan was to get him out of the mansion and ruin his vocal cords, but that didn't quite happen... 

As he walked out of the mansion to the meeting point he and Logan had agreed to meet, he was intercepted by an old 'friend.' 

"How's my favorite drummer?" Joseph said.

"Get to the point, Joseph."

"Can't a fan say hi to his idol?" 

Elijah started to walk again, but Joseph stopped him. His glance, menacing.

"I know what you are doing, Elijah."

"Then you better find evidence." With that, Elijah left. 20 minutes remaining. 

He looked around the meeting point. 'Of course, it's a night club. Where else would that rich ass want to meet?' He thought. He was met with Joseph, one again. 

"How did you get here? I was sure you weren't following." Elijah said.

"Me? Following? I would never do that. Logan here invited me." Joseph pulled Logan to his side.

"I thought we were gonna talk? Elijah asked Logan.

"We can talk here." Joseph interrupted.

"Privately," Elijah said, annoyment seeping through his features. 

"What would you have to say that is so secret you can't even tell your friend?" Joseph put an arm around Elijah's shoulder and whispered, "I won't let you get away with this." It didn't really matter to Elijah anymore. He hadn't wanted to make the job even messier, but if that was what it took, he would just kill Joseph too.

"Actually, why don't we all go to the alley at the back and have a little chat." Elijah smirked in Joseph's face. He couldn't help the chuckle that left his lips at Joseph's shocked expression. He hadn't expected that, and that was what Elijah wanted. 

10 minutes left. The alley was lit by two lamps at each end. Well, that how it was supposed to be anyway. Right now, though, the only light they had was the moon shining through the clouds. It was perfect. He sure was a lucky one.

"Thump." Logan's body fell to the ground. Elijah had knocked him out with the back of his knife. 

"That wasn't a wise move. If you kill Logan now, I'll have all the evidence I need to get you arrested for life. Not that I mind."

"Are you sure about that?" Elijah took a hit at him, punching him straight in the gut. Joseph stumbled back a few steps. The punch had taken quite a toll on him. Yet, what he did next left Elijah baffled.

"Guys...take him in!" Joseph said into his earpiece. Police officers surrounded Elijah from all around. He had not expected this. He should have... Joseph had changed in his time with the LA police.

"Give up! You're surrounded." One of the officers yelled. 

"Thank you. Now I can attack in any direction!" Blood pumped, he struck anyone in sight. Managing to slash 3 officers before Joseph took out his ace in the hole. 

'Click' The safety was released. Head snapped to the side, Elijah looked Joseph in the eye as the air shattered. His body hit the ground, a tranquilizing shot. Joseph's head fell down, random tears slipping down his eyes. "I wish you hadn't gone down this path, my friend."

{At the prison} 

"She assigned this to you, didn't she?" Joseph asked. They were inside an interrogation room. Everyone on the other side listened closely at their conversation. 

"I don't know what you're talking about?" 

"Please, Elijah. I know she did. Why do you keep protecting her? She's a criminal!"

"Why don't YOU? She saved us, gave us a home when we didn't have anything. And how do you repay her? By becoming a f*cking police officer." Elijah snapped. 

"I know that, and I loved her too, but you must open your eyes to the truth. Andrea doesn't care about you. She's just using you like her other pawns."

"She's not! You're all lying!" 

"Do whatever you want," was the last thing Joseph said before leaving the interrogation room. He had given up. There was no saving Elijah anymore.

{A month after}

The trial was the next day. His hopes, dimming as he remembered her words. Many of the other officers pitied him by this time. They knew his backstory. How Andrea had manipulated him into believing everything she said. They tried to help him. Warn him. Still, it all fell on deaf ears. 

What was his story? Well, it all started with his adoptive parents. They had adopted him and Joseph when they were ten. In the beginning, they would spoil them and give them everything they wanted. Yet... it all changed one day. Elijah and Joseph had come back from school. The moment they stepped into the house, the door was locked by their mother. She had a wooden bat in one hand, a pair of cuffs in the other. The atrocities she did... 

The same routine continued for years. 'till one day a certain girl found them. Andrea helped them escape, allowed them to live with her and her parents. What Elijah didn't know was that Andrea wasn't doing this for free. She was molding them into being her goons. Nothing more. She couldn't care less if they lived or died, just that they served her.

Elijah was starting to lose hope. Wondering if the others were right. 'It's all lies! All lies!' He tried to tell himself. It had been a month, and she hadn't even come to visit. He was thinking of ending his life. That is before someone, unexpected, came to visit.

"My Elijah. I have come for you." Andrea hugged him. Tears sprung from his eyes. She had gotten him bail and delayed his trial. Now they were in her car. Going towards the base. Face full of happiness, he continued to hug Andrea. He was gonna do it. Tell her.

"I love you, Andrea." He said, eyes analyzing her expression.

"I love you too," She started as she sunk a dagger at his heart. "That's why I must end you." He was her weakness, and she didn't allow herself to any. They had all been wrong. She had come to save him... but not for the reasons he would have preferred. 

December 25, 2020 23:23

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Ari Berri
16:33 Jan 04, 2021

This story is awesome! Nice ending.


Black Raven
18:01 Jan 04, 2021

Thanks! I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I love writing stories like this.


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