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There is no too much time left, after Juliet was diagnised with cancer stage four. Each day, each moment her strength continued failing her. Looking as she lied down helplessly, surrounded by her family. Tears couldn't stop running down my cheeks, even though I tried to close my emotions inside my heart, they always found a way out of my heart.

Hiding my face right at the corner of the room, being noticed by Juliet's sister as she held my shoulders trying to console me. Looking directly at her, "why Juliet my love, I wish I could be on her place to carry all the pains. Time couldn't be reversed, even though my wishes was the screw of the clock to be screwed and returned back to ten years ago, when all we saw in our relationship was nothing but happiness.

Christmas was the time of happiness, but not for us. I had to bring a smile on Juliet's face, but how? All my life things have been going wrong way, that struggles became my visitor each day. Slipping my fingers into the pocket, a piece of paper was a prove that not even a single penny was in my possession.

Holding the paper as I stared at it, shaking my head as my mind was driven far away in a distant country, "I have to do something. I ran outside looking for every means to get some money to buy shoes for Juliet. putting myself on the shoes of a beggar, with no other options but to sit on the corner of a street begging.

pennies were on the bowl, standing up rushing to the shopping mall before it was too late. I knocked the door mall, "please open for me. The door was slummed open, dashing upstairs trying to look all over for the shoes - huh! I didn't get the shoes.

i sat down not knowing what to do, tears flowing down to the floor. A stranger stood right beside me, "man, are you okay?

i looked onto the man, but no word came out from my mouth.

"am here to shop a doll for my daughter for Christmas, "the stranger said.

A shiny thing caught my eye as I stretched to it, "its the shoes. I grabbed it into my hands as I dashed downstairs -

The customer line was long and had no time to wait as I went directly to the paying counter. The cashier looked at me from top of his glasses, "man follow the line-*

"Sir, it's emergency that I need to take this shoes to my love.

"60 pounds for the pair of shoes, "the cashier said.

I slipped my hand into the pocket, counting the pennies, "sir, I have 40 ponds. The cahier didn't understand me as he pushed the shoes close to him. Looking at my gold wrist watch, handing to the cashier -please sir, take this wrist watch and give me the shoes.

"You think here is an exchange place-the cashier was becoming more angry like a dog that people stared at me, the restless customers couldn't stop screaming at me, "we are late, hurry up.

I moved away from the line, not believing that I was leaving without the shoes. I heard someone calling me back, turning and saw the strange man.

"What's the matter, man? he asked

"Juliet my love is very sick, all I wanted was to give her shoes as a gift to fly to heaven with it, but I don't have enough money. "The stranger held my shoulder, "all will be okay- handing a box to me as I opened it, to my surprise it was the shoes.

Tears of joy rolled over my cheeks, "I don't know how to repay you sir -he smiled back at me, "always do good to others. I rushed in a hurry heading towards home, christmas chorals filled the air.

Juliet on her sick bed managed to give me that beautiful smile, stretching her hands towards me. I sat next to her as I held her hand so tightly, "honey! Look have bought you christmas gift. I opened the box and removed the shoes, showing her as she smiled back at me, pointing directly to her feet.

slipping the shoes on her feet, all glitters that filled the feet, "wow, you look beautiful -Juliet smiled that I felt her happiness in my heart.

Midnight bell of Christmas rang, people wished each other, "Merry Christmas -but as I held Juliet's hand, it was as cold as an ice.

"Juliet! but there was no response, screaming my head off. My love Juliet was no more but died on the day of Christmas, flying away with beautiful Christmas shoes on her feet.

December 08, 2019 14:50

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Yoomi Ari
22:23 Dec 18, 2019

Beautiful read! 👍🏻 Good job, you can tell you have put a lot of dedication towards the story and described it well with information to put me in the main characters shoes! Keep on doing what you are doing, because you are doing well!


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