Always in Deep Thoughts

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 He gave her a hug and told her he was fine and continued walking into the woods. She let him passed and continued her jog through the park. She thought as she ran about what her next chapter will be. She already has most of her goals done. She graduated high school and got a job. So what is the next chapter going to be for her and will their be a door that will opened for her? Or maybe a old door will close  for her?  Than she would know, as she thought . As she was listening to her breathing as she jog, timing her pulse and   checking her heartbeat too. As she began walking, she heard the birds singing and the wind. As she listen to the branches of the trees, and they creak in the wind. She can hear the sounds of them in the  distance of the woods. She picked up her pace again and began running through the park to the end of the woods. After she thought, maybe I’ll go for a hike later through the woods. Then  She stop at the entrance and dug out her water and a cereal bar. Then she found a rock near the entrance of the woods and sat down. While she ate, she dug out her small wrist camera and watch for Nature and its wildlife. She ate her snack and drank her water near the pond. She looked down at her wrist camera and she unhooked it from the strap of her wrist band. As she thought about her next step. She wondered if she would be happy to see what will  happened next? Will she find her inspiration Again? Or will she go to school to take a course? Or maybe she will meet someone special? and find her soul mate. As she sat upon the rock she thought about  things and waited for some kind of sign. On what she should do next. 

As she sat down on the rock  in the park. She heard some  rustling through the groundwork in the park. She looked around for the creature and it was a red squirrel looking for a snack. She thought about the weather and how it was nice out and everything  was beautiful in the park. Even the sun was shining brightly in the background of the park. 

She got up off the rock and reach down to pick up her water and put her garbage in her coat pocket.  

The sun was starting to cloud up and the activity in the park was slowing down for the night. As She sat in the sunset in the park and  She watches the duck family land together in to the pond. She wonder what they plan on to do next. Will they fly away? Or maybe she could get close enough to feed them. Or maybe they will settle in for the night with their family? She just sat and waited to see what they are going to do with their beautiful family. AS the ducks quack by the pond. They took flight into the opening area of the cloudscape and they were very happy with their food that she was feeding them. 

 She is going to go back to the woods later to see if she can catch up the next couple of hours of her photography. For she was hired to take pictures for him. It was his birthday and he was having a dinner birthday. After she was finished with his pictures of his party. She was then going to go over to his friends house later  and drop off his  pictures for  him. She gave him a hug when he ran by her to the woods earlier and was in a hurry and ran into her while she was in deep thoughts about her next move. When she was on her jog, through the park. He likely was just waiting to see what her schedule looks like for the next week. For he was a lawyer, and she was a friend. They was happy to see each other and They waved goodbye to each other. Then he went back to his house and she walked away with the sun shining on her back. Thanks to her friend she was very happy with the birthday party pictures and the woods was a great spot to host a party in his cabin. She would have to go back later on tonight and take some more pictures of the woods and the wildlife in the wilderness. She would see if he can go with her and help her get some nice shots of the woods. Then she will   go back to work tomorrow night. To her straight day job at the factory. On her way back home to her to see her  housekeeper and She going to paid her extra for her services. For she stay the night with her children  and baby sat for her while she was out working on her pictures. Then she will go back to the cabin in the woods again to see her friend Jonah. For he was her best friend from high school. She wanted to come and see him again to take some more pictures. To see what he was doing later for her birthday. For she was having a party with her family and friends next week. They was having a BBQ and roasting marshmallows in the fire pit later with the kids. Her Twin sister Anna was coming with her girls and her middle sister with her two kids and her baby sister was coming with her boyfriend as well. Therefore we are going to have a nice night of BBQ food and music. She called it a night and went back home to her town in Nateville by the sea to get ready for her birthday party with her family and friends. She will call Jonah later to see if he still wants to come to her birthday party later! For the phone rang after she park her car in the garage and she answer his called and thought maybe this is the next chapter of my life.

April 17, 2021 00:22

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Tina Laing
00:38 Apr 17, 2021

She was a women thinking about her future and on what to do next in her chapter of life.


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Arwen Dove
07:18 Apr 29, 2021

Great story! A bit of feedback, In lines like: 'She will call Jonah later to see if he still wants to come to her birthday party later!' You've said 'later' 2 in the same line, maybe change that? Other than that, amazing story! Well Done!


Tina Laing
01:25 May 22, 2021



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